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Take a look at this video and at any other official Harley-Davidson one out there and tell me this isn’t at least as good. It shows the bike, a couple of hot babes and everybody around them going crazy of joy. Just the good old recipe, but it works every time.

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Spanish fashion designer Custo Dalmau has adapted the colorful look of his signature t-shirts on this Harley-Davidson Night Road Special modified by Spanish bike builder Ferry Clot. Their combined goal was to achieve a dragster-like stance and a funky paintjob on top for what they call the “Animals in the Wild” project.

The unique bike will be auctioned for charity by Harley-Davidson Spain and the money obtained will be directed to the San Juan de Dios Foundation in Barcelona, who works on aid and development in the African country of Sierra Leone.

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Bikers are known to be heavy drinking people, it’s in their blood, just like riding is, but we never heard of anyone combining the two passions except the times it lead to crashes. In this case though, we’re surprised to see a couple riding and pulling a barrel of whisky along for the ride.

We can’t help but wonder if the liquor made it to the destination or what the police would have said in the unhappy event of pulling them along the side of the road.

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You can’t entirely say what’s not perfect with a bike until it ends up in the hands of tuning specialists and they strengthen its weak points in the very often successful attempt of making the best better. This is exactly the case of the Storz XR1200 based on Harley’s flat-track style road bike.

Steve Storz, founder and boss of Storz Performance, who worked at this project, told MCN: “The XR1200 is decent bike in its stock form, but in my opinion it needs help in two areas: suspension and overall weight."

So the H-D specialist concentrated on upgrading the bike using lighter parts mainly on the chassis and bodywork sides. The suspension, wheels, brakes, exhaust, handlebars and seat unit are anything but standard parts as the bike gets Storz/Ceriani Inverted fork, YSS piggyback shocks, wire spoke wheels with alloy rims and billet hubs, chain drive conversion kit and solo seat tail section, just to mention some of its most important tuning features. The bike also features lowered clip-ons handlebars and a billet alloy footrest and gearlever kit. Overall weight was reduced by approximately 33 lbs (14.9kg), so I guess this is a truly accomplished mission.

What we like most about the Storz Performance XR1200 is the fact that without any engine upgrade or mod, it really turns into a much greater overall performer.

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Harley-Davidson enthusiast and Johnny Cash fan Julian Grindall commissioned Shaw Speed and Custom Shop to build him what he calls the “Get Rhythm” motorcycle, which is actually a tribute to Johnny Cash.

Talking about his inspiration source, Grindall said: "For me & the creation of a Johnny Cash tribute bike was quiet simple, the love of motorcycles especially Harley-Davidson and the music of an iconic performer & song writer."

Dubbed the Johnny Cash bike, this custom is based on a 2004 Harley-Davidson Nightrain and it features a multitude of PM parts such as the wheels, Phatail kit and controls, just to mention a few. It also received an RSD Vintage seat and gas tank after being significantly lowered in a successful attempt to make it look sleeker.

The custom paintjob was signed by Image Design and although black is the dominating color this is surely one bike that won’t pass unnoticed, but we just can’t see what makes it a tribute to Johnny Cash apart from “the title of the bike “Get Rhythm” was an obvious choice. This great song of Johnnies describing the rhythm of the shoe shine boy betting the blues and the rhythm of the Harley V twin, perfect.”

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Harley-Davidson has just launched a limited edition run of the CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide for 2010 and their goal is to drift away from the self-created stylistical patterns. A simple look at their new high-end model is enough to see that chrome is almost completely absent. Instead, H-D uses no less than 185 unique black parts, components and accessories, not to mention the Crimson Mist Black / Dark Slate and Flame graphics base color.

Those expecting an all-new model must find that this is not the case. The bike is exclusive, but remains a Black version of the standard CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide. It is powered by the same Screamin’ Eagle Twin Cam 110 engine displacing 1803cc, developing 115 pound-feet of torque and mated to the same six-speed Cruise Drive transmission. As expected, the massive powerplant features both black and chrome.

Touring goodies such as a 160-watt CD/AM/FM/WB/MP3 Advanced Audio System by Harman-Kardon, CB and intercom, passenger audio with controls, cruise control and standard XM Radio as well as a Garmin Road Tech zūmo 660 GPS unit make life on board much more pleasurable.

The only sad part about this model is the fact that it is limited to 999 units and has an MSRP of $36,499. Read the full press release and enjoy the picture gallery after the jump.

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Harley-Davidson has today revealed their latest “all-new” motorcycle that they add to the 2010 Sportster 1200 lineup, the Forty-Eight. While the bike gets the consecrated H-D air-cooled Evolution 1200 engine and five-speed transmission, Sportster fans will most likely be attracted by the radical new stylistic approach, meaning low profile custom handlebar with under-mounted mirrors, a shorty-style front mudguard and a cut-down rear one, both being wrapped around 16” fat, 150-section tires. The solo seat is positioned at only 26 inches from the ground and we also like the fact that the ’48 features a multitude of blacked-out components. Starting at $10,499 in black, the latest Sportster 1200 qualifies as an entry-level H-D with high-end finishing touches. Also, there’s an abundance of options, including a pillion seat kit, but find out more in the press release after the jump.

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It may seem like we’ve uploaded the wrong pictures for this post, but we’ve checked it twice and this is what CGI designer Miguel Cotto imagines when thinking at the “original Harley look” 10 years from now. This sportsbike featuring hubless wheels, apparently an air-cooled engine and plenty other nonsense to think at when saying Harley-Davidson, qualifies as 2010’s most implausible concept bike.

Simply take a look at what the Milwaukee-based company was producing 10 years ago and you won’t be that far off if thinking they’ll stick to that in the future as well.

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