2006 Honda TRX 400 EX

Want the best all-around sport ATV that provides abundant performance for dune-blasting or trail-taming? With electric start, new-for-’06 reverse, and dependable, 4-stroke air-cooled performance; it may be all the ATV you’ll ever need. Just be ready to humble your friends and show them the trail from your Honda taillight.

New for 2006

New Black color joins Red.

Unique Features

The 397cc RFVC engine draws its breath from the same engine that powered the bulletproof XR(TM)400R.
Rugged steel frame with removable subframe for easy maintenance.
Beautiful one-piece cast-aluminum swingarm offers exceptional rigidity.
Radial tires for exceptional handling.
Triple disc brakes provide superb stopping power.
Aggressive body style complements the all-sport appearance.


High-performance 397cc dry-sump air-cooled four-stroke single-cylinder engine.
Radial Four-Valve Combustion Chamber (RFVC) for maximum combustion efficiency and horsepower.
Camshaft timing developed especially to meet ATV requirements for torque and useable horsepower.
Gear-driven counterbalancer minimizes engine vibration for smooth operation.
Dual intake and exhaust ports for maximum engine efficiency in sport operating conditions.
Maintenance-free automatic cam-chain tensioner.
Closed crankcase vent system safeguards against engine oil contamination.
38mm carburetor provides light throttle effort, superb air/fuel mixing and driveability. An accelerator pump ensures excellent throttle response for maximum power.
Stainless steel dual exhaust head pipes resist corrosion.
USDA-qualified muffler/spark arrester offers quiet operation and maximum power.
CD ignition with electronic advance and 9100-rpm engine rev limiter.
Heavy-duty clutch has 2mm-thick plates designed to stand up to sport-ATV demands.
High-efficiency oil cooler supplements the large-capacity oil tank for maximum engine cooling.
Five-speed transmission with Reverse has gears and ratios specifically designed for sport-ATV use.


Round-tube steel frame with removable subframe is lightweight, durable and very strong.
One-piece cast-aluminum swingarm for maximum strength, rigidity and durability.
Independent double-wishbone front suspension offers 8.2 inches of travel from twin Showa shock absorbers with five-position adjustable spring preload for superb ride quality over harsh terrain.
Pro-Link(R) rear suspension with a fully adjustable large-diameter aluminum-body piggyback Showa shock absorber provides 9.1 inches of travel.
Triple disc brakes for excellent stopping power and a weight-saving aluminum rear caliper stay.
All Pro-Link components are made of aluminum to further reduce vehicle weight.
Lightweight aluminum wheels reduce unsprung weight for even better handling.
Radial tires with knobby pattern provide superb traction and cornering ability.
Durable and lightweight heavy-duty O-ring-sealed drive chain.
Easy-to-use eccentric chain adjuster.

Additional Features

TRX(TM)450R-inspired bodywork.
Engine design meets California Air Resources Board (CARB) off-road emissions standards.
Convenient push-button electric starting.
Long, narrow seat provides excellent comfort and superb sport riding ergonomics.
Aggressive styling of front cowl, fuel tank and fenders complements pure-sport ATV design.
Durable plastic fuel tank.
Dual 30W headlights integrated into front cowl provide distinctive sport style and excellent function.
Rear brakelight.
Snorkel-type airbox to avoid water and dirt contamination.
Washable, two-stage, large-capacity foam air filter.
Oil tank features a dipstick for easy maintenance.
Comfortable dogleg levers; clutch lever has cable adjuster and dust cover.
Tough steel front skid plate.
Heavy-duty steel skid plate protects rear brake disc and sprocket.
Engine cases protected by a tough urethane skid plate.
Rear mudguard with rigid footrests.
Maintenance-free battery.
Keyed ignition switch offers added security.
Multi-function handlebar switch assembly is simple to operate.
Easy-to-use parking brake.
Tool kit includes low-pressure air gauge and owner’s manual.


bravobeast35 im pretty sure you dont know what a quad is and if you do its probably sitting in your anties garage collecting dust like get a grip bro my stock trx 90 can go faster than anything you ride#uglyboy

