2006 Honda TRX300 EX

Take a powerful engine. Add a lightweight chassis and Team Honda-inspired graphics. Know what you get? A responsive, quick and nimble-handling ATV that will dominate any trail you throw at it. Also known as the TRX300EX.

New for 2006

New Black color joins Red.


Dependable 282cc SOHC four-stroke engine produces impressive power over a broad rpm range.
Gear-driven counterbalancer minimizes engine vibration for smooth running.
Maintenance-free automatic cam-chain tensioner.
Reliable, maintenance-free CD ignition with electronic advance.
Convenient electric starter helps make starting easy.
Snorkel-type air intake is positioned high in the chassis for reduced water/dirt contamination.
Close-ratio five-speed transmission offers a gear for every situation.
Simple-to-use Reverse gear allows easy maneuvering in tight spaces.
Specially designed 32mm carburetor with accelerator pump offers excellent fuel economy and crisp throttle response.
USDA-qualified muffler/spark arrester offers quiet operation and maximum power.


Box-section high-tensile steel frame offers strength, rigidity and light weight.
Long-travel, double-wishbone independent front suspension features five-position spring preload adjustability.
Heavy-duty hydraulic single-shock rear suspension offers five-position spring preload adjustability.
Strong, lightweight box-section swingarm utilizes an easy-to-use eccentric chain-adjustment system.
Durable and lightweight heavy-duty O-ring-sealed drive chain.
Specially designed knobby tires offer superb grip and long life.
Triple hydraulic disc brakes.
Rear caliper brake-pad wear indicator.

Additional Features

Engine design produces low emissions and meets California Air Resources Board (CARB) off-road emissions standards.
Ergonomically designed riding position offers a high level of comfort.
Powerful 60/55W halogen headlight.
Lightweight tail- and brakelight.
Comfortable dogleg levers with cable adjusters and dust cover.
Attractive handlebar cover.
Washable, two-stage foam air filter.
Multi-function, handlebar-mounted switch assembly is easy to use.
Easy-to-use parking brake.
Keyed ignition switch offers added security.
Handlebar switches, controls and warning labels use internationally approved ISO graphic symbols.
Maintenance-free battery.
Tough steel front skidplate.
Rear mudguard with rigid footrests.


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who in the hell gives a about the speed of an atv id rather have a quick and snappy atv rather than how fast it goes all you hill billys that race on the road are a bunch of retards that dont no how to ride!!

waz up good ATV

WHO CARES ABOUT SPEED ( its who passes the finish line first)__ !!!!!!!

A 2007 300EX (stock) will run about 72mph on an open road.

cool I just bought my husband a 2007 and we have not really opend it up but we want to know how fast it was because it seems bad fast

a stock 300ex will go about 60 mph

what is the top speed of a 300 ex?

how fast does a 300ex (top speed?)

Im looking to buy a quad for my sixteen year old son. I dont know if I should buy him a 300ex or a 400ex.

What is the top speed of a 300ex?

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