2012 Hero Honda Karizma ZMR

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Hero Honda India has launched the 2012 Karizma ZMR which features a series of small upgrades. For the starters, the bike features new graphics, clear lens turn indicators, a redesigned engine cowl and new colors for the instrument cluster. Other features offered for the 2013 Hero Honda Karizma ZMR include a set of black alloy die-cast wheels, new fairing, silencer unit, dual light tailpiece and clear lens front indicators.

The 2013 Karizma offers a comfortable riding position thanks to its ergonomic seat and the sporty handle bar. Moreover, the bike features high class front shock-absorbers which do a great job of damping the vibrations.

On the safety side of things, the Karisma ZMR features a Bank Angle Sensor that switches off the ignition automatically if the bike tips over, tubeless tyres on both wheels, front and rear dics breakes and a multi reflector DC headlight.

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Hero Honda Karizma ZMR
  • Exciting new graphics
  • Sporty undercowl
  • Large diameter front-wheel disk brake
  • Enhanced visor
  • Astra gold front and rear disc plates.
  • Aerodynamic design for superior handling at high speeds.
  • Multi – Functional digital console with blue iIIumination and personalised message.
  • Sporty full body cowl with body-coloured rear-view mirrors.
  • Excellent visibility and less prone to damage.
  • High intensite integrated LED tail light with integrated clear lens indicators.

Engine PGM-FI Fuel Injection

Hero Honda Karizma ZMR

Ride above all with the new generation PGM-FI engine. It has a 16 bit ECU processor that scans the engine environment through hi-tech sensors and delivers the next level of performance.

16 Bit ECU Processor

  • Rapid 3D digital fuel injection mapping for superior drivability

Oil Cooler

  • Light weight vertical oil cooler for efficient cooling

12 hole Fuel Injector

  • Ensures better atomization of fuel

Engine Oil Temperature Sensor (EOT)

  • Provides different air fuel mixture at different temperatures to help instantt starting even in cold conditions

Intake Air Temperature Sensor (IAT)

  • Senses the intake air temperature to determine and supply the optimum air to fuel ratio.

Throttle Possition Sensor (TPS)

  • The throttle position sensor detects throttle opening and provides input to the ECU.

Crank Position Sensor

  • Senses the position/time at which the fuel needs to be injected in relation to the Crank Angle.

Oxigen Sensor

  • oxigen sensor ensures the correct air fuel ratio for the catalytic converter

Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (MAP)

  • Measures mainifold absolute pressure ensuring optimum air to fuel ratio under various operating condotions.

Idle Air Control Valve (IACV)

  • Automatically ensures idle stability in all terrains and ensures smooth on/off throttle respone.
Hero Honda Karizma ZMR

Above All Styling

  • Aerodynamic design for smooter handling at high speed
  • Sporty seating posture with convenient grip for superior handling
  • Split handlebars and retractable alumunium rider footrest
  • Visor mounted collapsible aerodynamic rear view mirriors

Above All Technology

  • Advanced new generation PGM-FI engine with FTIS
  • Inverted GAs Reservoir Suspesion (iGRS) helps you ride easy
  • Six high-tech sensors that make the efficency of your ride stand out
  • Maintenance free battery for an easy start even in cold weather conditions
  • Real Time Mileage Indicator (RTMI)

Above All Safety and Eco-Friendly Features

  • HECS3 that gives world class environment friendly performance
  • Bank Angle Sensor that switches off the ignition automatically if the bike tips over
  • tubeless tyres on both wheels
  • Front and rear dics breakes for efficient breaking
  • multi reflector DC headlight for steady illumination


Hero Honda Karizma ZMR

Break-through service package with 3 years or 40000 kms. warranty period and 6 free service benefits up to 18 months.

Free Service Schedule

  • 1st Free Service:
    • 500 -750 kms or 60 days from the date of purchase, whichever is earlier.
  • 2nd Free Service:
    • 2500 – 2800 kms or 100 days from the date of previous service, whichever is earlier.
  • 3rd Free Service:
    • 5000 – 5500 kms or 100 days from the date of previous service, whichever is earlier.
  • 4th Free Service:
    • 7000 – 7500 kms or 100 days from the date of previous service, whichever is earlier.
  • 5th Free Service:
    • 9000 – 9500 kms or 100 days from the date of previous service, whichever is earlier.
  • 6th Free Service:
    • 11000 – 11500 kms or 100 days from the date of previous service, whichever is earlier.


Hero Honda Karizma ZMR
Engine TypeAir cooled, 4 - stroke single cylinder OHC, fuel injection
Displacement223 cc
Max. Power13.15 kW (17.6 bhp) @ 7000rpm
Max. Torque18.35 N m @ 6000 rpm
Acceleration0-60 kmph in 3.7 sec
Bore x Stroke65.5 x 66.2 mm
Compression Ratio9.0 : 1
StartingSelf Start
IngnitionDC – FTIS (Full Transistorised Ignition System)
Engineoil grade SAE 10 W 30 SJ grade (JASO MA Grade)
CluchMulti-plate wet
Gear box5 Speed constant mesh
Chassis TypeDiamond Frame
Suspension FrontTelescopic hydraulic shock absorbers
Suspension RearSwing arm with 5 step adjustable IGRS system
Front BrakeDisc, Dia 276 mm
Rear Brake DiscDisc Dia 240 mm
Rim Size Front18 x 1.85, 5 Spoke cast wheel
Rim Size Rear18 x 2.15, 5 Spoke cast wheel
Tyre Size Front80 / 100 x 18 – 47 P tubeless
Tyre Size Rear100 / 90 x 18 – 56 P tubeless
Battery12 V -6 Ah, MF – Wet battery
Head Light12 V -35 W / 35W - Halogen bulb (Multi – reflector D.C type)
Position Lamp12 V – 5 W X 2 nos.
Tail Stop Lamp12 V -0.5 W / 4.1W LED lamp
Turn Signal Lamp12 V -21 W (Amber bulb) x 4 nos. (Multi – reflector clear lens)
Length2110 mm
Width805 mm
Height1175 mm
Wheelbase1350 mm
Ground Clearance159 mm
Kerb Weight159 kgs
Minimum Turning2.50 metre


Hero Honda Karizma ZMR

Maxabout ---- "The Intrument cluster is best looking part in Karizma ZMR. Insert the key and you are greeted with a long scrolling message which ends with "Bon Voyage Fly Safe"."

Motobeam ---- "The ZMR is set to further augment our steadily growing presence in the premium segment,” Hero Honda Motors MD Pawan Munjal said"

Myindianguide ---- "ZMR logo is bold and catch the eye. This new version possesses big mask that houses new headlamp and rear view mirrors mounted on the front fairing."

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