2006 Honda CRF100F

The CRF100F packs all the great off-road features most families need-broad, four-stroke power, low seat height-with plush suspension and new, edgy, racebike-inspired CRF graphics. Looking like your favorite MX hero has never been easier.


- Simple, proven, dependable 99cc four-stroke engine produces smooth, easy-to-use power that’s ideal for recreational riders.
- 22mm carburetor offers excellent throttle response.
- Valve-guide, valve-stem seal and piston-ring design minimize oil consumption and maintain consistent power delivery at all operating temperatures.
- Closed crankcase vent system safeguards against engine oil contamination.
- Ultra-reliable CD ignition never needs maintenance.
- Primary kickstarting for easy starts in any gear.
- Lightweight, upswept competition-type exhaust system utilizes a quiet, USDA-qualified muffler/ spark arrester.
- Smooth-shifting five-speed transmission.
- Heavy-duty clutch offers smooth engagement and durability.


- Lightweight high-tensile steel frame is durable and strong.
- Leading-axle 27mm Showa front fork offers 5.2 inches of compliant suspension travel.
- Pro-Link(R) rear suspension with box-section swingarm offers 5.8 inches of wheel travel.
- Heavy-duty Showa rear shock.
- Lightweight screw-type drive chain adjusters for simple maintenance.
- Lightweight, powerful drum brakes.

Additional Features

- CRF(R)-R-inspired graphics.
- Engine design produces low emissions and meets California Air Resources Board (CARB) off-road emissions standards.
- Keyed ignition switch provides added security.
- Durable body components.
- Large-capacity fuel tank and thrifty four-stroke engine for extended range.
- CR(R)-style seat shape and thicker seat foam accommodate a broad range of rider sizes.
- Generous ground clearance and skidplate for undercarriage protection.
- CR-shape handlebar enhances rider comfort.
- High-quality controls feature dogleg levers, comfortable grips and side-pull throttle just like those of the bigger CRFs and XR(TM)s.
- Cleated, folding and self-cleaning footpegs offer secure footing.
- Long-wearing knobby tires offer excellent grip on a variety of terrain.
- Fork gaiters help protect stanchion tubes and fork seals.
- Silver-painted frame and footpegs.
- Durable steel sprockets.
- Washable, reusable foam air filter.
- Front and rear suspension spring and damping rates, and new Pro-Link ratio for improved bump absorption.


well, it looks more better than the KTM and Yamaha DT motocross bikes, of course expect the unexpected with the Honda bikes.

Seriously, that’s a nice looking’ Civic. But why no hatch? Not only were the 2004 Civic Si decent looking’, but the hatch added extra functionality.

it is completely stock and that is 90kmh

my crf100f does 90 on lose gravel

ive got one and have had it well over 60km/h

haha hahaha ur very funny! NOT

probably 2km/h ha ha

What is the top speed of the Honda CRF100F in mph’s?

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