2009 Honda XL700V Transalp

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Honda has prepared the notorious Transalp for 2009 as part of their plans to continue the long career of this average displacement Enduro bike, but only added anti-lock brakes and painted it in the colors of the first Transalp model.

Already famous thanks to its bulletproof engine and the awesome riding experience that it offers both on paved roads and off them, the Honda XL700V Transalp needs no presentation whatsoever. What is unknown on this new model is the C-ABS anti-lock brakes that are meant to provide the best of braking performance on all riding surfaces that the bike is made to be exploited on. Honda added the new braking system on most bikes in the 2009 lineup and this legend simply couldn’t be missed.

Featuring an aggressive and futuristic design, the Transalp practically defines through its looks the idea of adventure in motorcycling, meaning no barriers in a rider’s quest. And the liquid-cooled and electronically fuel-injected 680cc V-Twin four-valved engine is there to back up the inviting design and never leave room for the rider to wish another kind of riding experience. This is the impressive result of the V-Twin engine type which managed to find its way on this dual-sport motorcycle in 1987 together with the first Transalp. Imagine this bike’s evolution if it would have featured a single-cylinder motor.

Modern day means modern requirements so the new Honda has to comply with Euro-3 regulations and features a very efficient catalytic device.

Also, Honda offers a range of accessories which allow you to personalize the 2009 model year like never before. Not much has changed, indeed, but what did, makes all the difference.

Source: motoblog

Honda XL700V Transalp
Honda XL700V Transalp
Honda XL700V Transalp
Honda XL700V Transalp


A honda Dual-purpose? Nice, probably never see the light of day in the states. (sigh)

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