2010 Honda VFR1200F

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After taking the wraps off its all-new 2010 VFR1200F sport touring motorcycle designed from the ground up as “a ten in every respect,” Honda sits back and enjoys its latest VFR’s success. The bike’s most outstanding feature is the V-4 engine, but only because the dual-clutch automatic transmission is optional.

The 2010 Honda VFR1200F has to be the most aggressive, refined and most likely comfortable new entry in its segment, a bike claimed to adapt to any style of riding or riding situation naturally. It looks like a Honda from every angle, but this motorcycle has also come to show its manufacturer’s achieved goals as it is “a futuristic sport motorcycle for the sheer joy of riding”.



American Honda Motor Company’s Powersports Division announced the release of the much-anticipated 2010 VFR1200F.

"This is one of the most exciting motorcycles in Honda’s history," said Powersports Press Manager Bill Savino. "The VFR1200F establishes a whole new definition of performance motorcycling, one that taps into Honda’s rich V-4 VFR heritage and extends it into the future of Honda motorcycling. The new technology within this motorcycle is flat-out amazing and it all works together in a manner that takes the VFR1200F strides forward in how a high-end machine looks, works and feels. This is a sport motorcycle that will leave you smiling and ready for more even after you’ve been riding for hours on end."

More detailed information and images of Honda’s model line can be found on www.powersports.honda.com or see your local Honda powersports dealer.


Honda VFR1200F

The 2010 VFR1200F embodies the next generation of new motorcycle technology, resulting in unsurpassed rider benefits for those in search of a sporting motorcycle that truly transcends common bounds. Honda’s V-4 heritage has been re-invented in astonishingly innovative form through the fusion of advanced technology to craft a futuristic sport motorcycle created for the sheer joy of riding, custom tailored for experienced hands who ride hard, ride long, ride far and ride often.

Just a few of the incredible features and benefits found in the VFR1200F include Honda MotoGP engine technology and architecture; a light and compact 1237cc liquid-cooled 76-degree V-4 that pumps out amazing levels of power; Throttle By Wire for next-generation throttle response; lightweight and compact Unicam® valvetrain allows for significantly smaller cylinder heads; optional Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission with manual mode and automatic mode with two D/S modes and paddle-style shifters; Honda slipper clutch in the manual-shift VFR1200F; GP technology layer-concept aero fairing for unrivaled air management and futuristic style; next-generation shaft drive system with offset pivot point and sliding constant-velocity joint for a new level of shaft-drive performance and control.

The VFR1200F will be available at Honda dealers in Spring of 2010. For more information on the VFR1200F, go to www.powersports.honda.com.

About Honda

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. is the sole distributor of Honda motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and personal watercraft in the U.S. American Honda’s Motorcycle Division conducts the sales, marketing, and operational activities for these products through authorized Honda dealers. For more information on Honda products, go to www.powersports.honda.com.

Press Reviews

Honda VFR1200F

"The 76-degree 1237cc V-four engine is astonishingly compact, and the 28-degree phased crankshaft eliminates primary vibration entirely. The irregular firing intervals give the motor a pleasantly deep, offbeat growling exhaust note similar to a BMW BMW Boxer twin at low revs, but once the revs climb and the exhaust valve opens up, the V-four takes on a satisfying MotoGP-type howl." – ultimatemotorcycling

"As the power builds from above four-grand, where Honda claims the engine makes 90% of peak power, the bike starts to move with authority. On the narrow roads outside Sugo the power delivery proved to be equally entertaining, whether I was chugging along with the engine low in the revs or keeping it in the meat of the power for quick bursts of acceleration..." – motorcycle-usa

"It’s not a peaky engine though, with the power spread well down the rev range, and while it doesn’t display the top gear muscle of a K1 K1 300 (especially the GT), it’s relaxing enough to ride. Unless the vibration stirs you that is: at 4,500rpm, about 85mph, the back of the tank tingles disconcertingly – well, it is between your legs – and there are other sensations as you rev the motor harder." – telegraph

"Flowing through downtown traffic like some great red shark, the VFR feels more athletic than it looks. Steering is light; lighter with something less than a full fuel payload. Give it a whiff of digital throttle above 4000 rpm and the big V4 turns here into there without raising its voice. Honda’s Combined Braking System and ABS make stopping the proceedings just as easy..." – motorcyclistonline

"A near-600-pound motorcycle usually can’t be mentioned in the same breath with the word "sportbike", but the VFR manages to accomplish that feat-and actually do it quite well. Overall handling is surprisingly nimble for a bike with that heft and a 60.8-inch wheelbase…” – sportrider

"It only takes a few corners to realize this is no CBR – a fairly relaxed 25.5-degree rake angle and 60.8-inch wheelbase assures that, as does its 589-lb weight, full of fluids and fuel. Regardless, turn-in response is quicker than most of its competitors. A BMW K-13 probably comes closest." – motorcycle

"Despite the low and nicely waisted seat, you never lose the impression that this is one big, heavy bike. Steering is slow and laboured, ABS brakes are decent but lack the finesse and precision of latest Blade system." – MCN


In the end, the all-new Honda VFR1200F is just what the doctor prescribed if you’ve recently surpassed the supersport fever and head towards the sport-touring segment, but still need to get a healthy adrenaline rush from time to time.


