2014 Hesketh 24

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The Hesketh Motorcycles brand has been revived under the ownership of Paul Sleeman and the first new model produced by the company is called the Hesketh 24. The new model will be available from February 2014 and is a sports motorcycle that draws inspiration from the world of Formula 1. Its style is based on James Hunt’s F1 Grand Prix winning ‘24’ car.

Unfortunately, the bike will be available in a limited run of only 24 units but mr. Sleeman said that in the near future they will launch a 2 seat version of the same model.

At the heart of this beautiful beast sits a 1950cc, 56 degree, V-Twin engine that cranks out a maximum power of 120 hp. The engine is kept in leash by a 6 speed transmission.

You also get a set of 19 x 120 front and 19 x 180 rear carbon fibre wheels , a stainless steel 2 into 1 into 3 exhaust system and Ohlins suspensions.

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Official details

The first new model from Hesketh Motorcycles in the 21st century will be the Hesketh 24. Taking inspiration from Hesketh’s illustrious Formula 1 roots, the Hesketh 24 uses James Hunt’s F1 Grand Prix winning ‘24’ car as the basis of the bikes’ styling.

However, underneath the red, white and blue is a completely modern interpretation of a Hesketh machine with a massive 1950 cc 56 degree V-twin engine putting out around 120 bhp. The Hesketh 24 features top quality branded components such as Ohlins suspension (track and road), Beringer brakes and Brock’s performance BST carbon fibre wheels.

Available from February 2014, the new Hesketh 24 will be the first model to be released under Paul Sleeman’s ownership and serves as a clear indication of the new direction of the brand.

Sleeman said: “The design of the bike itself is centred around the big V-twin muscle at the heart of the bike, with overhead air intakes inside the tank above and a 22.7 litre fuel cell mounted below the engine. To stay true to some original Hesketh features the front light offers a modern half cowel and the top tank follows the distinctive Hesketh shape.

The Hesketh 24 is a nod to the F1 success of James Hunt and the Hesketh Racing team and we tried to incorporate this is in subtle touches, such as the small Scottish and English flags on the tail as seen on the original F1 24 car and the outline of the Zandvoort circuit that offered Hunt the famous 1975 victory.

The limited edition Hesketh 24, of which only 24 will be made, is available from February and we will go on to develop and release a 2 seat version of this model shortly after.”

Hesketh Motorcycles will also soon be moving from their current home in Kingswood to larger premises in Redhill, Surrey allowing the team to concentrate on the manufacture of the Hesketh 24 and further models.

Technical Specification

Engine1950cc 56 degree V-Twin 120 BHP, Belt driven 3 cam design
Transmission6 Speed with Baker FFP billet primary
Final DriveChain
WheelsBrock’s performance BST carbon fibre 19 x 120 front, 19 x 180 rear
BrakesBeringer twin 4 piston front and single 4 piston rear
FrameChromoly steel
Fuel tank22.7 L fuel cell mounted beneath the engine
ExhaustStainless steel 2 into 1 into 3
SuspensionOhlins road / track

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