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The Honda Forza has recently entered on the North American market. The scooter is offered with a starting price of $10,000 and is powered by a 279 cc, liquid-cooled, SOHC, four-valve engine which is paired with a V-Matic automatic transmission.

The engine cranks out a maximum power of 24.5 HP and 19 ft-lbs of torque which is more than enough to help you a get close to 100 mph without any problems. This means that the scooter is able to deal pretty good with highway traffic too.

Honda is designing maxi scooters for quite some time now and its long experience help it learn how to smartly maximize the storage places. Thereby, the Honda Forza features a fairly spacious under seat compartment paired with a decently sized glovebox that can be found up front. Moreover, the front left nook is lockable and contains a 12V accessory socket.

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One of the most popular long distance tourers is the Honda ST1300A. Badged as a sport tourer, the ST1300A is especially appreciated for its perfect mix between speed and comfort, featuring a wide range of features that will make your ride as relaxed as possible.

Priced at $18,230, the ST1300 occupies the higher end of the sport touring segment. For this money you get high end technologies, numerous comfort features and a modern 1,261cc V-Four engine which sends its power to the ground via a 5-speed transmission with shaft drive. The engine is fed by a 7.7 gallon fuel tank which offers a range of around 270 miles.

The stopping power is assured by Honda’s Dual-Combined Braking System with ABS.

As far as practicality is concerned, the Honda ST1300A is fitted with weather-resistant hard saddlebags, an adjustable windshield and a supportive seat that can be easily adjusted according to your wishes.

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From the instant you jump on its back, the Honda CB1000RA hits you with a massive dose of adrenaline. Its aggressive character, the agile handling and the strong engine makes it feel like an unchained beast that is ready to bite every mile of asphalt that lies under its big 17 inch wheels.

The motorcycle is built around a roaring 998 cc, fuel-injected, liquid cooled, inline four engine that is paired with a six speed transmission.

The engine is mounted on an advanced gravity-die-cast aluminum mono-backbone frame which links the front adjustable 43 mm inverted front fork with the rear cast-aluminum Pro-Arm swingarm which features a single adjustable HMAS (Honda Multi-Action System).

The Honda CB1000RA is available at a starting price of $12,999 with 12 months, unlimited mileage, freely transferable warranty.

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Born to be able to merge perfectly with its rider, the Honda CBR1000RRA rewards you with a great handling, mind blowing speeds and a reassuring feeling of total control every time you fire up its engine.

At the core of this sporty bike lies a MotoGP DNA, which helps it feel at home on any race track. At the same time, the CBR1000RRA was also carefully designed to keep your back comfortable during everyday riding on the city streets.

In terms of power, the Honda CBR1000RRA boosts a light fuel-injected, 999cc, Liquid-cooled inline-four engine that rewards you with a smooth powerband. For enhanced performances, the engine is paired with a close-ratio six-speed transmission and an Assist Slipper Clutch that ensures confident downshifting and deceleration as well as quick clutch re-engagement and light lever action.

This speed demon can be yours for not less than $15,499.

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You can’t talk about technology without talking about constant evolution and the same thing is true about motorcycles. With every year that passes the standards of motorcycle riders are getting higher and higher, so each manufacturer needs to keep it up with the demands of its clients.

One of the companies that always managed to exceed our expectations is Honda. The Japanese manufacturer is already famous for its reliability and cutting edge technologies, so there is no wonder why its motorcycles continue to be among the most wanted models from the market.

Since it entered in the cruisers race, more than 30 years ago, Honda forged itself a pretty good image and its models are highly appreciated worldwide.

One of the newest cruisers developed by the Japanese manufacturer is the fresh 2013 Honda CTX700N, a modern motorcycle that puts accent on style, comfort, handling and practicality.

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Thanks to its tough construction, the Honda FourTrax Rancher is able to deal effortless with anything you throw at it.