Model: VFR1200F / VFR1200F with Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission

Engine and Transmission

Honda VFR1200F


  • Engine Type: 1237cc liquid-cooled 76° V-4
  • Bore and Stroke: 81mm x 60mm
  • Compression Ratio: 12.0:1
  • Valve Train: SOHC; four valves per cylinder
  • Induction: PGM-FI with automatic enrichment circuit, 44mm throttle bodies and 12-hole injectors
  • Ignition: Digital transistorized with electronic advance
  • Transmission: Six-speed (VFR1200F) / Six-speed automatic with two modes and manual mode (VFR1200F with Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission)
  • Final Drive: Shaft


Chassis and Dimensions

Honda VFR1200F


  • Front Suspension: 43mm cartridge fork with spring preload adjustability; 4.7 inches travel
  • Rear Suspension: Pro Arm single-side swingarm with Pro-Link® single gas-charged shock with remote spring preload adjustability and rebound damping adjustability; 5.1 inches travel
  • Front Brake: Dual full-floating 320mm discs with CBS six-piston calipers with ABS
  • Rear Brake: Single 276mm disc with CBS two-piston caliper with ABS
  • Front Tire: 120/70 ZR17 radial
  • RearTire: 190/55 ZR17 radial
  • Wheelbase: 60.8 inches (1545mm)
  • Rake (Caster angle): 25°30’
  • Trail: 101.0mm (4.0 inches)
  • Seat Height: 32.1 inches (815mm)
  • Fuel Capacity: 4.9 gallons
  • Curb Weight: 591 pounds (VFR1200F) / 613 pounds (VFR1200F with Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission)




  • Color: Red



Honda VFR1200F


  • Honda MotoGP V-4 engine technology and architecture bring cutting-edge performance to the VFR1200F.
  • Unique cylinder layout with rear two cylinders located innermost on the crankshaft and front cylinders located outboard narrows the rider interface aboard the VFR1200F.
  • Throttle By Wire for next-generation throttle response.
  • Optional Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission with manual mode and automatic mode with two D/S modes and paddle-style shifters offers unparalleled freedom through innovative technology.
  • Next-generation shaft drive system with offset pivot point and sliding constant-velocity joint for a new level of shaft-drive performance and control.
  • Transferable one-year, unlimited-mileage limited warranty; extended coverage available with a Honda Protection Plan.




  • Light and compact 1237cc liquid-cooled 76-degree V-4 pumps out amazing levels of power with a distinctive V-4 feel and sound.
  • Symmetrically Coupled Phase-shift Crankshaft uses 28-degree crankpin offset to eliminate primary engine vibration.
  • Asymmetrical exhaust lengths between front and rear cylinders boost power production and enhance power feel.
  • Lightweight and compact Unicam® valvetrain allows for significantly smaller cylinder heads.
  • Honda slipper clutch in manual-shift model allows unencumbered sport riding.




  • GP technology layer-concept aero fairing for unrivaled air management.
  • Honda Pro Arm® single-sided swingarm with single gas-charged shock delivers cutting-edge rear suspension action; features handy remote spring preload adjuster, rebound damping adjustability and 5.1 inches of travel.
  • Stout, sport-oriented 43mm inverted cartridge fork with spring preload adjustability and 4.7 inches of travel.
  • New controls with smoother and more precise tactile feel enhance the riding experience.
  • New-technology seat construction permits a higher level of seat shaping and forming details.
  • Saddlebag mounts come standard on both versions of the VFR1200F.



If there weren’t so many SUV maniacs on the road who do not care about anything but themselves the person on the phone and that coffee they are drinking, many more would be buying and driving these motorcycles rather than cars.

Nice job Honda. Clean lines, good engineering, a little porky. I’ll give it a ride at the bike show.

It all looks great but it seems it’s less impressive to ride.

I love the bike. Being a disabled Vet and having left ankle fused I will be able to still ride clutch free. I am not a fan of the exhaust either, but I can switch it out later. The price is my only problem. I think it is priced waaaaay to high. The DN-01 is in the same price range as well; however the Aprillia Mana 850 is an automatic motorcycle as well and is around 5 grand less expensive and with the economy that makes a big difference to buyers.

The guy who designed that muffler should be fired. This bike is not a sport bike or a sport tourer. What is it? Small gas tank, ugly rear end and poor seating position. Whats happened at Honda? I guess they think we will er for anything they make. Way overpriced - I’ll stick with my BMW...

LOVE the looks minus the "buck rogers" exhaust can. The Interceptor has needed an update for a long time, and this appears to be the perfect replacemant. Hope to see heated grips, and a cruise control option. Good job Honda! Look forward to see it in person at the Seattle M/C Show in Dec

Test riding this VFR1200F would be sweet looks good too.smiley

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