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As known, motorcycles eat significantly less gas than cars, but according to this video, this also makes for a husband’s convincing argument for starting to ride again or, even “worse” (the wife’s opinion), simply starting to ride.

In times of economical downturn, the bike seems like the adequate commuting mean for saving money and buying a big bouquet of roses just for having the chance to say “I’m sorry”.

In my opinion that’s restrictive riding, something that goes against the whole idea of motorcycling, but I guess it is also something I’ll have to live with.

Sorry for buying “the thing” honey, but…I’m taking it on a weekend tour, just so you know. And there go the gas savings again.

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How bad have you been this year? The funny clip attached below shows the Santa Claus of bikers, a guy that doesn’t dress in red, has no dears and among the presents in his bag you’ll most likely find chromed silencers.

This ad was published today on the Harley-Davidson official Youtube channel and promotes the bad boy life style and, of course, the American builder’s unique products.

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Harley-Davidson has just started taking pre-orders for the much raved XR-1200 model and if you’re quick you might just have yours in December. How is that possible? Simple, you got to have a thing for the Orange and

Harley-Davidson taking pre-orders on XR-1200

Black version –as it is the first one to be shipped – and subscribe for one of the first 750 bikes to be produced. Either that number is or isn’t met until Dec 15th, the American motorcycle maker will stop taking orders.

At an MSRP of only $11,179, it isn’t that hard to take a decision and call +17148914300 to book yours.

Harley will start shipping the Silver or Black colored XR-1200’s in February or

Harley-Davidson taking pre-orders on XR-1200

March and that is also the period in which you’ll get the Orange and Black one if you won’t pre-order it until the above mentioned date.

The MSRP for the Black painted California version will be reduced to $10,900.

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For those of you who want the garage to look like you very own showroom, Harley-Davidson introduces bubble protection. It is like placing your motorcycle in a balloon only that it doesn’t take off, at least until the next Harley invention.

The bubble was created especially for Harley-Davidson motorcycles to fit in it, meaning that most other bikes are perfectly suitable to be bubbled up due to their fairly smaller dimensions. Why would someone do that, you ask? Well, don’t you ever go in your garage to admire the two-wheeled jewel? In that case you know that a simple transparent cover just doesn’t do the job.

The best of it is that the air compressor features an incorporated filter so that the air circulating inside the bubble is humidity and dust free, keeping your bike clean and preventing metal parts from rusting.

Five star accommodations for your bike require between $269 and $289
depending on the size.

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America’s youngsters in between 18 and 25 are offered the opportunity to win a 1942 Harley-Davidson WLA motorcycle through a youth program of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America. But don’t think it’s that easy as they will first have to subscribe to an Essay Contest and then the lucky winner should rebuilt its prize from scratch with parts sent in from all over the country.

Matt Olson, youth director of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America, is the man behind this idea so in the video below he describes the Essay Contest and presents the parts that will eventually end up describing a Harley.

For more details you can also go to http://www.antiquemotorcycle.org/about/pr_youthessaycontest.html.

Good luck!

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One of Harley’s latest ads doesn’t involve the bike actually being ridden by someone, but powerlifted by the famous Scot Mendelson.

The Motor Company claims less than 18 bucks a pound something that would make people optimistic about their chances to actually lift the bike if having the bad luck of tipping it over, but the powerlifter apparently got the wrong idea. It is nice to see him doing this though.

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In the case you haven’t already hit the “play” button for this video Marissa Miller is Victoria’s Secret Angel and Sports Illustrated cover girl who has recently teamed up with Harley-Davidson to shoot photos as part of an upcoming ad campaign for the new V-Rod Muscle. This behind the scenes video attached below also features an interview with Marisa Miller, but we have a hunch that you’re not interested in the talk.

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