In its off road adventures the Honda FourTrax Rancher is helped by a 420cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, OHV wet-sump, longitudinally mounted, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine. The engine’s power is kept in check by a five-speed transmission with Reverse.

Perhaps it goes without saying that the Honda FourTrax Rancher gives you the possibility to easily select between 2WD and 4WD modes via a front-panel-mounted lever.

As far as suspensions are concerned, the ATV features an independent double-wishbone configuration up front (6.3 inches of wheel travel) and a rear swingarm with single shock (6.3 inches of wheel travel).

It is also worthy of being mentioned that the ATV rides on massive 24 x 8-12 front and 24 x 10-11 rear tyres.

The Honda FourTrax Rancher is offered with a starting price of $5,149.

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With its sporty character, the capable engine and Honda’s legendary reliability, the CBR500RA has managed to conquer a lot of hearts.

This capable motorcycle was especially developed for those who are looking for a fun and comfortable motorcycle that feels comfortable on the city streets but also on the race track.

In terms of power, the Honda CBR500RA is equipped with a light 470 c, DOHC, fuel injected parallel-twin engine that puts out strong low and midrange power. The engine is mated on a six speed transmission.

All components are mounted on a lightweight diamond-shaped steel frame which is paired with a Pro-Link rear suspension with preload-adjustable shock and a front 41 mm telescopic fork.

The motorcycle rides on lightweight 17 inch wheels shod in 120/70ZR–17 front and 160/60ZR–17 rear tyres.

The Honda CBR500RA is offered with a starting price of $6,799.

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With its classic design language, the Honda CB1100A looks like a blast form the past. We especially like the massive headlight, the old school fenders and low seat height which gives you a pretty relaxed riding position. Once on board, you are met by an ergonomically designed handlebar and two big gauges that keep you posted on various stats.

As far as power is concerned, the Honda CB1100A is propelled by a 1,140 cc, DOHC, 4 valves engine with PGM-FI electronic fuel injection. The engine cranks out a maximum output of 90 hp at 8,500 rpm and 67 lb-ft at 5,000 rpm. Its power is kept in leash by a five-speed transmission.

The motorcycle’s backbone is represented by a double-cradle frame which grips the engine with four solid and two rubber mounts.

The Honda CB1100A comes with a starting price of $13,199.

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The Honda VFR1200FA DCT is one of the strongest motorcycles built by the Japanese manufacturer. This mechanical monster is packed with a long list of modern features especially developed to improve high speeds performances.

As far as power is concerned the Honda VFR1200FA DCT is equipped with a liquid-cooled 76-degree, V-4 engine with asymmetrical front/rear cylinder layout and PGM-FI electronic fuel injection. The V-54 unit is fed by a decently sized 19-litre fuel tank that offers a pretty generous riding range.

The engine is linked to a modern Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) that includes two automatic modes and a Manual mode with paddle-style shifters.

The Honda VFR1200FA DCT rides on a front 43 mm cartridge fork with spring preload adjustability and a Pro-Link single gas-charged shock with remote spring preload adjustability and rebound damping adjustability.

The Honda VFR1200FA DCT can be yours for not less than $16,999.

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The Honda CBR600 is one of the most popular sport bikes in the world. And there is no wonder why, because is reliable to the core, strong and fairly agile.

The 2013 Honda CBR600RRA is a slightly sportier version of the standard model and comes with improved engine performances and aerodynamics as well as a better handling.

Talking about aerodynamics, it is worthy of being mentioned that the Honda CBR600RRA features a fresh bodywork that reduces drag by 6.5 percent.

You also get a new Showa Big Piston fully adjustable fork that is paired with a new aluminum frame and a lighter swingarm. Needless to say, that all these features improve the motorcycle’s handling and cornering abilities.

The motorcycle’s center piece is a liquid-cooled, inline-four, 599 cc engine which comes with revised settings for the Programmed Dual Stage Fuel Injection (PGM-DSFI) system.

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