2006 Honda CRF50F

One look at the CRF50F - and you’ll feel a tinge of jealousy. It’s the perfect bike for introducing your youngsters to the fun of off-road riding. Rugged and reliable, with a beginner-friendly semi-automatic transmission, it’s the bike you wish you’d had at their age.

With its single-shock rear suspension, inverted fork, bullet-proof 49cc SOHC four-stroke engine and low 550mm seat height, the CRF50F is just the ticket little ones need to jump into the wide world of off-road riding fun. Built solid and strong, with aggressive big bike styling, this CRF is specially made for the smallest riders in the family. Its smooth-handling and reliable 4-stroke engine is equipped with a light-shifting semi-automatic transmission that’s easy to learn, assuring your little racer that the CRF50F’s fun meter will keep running in the red - Honda red.


i was in my f1 mecadies mclarins and i couldnt keep up with the little beast

i raced a Honda cbr 600rr and this thing just killed it it was amazing!!!!!

One passed me quite handily while i was pressing my SX 250 hard, OMG that lil thing is mean!

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