2014 Honda CRF110F

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The 2014 Honda CRF110F will be available in showrooms from October 2013. The motorcycle was introduced last year and the new generation comes with both electric starter and kick starter.

Despite its compact proportions, the Honda CRF110F is powered by a pretty lively 110 cc, air cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine which sends its power to the ground through a three speed transmission with automatic clutch.

For enhances safety, the motorcycle comes with an adjustable throttle limiter that helps you adjust the power output according to the rider’s skill.

Once on board the rider is met by a comfortable, low seat height, ergonomically designed handlebars and roomy footpegs.

The bike needed a solid backbone so Honda’s engineers equipped it with a strong steel frame that’s built to withstand any punishment.

The Honda CRF110F is offered with a base price of $1,999.

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Honda CRF110F

Packed With Features; Filled With Fun!
Availability: October, 2013. Talk about making a great idea even better: Last year we introduced our new CRF110F. It’s a small bike with a big difference: a 110cc air-cooled engine in a package you usually associate with the 70cc class. That means it’s easy to provide plenty of power, lots of torque, a wide powerband and long engine life.

In addition, the CRF110F features both an effortless electric starter and a kick starter. And it all teams up with our three-speed transmission with automatic clutch that’s been proven in millions of bikes, so your riders never have to worry about stalling or a handlebar-mounted clutch.

The CRF110F is a great off-road fun bike that your kids are going to love. And, better than that, they’re going to remember all the fun they had riding it—and with you—for the rest of their lives.

Important Safety Information: Parents need to consider their youngster’s age, size, ability and maturity before allowing them to ride. See owner’s manual for additional safety and supervisory information. Designed exclusively for off-road operator-only use. Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing whenever you ride. Never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

2014 Honda CRF110F Key Features

Honda CRF110F

Plenty Of Power.

The CRF110F’s new 110cc engine offers a generous, wide powerband without revving too high—perfect for young riders to learn on. Plus, the CRF110F offers a throttle limiter to allow parents to choose the appropriate amount of available power.

No Clutch Lever, No Worries.

Honda CRF110F

With our proven three-speed transmission with automatic clutch, riders can concentrate on shifting gears without the worry of a manual clutch or stalling.

Get Them Off To A Great Start.

Honda CRF110F

The CRF110F includes an effortless electric starter. We’ve even included a backup kickstarter, should you ever need it.

2014 Honda CRF110F Features and Benefits

Honda CRF110F

Electric Starter

Push a button and go—that‘s how easy it is to get going on a CRF110F. Starts after a tip-over are a snap and the push button means no frustration if junior accidentally stops the engine.

Adjustable Throttle Limiter

Honda CRF110F

Set the top speed by turning a screw. That helps keep new riders from going too fast too soon and it lets you match the CRF110F’s power output to the rider’s skill level.

Keyed Ignition

Honda CRF110F

You decide who rides and when because you hold the keys. Got your homework done? Good—let’s ride!

Four-Stroke Engine

Honda CRF110F

The CRF110F’s dependable four-stroke single-cylinder engine offers good performance with a wide powerband—perfect for a wide range of riders including beginners. And because it’s a Honda, you know it’s reliable, too.

Automatic Clutch

There’s no clutch lever for new riders to master, and that means no stalling. In addition, the smooth transmission offers three gear ratios. All you do is shift with your foot.

Backup Kick Starter

Honda CRF110F

Even if the bike’s been sitting all winter, you still can get going with the CRF110F’s kick starter. It’s easy for you to use, and it helps ensure that your day of fun doesn’t stop.

Low Seat Height

Honda CRF110F

It’s important to have a bike that’s sized right for your rider. The CRF110F’s low seat height helps build confidence right from the start. Its seat height fits nicely between the CRF50F and CRF80F.

Tough Bodywork

Honda CRF110F

Kids can be tough on equipment, but the new CRF110F can handle it. With tough plastic fenders, tank and other body parts, the CRF110F is engineered to shrug off the minor dings of the real world.

Sturdy Steel Frame

Honda CRF110F

Durability and quality are two hallmarks of a Honda dirt bike. That’s why the CRF110F uses a strong steel frame that’s built to handle the bumps and dings of off-road riding.


Engine TypeAir-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Bore And Stroke50.0mm x 55.6mm
Compression Ratio9.0:1
Valve TrainSOHC; two-valve
Induction13mm piston-valve carburetor
Transmission3-speed with automatic clutch
Final DriveChain
Front Suspension31.0mm telescopic fork; 3.9 inches of travel
Rear SuspensionSingle-shock; 3.4 inches of travel
Front BrakeDrum
Rear BrakeDrum
Front Tire70/100-14
Rear Tire80/100-12
Rake24°25’ (Caster Angle)
Trail52.5mm (2.0 inches)
Wheelbase41.9 inches
Seat Height26.3 inches
Curb Weight163 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel-ready to ride)
Fuel Capacity1.1 gallons, including 0.3-gallon reserve
Ground Clearance6.9 Inches
EmissionsMeets current California Air Resource Board (CARB) and EPA off-road emissions standards.
Available ColorsRed
Model IdCRF110F
WarrantySix Months transferable limited warranty; extended warranty available with a Honda Protection Plan.


The Honda CRF110F is a good all-around bike that comes with Honda’s famous bullet proof reliability. Its 110 cc engine is slightly bigger than what you’d expect to find in a bike with such proportions so the riding experience is pretty thrilling.

The ergonomics are flawless and you won’t complain about the maneuverability either.

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