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There’s something about the Fat Bob that keeps on gathering a crowd this year too, the drag bike look sustained by the very same V-twin engine as on the rest of the Dyna models. So it is purely aesthetical. Of course not! It’s about offering comfort and the engine’s unique performance in a package that is designed accordingly to the rider’s preferences which in this case conclude in the aggressive drag bike appearance.

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Harley-Davidson always knew how and when to line up to the needs of each specific rider crowd and when it comes to all the rebels out there, the Dyna Street Bob is among the favorite choices. Standing as a reminder of the post-war Bobber design and being powered by a V-twin engine that is as modern as they get, the 2009 model year is history brought back in our complete attention.

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Two of the most skillfully crafted models in the Dyna family, the Super Glide and Super Glide Custom carry on being produced as 2009 model years with little but significant changes and actually manage to look like being in a class of their own as they are long, refined and pretty much reduced to the very essence of riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle in style.

The bikes will indeed go for the long haul, but there are no fancy on board systems such as a GPS, radar detector or anything like that. On this thing it’s just rider and machine, pure passion and the open road, all for $12 respectively $13 grand.

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Because the Sportster family wouldn’t be the same without the 1200cc models, Harley-Davidson caries on producing the Custom, Low and Nightster models with small tweaks and calls them 2009 model years. Similar and yet differently styled, the bikes are out to get each one of those who have long planned to buy a Harley and finally decided on what family to start with.

The Low model is a comfy, agile and classy Sportster, the Nightster is a veritable bad boy machine and the Custom comes as the right combination between the first two models.

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While the 2009 Sportster lineup is completed with the introduction of the brand new Iron 883 , we shouldn’t forget how this model was born from the combination between the Low and Custom ones that have kept on going strong in the last few years. These bikes are also new and look like being built following some unique recipes, but in fact they’re nothing but different rides suiting different rider needs while benefiting of the same V-twin engine.

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Harley-Davidson is adapting to the motorcycle market’s most recent demands and the best proof of this fact is the newly launched blacked-out Sportster model. The latest Dark Custom of the series shares most features with its larger sibling, the Nightster 1200, but not the engine and therefore not the price. Everything from the slammed suspension to the side-mounted license plate holder is there, but the most important unit – the V-twin engine – displaces 883ccs while the price starts just under $8K.

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Every now and then, Harley-Davidson looks back at their most successful history times and at the motorcycles representing those times just so that they get inspired and create new interesting models that would determine the growth of their lineups without drifting away from the original American style. Back in 2008, they’ve come up with the XR1200, which is no more or less than a bigger, street legal version of the notorious XR750 raced at AMA Flat Track championships and rode by daredevil Evel Knievel, but the new bike was only destined for Europe. It seems that the demand for such a model there was higher, but now the Harley-Davidson XR1200 is available in the US too as a 2009 model year so we’re fresh off this new American ride and ready to share our experience with you.

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The 13th Annual Southwest Police Motorcycle Training and Competition Event Held in Phoenix, Arizona showed once again how skilful the guys in uniforms are in maneuvering those big Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Even if spending the full working schedule on the seats of their bikes, the policeman participating sure did their homework before signing in for the competition. Just take a look at this perfect run.

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Harley-Davidson recently started a program called Super Ride in an attempt to attract buyers by offering them the posibility to test ride the motorcycles at their local dealerships. The American Company never even considered such a clients earning method so we reckon that the economic crisis softened them up a little bit.

Dealers across the country enable customers to test ride any 2009 model between April 1 and June 30 and these lasts can also write their impressions about the bike.

The Super Ride promotion also gets a Super Ride ad so here it is:

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Inspired by the automotive industry and the economic crisis, Starved Rock Harley-Davidson/Buell in Illinois is the first dealership to offer a return program for motorcycles. Any rider buying a Harley-Davidson motorcycle through the respective dealership will benefit of the program covered by Walkaway USA. The first 12 months are free and followed by a additional coverage possibility which will allow the rider to drop the load if found in the impossibility of continuing the payment due to changes in his/her financial or life situations.

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