2006 Honda Gold Wing Audio/Comfort/Navi

Luxury touring. The powerful 1832cc flat-six Gold Wing has always defined this class. And new for 2006, the Gold Wing Premium Audio, Comfort Package & Navi features a fully integrated, flash-card based Honda Satellite-Linked Navigationâ„¢. Available only on the 2006 Gold Wing. It’s in a class of its own.


Viscously damped ACG drive replaces conventional spring damper system for significantly reduced mechanical noise and lighter weight.

The incomparable Gold Wing reaffirms its position as the gold standard of luxurious and relaxed motorcycle touring. Nothing else compares to its blend of smoothly impressive performance, majestic yet neutral handling and extensive carrying capability. Its powerful and responsive 1800cc fuel-injected flat-six engine has won respect and admiration around the world for delivering an exhilarating surge of smooth, reliable power to its rear wheel via a quiet, maintenance-free shaft drive system, while its advanced twin-spar aluminium frame and compliant suspension systems provide a remarkably light and easy balance of handling that belies its size. For 2006, this sterling performance is augmented by a newly developed and highly advanced LAF (Linear Air/Fuel) system, which reduces exhaust emissions to far below the strictest new regulated levels.
On the Gold Wing, every comfort you can imagine is integrated into one of the most impressive, enjoyable and ultimately satisfying touring machines to traverse the highways of Europe and the world. Also for 2006, a new Comfort Package variation debuts, which includes such luxury features as independently adjustable heated seats, adjustable heated handlebar grips and even a foot heater system.
The Gold Wing’s extensive list of high-tech features, such as its audio entertainment system, cruise control, electric reverse, push-button adjustable rear suspension, and more combine to make long-distance trips aboard the Gold Wing an experience in luxury to surpass anything else on two wheels, and lets you see the world the way it’s meant to be.


It will go faster than you can run

yah write that would mean at the local drags gold wings would would start poping up every were thats faster than th busa and zx-14 mabey 145-150 tops going down hill with wind behind you

130mph...maybe? 201mph ... Jet engine hidden on it?

i disagree... if you threw the bike out an airplane it will go 201 mph smiley

that thing doesn’t go 201.. typo?

ER, no, really?

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