2012 Honda Activa

India is a country that has no shortage of scooters. So in market with plenty of choices, the Honda Activa stands out because it provides everything a rider wants in a scooter.

The Activa can be called a ’comfort scooter’ because it has many features that offer us the comfortable riding we all yearn, including a tuff-up tube, storage space, seat arrangement, a CLIC mechanism, and a 109cc 4-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled OHC engine.

Aesthetically, the Activa offers plenty of interesting color options that riders can go nuts choosing from. There’s Wild Purple Metallic, Black, Candid Lucid Red, Force Silver Metallic, Pearl Sunbeam White, and Geny Grey Metallic.

A combination of dashing good looks, superb handling, and all-around versatility has made the Activa one of the most popular scooters in India. Hardly surprising that for all of the choices, customers always seem to gravitate towards the Activa.

And really, why shouldn’t they?

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Honda Activa

Honda Activa

Ingeniously designed – the Activa is made for you to go miles, to do things and to go places. With your loved ones. Devel Devel oped on Honda’s globally tested engineering technology, it comes with a host of new features. The seats maximizes riding comfort. Thus offering you a smooth ride. Perfect in design and technology, the Activa is more than just a scooter. With an increased mileage of 15%*, it allows you to enjoy your rides, no matter how long they are. So now you can enjoy life without stopping. Step onto your Activa, spread the joy with your loved ones, and go on and on.


Durable metal body

Rely on the Activa which comes with metal body parts to handle even the toughest of Indian road conditions. Enjoy the durability and a longer life of your Activa.

The Viscous Air Filter

It provides a technology that cuts down on maintenance needs. Enjoy lower maintenance.


The 110cc Honda engine of the Activa is truly a technological marvel. It gives you 15% more mileage* than the previous model. And this makes it the most economical automatic scooter in the market.Enjoy the most out of each drop of fuel.

Honda Activa

Tuff up tube

Now you can stop worrying about punctures. The Tuff Up Tube in the rear tire reduces of tire getting flat to the extent of 70%.Enjoy the journey without the fear of a flat tire

More storage space

Now keep shopping with confidence. The 18 ltr. storage capacity ensures enough lockable space for articles like a full face helmet, lunch boxes, bags and more.Enjoy carrying more..

Comfortable seating position

The Activa’s long & comfortable seat has been specially designed to reduce riding fatigue and make rides more joyful.Enjoy longer rides without getting tired.

Clic mechanism

the Convenient Lift-up Independent Cover enables you to lift up the entire rear body cover. This makes maintenance easier and faster.Enjoy quicker maintenance.

Key shutter

The Activa is loaded with an anti-theft Key Shutter ensuring safety of your vehicle.Enjoy the security.

Inner box (optional)

The sleek and stylish Inner Box & flat foot board with a hook, increases the storage capacity of your Activa. It is perfect for carrying smaller objects like water bottles, groceries and much more.Enjoy shopping more.

Combi brake

The Activa is equipped with the Combi Brake. This ensures a shorter braking distance with more stability.Enjoy peace of mind and safety.


Honda Activa
Engine Type4stroke, single cylinder, air cooled, OHC
Max power8bhp @7500rpm
Max torque0.9 Kg-m@5500rpm
TransmissionV matic
Ignitionself and kick
Battery12V, 5Ah
Headlamp35/35W halogen
Framehigh rigidity underbone type
Dimension1761 x 710 x 1147 mm
Wheel base1238mm
Seat high765 mm
Ground clearance145 mm
Suspension frontbottom link with spring loaded hydraulic damper
Suspension Rearunit swing with spring loaded hydraulic damper
Tyre Front90/100- 10 53J
Tyre Rear90/100 – 10 53J
Brake Frontdrum, 130mm, dia, with CBS
Brake Reardrum , 130 mm, dia, with CBS
Fuel tank capacity5.3 liters
Seat storage18liters
Air filterviscous paper filter


Maxabout ---- "Honda Activa was the first scooter launched by Honda in India. It has been designed as a family two-wheeler and features higher load carrying capacity."

Myindianguide ---- "The new family two-wheeler looks stunning in new design and upgraded style. Now comes in 110cc displacement."

Bikedekho ---- "Honda is regarded a complete family two-wheeler. Apart from this, the scooter is best suited for all generations."

Zigwheels ---- "Mahindra has just given its Duro a fresh lease of life, but will that be enough to take on the current champion, the Honda Activa?"

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