2006 Honda TRX 400 EX

Want the best all-around sport ATV that provides abundant performance for dune-blasting or trail-taming? With electric start, new-for-’06 reverse, and dependable, 4-stroke air-cooled performance; it may be all the ATV you’ll ever need. Just be ready to humble your friends and show them the trail from your Honda taillight.

New for 2006

New Black color joins Red.

Unique Features

The 397cc RFVC engine draws its breath from the same engine that powered the bulletproof XR(TM)400R.
Rugged steel frame with removable subframe for easy maintenance.
Beautiful one-piece cast-aluminum swingarm offers exceptional rigidity.
Radial tires for exceptional handling.
Triple disc brakes provide superb stopping power.
Aggressive body style complements the all-sport appearance.


High-performance 397cc dry-sump air-cooled four-stroke single-cylinder engine.
Radial Four-Valve Combustion Chamber (RFVC) for maximum combustion efficiency and horsepower.
Camshaft timing developed especially to meet ATV requirements for torque and useable horsepower.
Gear-driven counterbalancer minimizes engine vibration for smooth operation.
Dual intake and exhaust ports for maximum engine efficiency in sport operating conditions.
Maintenance-free automatic cam-chain tensioner.
Closed crankcase vent system safeguards against engine oil contamination.
38mm carburetor provides light throttle effort, superb air/fuel mixing and driveability. An accelerator pump ensures excellent throttle response for maximum power.
Stainless steel dual exhaust head pipes resist corrosion.
USDA-qualified muffler/spark arrester offers quiet operation and maximum power.
CD ignition with electronic advance and 9100-rpm engine rev limiter.
Heavy-duty clutch has 2mm-thick plates designed to stand up to sport-ATV demands.
High-efficiency oil cooler supplements the large-capacity oil tank for maximum engine cooling.
Five-speed transmission with Reverse has gears and ratios specifically designed for sport-ATV use.


Round-tube steel frame with removable subframe is lightweight, durable and very strong.
One-piece cast-aluminum swingarm for maximum strength, rigidity and durability.
Independent double-wishbone front suspension offers 8.2 inches of travel from twin Showa shock absorbers with five-position adjustable spring preload for superb ride quality over harsh terrain.
Pro-Link(R) rear suspension with a fully adjustable large-diameter aluminum-body piggyback Showa shock absorber provides 9.1 inches of travel.
Triple disc brakes for excellent stopping power and a weight-saving aluminum rear caliper stay.
All Pro-Link components are made of aluminum to further reduce vehicle weight.
Lightweight aluminum wheels reduce unsprung weight for even better handling.
Radial tires with knobby pattern provide superb traction and cornering ability.
Durable and lightweight heavy-duty O-ring-sealed drive chain.
Easy-to-use eccentric chain adjuster.

Additional Features

TRX(TM)450R-inspired bodywork.
Engine design meets California Air Resources Board (CARB) off-road emissions standards.
Convenient push-button electric starting.
Long, narrow seat provides excellent comfort and superb sport riding ergonomics.
Aggressive styling of front cowl, fuel tank and fenders complements pure-sport ATV design.
Durable plastic fuel tank.
Dual 30W headlights integrated into front cowl provide distinctive sport style and excellent function.
Rear brakelight.
Snorkel-type airbox to avoid water and dirt contamination.
Washable, two-stage, large-capacity foam air filter.
Oil tank features a dipstick for easy maintenance.
Comfortable dogleg levers; clutch lever has cable adjuster and dust cover.
Tough steel front skid plate.
Heavy-duty steel skid plate protects rear brake disc and sprocket.
Engine cases protected by a tough urethane skid plate.
Rear mudguard with rigid footrests.
Maintenance-free battery.
Keyed ignition switch offers added security.
Multi-function handlebar switch assembly is simple to operate.
Easy-to-use parking brake.
Tool kit includes low-pressure air gauge and owner’s manual.


i want what u guys r smokin so my 400ex will run 180 or so............i have a 440cc big bore kit a white bros pipe a k&n air filter a stage 2 jet kit and i have a prgramer moudle on it and every thing on max it will go bout 130 if im lucky u guys r smokin some serious sh—

i raced a 800 polaris and i beat it until top end i was topped out at about 68mph when he passed me.

i have a 400ex and it does about 145mph stock. It had high octane gas in it when i did the test with my dakota beside me at 140mph when it shut off.

dude i have a 400ex and it does 87 an all i have is a hmf pipe jets and k@n air

i think 400 ex is a great bike, has lots of power and fast acceleration. the only problem is that it doesnt has alot of top speed. mines only got to 76 maybe 77.

i think 400 ex is a great bike, has lots of power and fast acceleration. the only problem is that it doesnt has alot of top speed. mines only got to 76 maybe 77.

All you guys are crazy...your saying your 400ex quads are going up to 180...thats crazy and your retarded because there is no way someone is going to get their quad going 180...Everything on my 400ex is aftermarket except my clutch kit and I’m lucky to get 80mph out of it.

K you no wat my 400ex is n stock n it goes 79 n u can get up too 130 this dude i no has a 400ex n he got his to go 146 with all this racing so the guys that dont know wat ur talking about then shut the hell up.


the guy who said his honda 400ex goes 130 mph was a lier i got all that stuff and mine does 180 no problem so if you are gona lie dont lie about it being slower than it really is

I’ve got a honda 400ex with a bore kit that bored it out to 440cc and a pipe and little ins and outs and i got a top speed of 130mph!! so dont tell me their not fast i almost pooped my pants

thats great.. i love when people say it does like 100mph.. wtf.. are you crazy... or just on glue.. dont use a car to get your topspeed.. use a radar or a speed trap.. i have a 400ex with mods revbox.. and i doubt that it does close to 90 maybe 70 if im lucky.. but yes.. the 400ex is the best quad all around.. you can do whatever you want with it.. race. have fun. work. you can even tow stuff with a trailer kit.. so if you dont want anything fancy.. go with the 400ex..

i have a 2006 400 ex with power core 4 exaust the top speed your gonna get out of a 400 is about 70 mph if you hook a 450 to it and drag it you might go 80


All you guys are retarted, The 400EX is a dinosaur. Its been virtually unchanged since it came out in 1999. For all of you that think your 400 does 75+ then your being unrealistic, Im not not even gonna start with the kid who thinks his does 90. I’ll put it this way. The new-age 4- strokes (YFZ450, TRX450R, R450) are all much more high performance than the 400, their not even close. They are lighter, faster, handle better. The list goes on and on... These machines will do 75. Maybe 80 MaX. (Were talking stock) And dont tell me otherwise. I have a YFZ and A 450R. My first quad was also a 400EX when i was younger. Dont get me wrong the 400 is a good quad, and its reliability is unmatched, but it will not do what you guys are advertising.

dude that kid that said that his bones stock 400ex does 90mph man what are u smokin what ever it is i want some i drag race a 400ex that is all worked up and i dont evn get 85mph all that working them up does is let u get to the top speed faster intill u start playing with spockets

both of them stock a honda 450 will beat it but the yamahas 450 has more power then hondas

a 450r will be the yamaha 450

My 2007 400 ex topped out at 76 mph on the road with a car driving beside me. Only upgrade to it is a K&N air filter.

A stock 400ex doesn’t go 70-75mph it goes around 65mph and even if you add a pipe and airfilter that doesn’t increase you top speed it just lets you get there faster to increase you top speed I would start with getting a Rev Box.

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