I’m a pimp I’m a pimp I’m a pimp whoooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooõōø óöoooooūhëėë

my 400ex goes as fast as tits i clocked it at 1000000000000000000mph WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O!!!!!!!!smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley: )smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley: )smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Personally I think most of you don’t know anything. The whole 400ex vs 700 raptor really depends on the rider. To truly tell which is faster and by how much the only accurate way is to have a computer dyno run so there are no mistakes no weight differences from riders no terrain changes. Back 13 years ago I had a stock 93 Mitsu eclipse and drag raced a t/a. The t/a should have raped me but he lost because he couldn’t drive at all. The rider is the biggest difference to all of you who claim you can outrun this bike or that one. As far as it’s concerned the fastest quad produced is one most people don’t even know about. The Suzuki quadzilla with a monstrous 500 two stroke they will outrun e Rey stock quad out there. They quit making them because people wouldn’t buy them because they outpowered the riders and were not controllable. As far as racing. I have yet to lose to a stock raptor or yfz with my modded 400 ex. I’m a professional builder and know how to utilize the power my quad puts down. And most of the people that ride raptors are in the 180 up weight range I weigh 128 and am 5,7 so my quad is not bogged by me. Makes a huge difference. I can outrun my cousins 660r that has a jet kit. K&n and ct full exhaust easily. He weighs 427 pounds see my point. Get over yourselves and learn your facts before you say something otherwise save yourself the trouble open mouth insert foot.

Most of have no clue what your talking about. First off if you know how to ride and build your quad correctly a rev box will not kill it. Second a 440 turbo is a Timebomb. And third when you take the weight gearing and hp of the raptor compared to a 400 they end up having a 1 hp difference in power to weight ratio. So they are pretty much both the same power. My 400 is modded. 03 400ex 426 13:1 JE piston. Stage 3 hotcam. Ported and polished head with oversized valves five angle face. Ct full ceramic exhaust. Moose unlimited rev cdi. Msd ignition coil. Billet clutch hub. Moose clutches. Fcr 39 mm carb dynotek jets. Hotrod crank rod and bearing kit. Dura blue rear axle moose fat bars. Billet case saver. Esr shiftlever. Fox suspension. Ac bumper Regina z ring chain and sprockets and a dyno hp total of 63 hp to the wheels.

dont get a rev box they pretty much kill ur 4 wheeler good for the time they let ur four wheeler run thts about it, if u think not tell me and those ones about the 250ex and 90 r jokes im makein fun of some of the dumbasses on here tht r full of them selfs and there 4 wheelers

and any fag who says yamahas are more reliable than hondas dont no nothin about honds so shut up

the raptor may out run the 700xx but honda has better riders than yamaha in baja ,honda 700xx won in atvs ,and crf somethin i forget won the dirtbikes

and a preadtor 90 tht blow any of urs away to it goes 30 stock tht how fast ur 400s r they probaly dont even run aand even if they do u probaly couldnt ride worth musk ox ass. u dum fuks and hondas are the best besides urs because. im big and bad and run high octane fuel u dumb fast 400 guy on page 2 ur stupid

hey my friend has a 250ex stock and ita blow ur y asses away it goes 10-15 stock

to tht "fast 400" guy on page 2 ur stupid face it i dont care wat kind of fuel u have in a stock 400 anything it wont go 145 mph,and u sure its not a stock gsxr 600 motor gahh lee!!!

to yamaha fans,
all you have is a yfz450, the raptor . any 450 and keep can keep up/beat a raptor. btw a raptor has like 700cc witch is 250cc more the a 400ex and a 400 can keep up. honda is the best and always will be!!!

any one who thinks a 400ex is going to do more than 90 with out a coustizm 500 kit in it in the dumbest person ever and should be shot in the

the 400 might not but check out the 450 ex it will keep up with the new raptor

the raptor 700r would walk over the new honda 700xx all day no matter what the raptor is an all around better atv

hey im 14 and i just got an 04 honda 400ex with itp tires and rims and a blindstar bumper and grab bar and fly handlebars. do any of you boys have some tips for me to soup her up a lil bit?

good luck smoking my dad on his yamaha raptor 700 with a k&n you wounldnt even smoke a stock yamaha raptor 700

dudes i got a 440ex with a torbo on it.
ill smoke any of u panziys with yamahas

raptor 700 all the way

raptor 700 obviously

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