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The 13th Annual Southwest Police Motorcycle Training and Competition Event Held in Phoenix, Arizona showed once again how skilful the guys in uniforms are in maneuvering those big Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Even if spending the full working schedule on the seats of their bikes, the policeman participating sure did their homework before signing in for the competition. Just take a look at this perfect run.

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Harley-Davidson recently started a program called Super Ride in an attempt to attract buyers by offering them the posibility to test ride the motorcycles at their local dealerships. The American Company never even considered such a clients earning method so we reckon that the economic crisis softened them up a little bit.

Dealers across the country enable customers to test ride any 2009 model between April 1 and June 30 and these lasts can also write their impressions about the bike.

The Super Ride promotion also gets a Super Ride ad so here it is:

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Inspired by the automotive industry and the economic crisis, Starved Rock Harley-Davidson/Buell in Illinois is the first dealership to offer a return program for motorcycles. Any rider buying a Harley-Davidson motorcycle through the respective dealership will benefit of the program covered by Walkaway USA. The first 12 months are free and followed by a additional coverage possibility which will allow the rider to drop the load if found in the impossibility of continuing the payment due to changes in his/her financial or life situations.

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It finally happened! Someone thought at combining the looks of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle with an electric motor and the result is definitely something that most fans of the American builder could enjoy as their future bad boy toy. But how does the name Harley-Davidson even stand next to words such as electric motor, green technology and so on? French designer Nicolas Petit is the man that made it possible and although the intention was to design the electric cruiser in the Milwaukee style, the first thing that prospects will ask for is the V-twin engine powering all present Harley-Davidson models and the only electric thing fitted on those is the starter. So that’s where the title comes from.

Called the Trunk, this concept bike is definitely appealing and the motor, which is enclosed in a rounded case, isn’t that bad either. The only problem is that the oddly named thing will never sound, vibrate and feel like a veritable Harley-Davidson motorcycle and that’s in contradiction with all that this manufacturer is all about.

Throughout history, Harley-Davidson proved it has the power adapt, but an electric motor will only power the company on its big cloud reserved in Heaven. Or is that just me?

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Two symbols of the United States, the burger and Harley-Davidson motorcycles unite into an incredibly strange looking and most likely smelling combination, the Burger Trike. Harry Sperl is the name behind this unlikely project and the sacrificed bike is a 1987 Harley-Davidson.

This crazy looking thing has even onion-like rear wheels while the front rim looks like a tomato slice so the menu is complete and ready to be served.

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Did you ever happen to buy a motorcycle and feel that there’s something missing in what concerns your new acquisition? Something such as a….third wheel for example. It seems that this motorcycle enthusiast did and with incredible results. This is the Harley-Davidson V-Rod Trike, definitely a unique machine which satisfies the riding demands of those who simply can’t stick to the standard two-wheeled version.

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Michael Jackson will sell his police spec Harley-Davidson Road King together with more than 2000 items from his Neverland ranch during a five-day auction in Beverly Hills, California. Julien’s Auctions organizez the event which will take place between April 22 and 25.

As reported, part of the money will go to charity, but most will end up in the pop star’s continuously shrinking pocket.

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Last year, Harley-Davidson made a very pleasant surprise to fans when launching the XR 1200 , a motorcycle strongly inspired by the legendary XR 750 that wrote history at Flat Track racing in the 1970s.

The prototype’s presentation took place at the 2006 Intermot show in Koln, but the XR 1200 would have hit Europe’s streets two years later. In what concerns the United States, there were some problems in utilizing the brand and which were solved by purchasing of rights from Storz Performance so that the model’s fans in the United States could enjoy the new model.

The moment has finally arrived and the bike is anything but a disappointment. Bringing race DNA on the streets, the 2009 XR 1200 features: 1200cc, Evolution V-Twin engine, 43mm inverted front forks, cast aluminum swingarm, precision-cooled heads, new dual caliper brakes, downdraft fuel injection, and performance tuned dual exhaust.

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