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There’s a reason why novice street riders have had nothing but high praise for the Honda Rebel : it’s got the type of good looks that lasts the test of time and it’s light and comfortable enough to make for easy maneuverability. But the best part about the Rebel is that it’s one of the most durable street bikes on the market today.

The all-new Honda Rebel is no different. Dressed in delicious Matte Silver and Candy Red colors, the Honda Rebel is the kind of street bike that you’d want to be seen riding around town in. On top of that, the bike comes with a 27" seat height to keep both feet flat on the ground for better control at stops to the classic cruiser style. But the best thing about the Honda Rebel is that it has the performance to match whatever stunning good looks it exudes.

The Rebel is powered by a 234cc engine that starts with an electric push-button starter, mated to a five-speed transmission with a ridiculous 80 plus miles per gallon fuel capacity.

On the front, the Honda Rebel comes with a 33-mm fork suspension on the front and dual shocks with five-position spring pre-load adjustability on the rear. The brakes on the front features a single disc with twin-piston calipers.

Anytime you need an entry-level street rider on your garage, the only thing you need to do is get acquainted with the Rebel and you won’t have to look elsewhere for other options.

Honda’s vast knowledge in producing custom concept bikes is rivaled only by its propensity to actually build them. One of their latest projects - the Honda Fury Furious Hardtail Chopper Concept - certainly brings to light their immense talent in building concepts from inspiration.

The Fury Furious Hardtail Chopper Concept was inspired by the 2010 Fury and blends both old and new school flavor into one intoxicatingly beautiful concoction. The brainchild of Honda Americas’ Nick Renner, the concept chopper carries a VT1300cc engine with a 45-degree rake and a converted hard tail to create a clean, pure, and unbridled performance bike. Everything about the bike is custom-fitted to tailor to its needs, including a custom oversize drag bars, a custom straight pipe exhaust, a custom paint finish, and a custom diamond-stitched leather seat and rear hugger.

The front wheel measures 23" while the rear tapes in at 20," providing the performance and aesthetic look that’s tried-and-true for a Honda concept chopper.

Hey, Honda. Batman wants his Batbike back. We dare anyone to say that last sentence five times as quickly as possible. Tongue twisters notwithstanding, Honda Motorcycles has one again gone above and beyond with their new concept bike, the Stateline Slammer Bagger Concept.

The bike is based on the 2010 Stateline and was designed by Honda Americas’ Erik Dunshee. The bike is fueled by elegance and power with a fully-adjustable air-ride suspension and a stealthy design that carries an aura of invincibility.

In terms of design, the concept comes with a two-tone satin metallic black and pearl black paint with a fully custom bodywork, including a leather drop seat. There’s also a NAV/Multimedia with a GPS speed display, a 10" subwoofer, and 500 watts of power. The Bagger Concept also comes with a full front end conversion, including a lean 23" custom front wheel, without the designer making any changes to the frame or engine.

Likewise, the Slammer Bagger comes with a frame, swing arm, VT1300cc engine, and tank with a composite coated narrow track front rotor with a six-piston caliper and a custom-spec crossover twin pipe exhaust.

Looks and performance are two of the most important aspects of a bike, even if it’s of the concept variety. The Honda Stateline Slammer Bagger Concept doesn’t pull any punches; it looks loaded and performs like the machine it was penned up to be.

The Honda Sabre cruiser looks like a dastardly devious bike with plenty of bad intentions, just the type of bike that fits to the taste of street riders the whole world over.

So when you take the design of the Sabre and turn it into a concept with help from styling cues derived from Formula 1 and MotoGP, you get the motherload of all concept street bikes. That’s what you get with the Sabre Switchblade Pro Drag Concept. It comes with a full carbon fiber custom bodywork and spec seating, a VT1300cc engine, and a 3-way fully-adjustable sport suspension system with a single sided swing arm and a 535-chain conversion that optimizes the bike’s overall focus on design, speed, and sheer awesomeness.

In addition to the laundry list of fantastic features, the Sabre Switchblade Pro Drag Concept also gets racing spec calipers and rotors, carbon fiber wheels - 21" on the front and 18" on the rear - and an on-board GPS lap-timer with a data acquisition unit.

At some point, these concepts should make it past the production phase, right? We don’t know what the end-game is with the Switchblade Pro Drag Concept, but we sure wouldn’t mind seeing one of these bad boys on the Honda showroom floor.

Honda UK has announced the special Sports Package for the 2011 Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade . The new package will be available until the end of 2011 and will be offered for both standard and ABS-equipped versions. It will be priced at £599 for the ABS pack and £699 for the standard pack.

The Sport Pack includes a higher screen, seat cowl, Akrapovic exhaust, a bike cover, and a rear tire hugger for the non ABS model. The model will be available with a new HRC (Honda Racing Corporation) tricolor version that includes a stunning gold trim, white wheels, front and rear fenders, and HRC stickers on the middle and upper front cowl. Customers interested can also order a special Graphite Black version with black wheels.

The company has described the new model as follows: "It places a firm emphasis on the clean lines of the bodywork which contrast strongly with the silver colored frame."

Do you remember the Pininfarina Coupe Concept we presented just a few days ago? Its designer, Peter Norris, has developed yet another amazing concept, but this time, it’s a motorcycle and not a car. His project is called the Honda Chopper and took its inspiration from a number of sources. It features clean functional lines of medical machinery, 70’s and 80’s marker drawings and design (such as Big Trak), and a bit of manga thrown in.

The new concept is a purpose-built chopper featuring a long front suspension, feet forward seating position, and a large footprint. Powering this chopper - like most of the other concepts revealed recently - are two small electric motors, one built into each wheel hub helping lower the center of gravity, improve efficiency, and lower emissions.

The bottom line is that this is a pretty impressive concept and since the inspiration behind the design is Star Wars, we expect many people to be able to appreciate its look.

Honda Racing Corporation has decided to unveil their long-awaited NSF250R 4-stroke bike at the Catalunya race circuit in Barcelona on June 2, 2011, just in time for the future Moto3 class that’s set to take the place of the current 125cc category of the GP125 class of the FIM Road-Racing World Championship.

The new NSF250R 4-stroke bike bears striking similarities to the bike it’s replacing, the RS125R. Incidentally, the RS125R was ridden by both Dani Pedrosa and Andrea Dovizioso to their respective World Championship runs.

In developing the NSF250R, Honda Racing Corporation wanted to build a bike that took the same high-performance, lightweight, and compact elements of the RS125R. “We want users to ride with the same sense of comfort and inherits important elements from the RS125R such as the ability to learn the basics for moving up from entry level to the MotoGP ,” HRC explains.

The bike is scheduled to have its official press face time on June 2nd at the Catalunya circuit in Barcelona with a public demonstration by Alex Criville happening a day later on June 3rd followed by another demo lap right after the warm-up session of the MotoGP race on Sunday, June 5th.

Those of you interested in keeping tabs on the new Moto3 class of MotoGP, you might find it worth your time to check out the bike that’s being groomed to contend in the new series beginning in 2012.

UPDATE 10/11/2011 : America has waited enough, Honda . Now the Japanese company is finally dropping the wait after announcing the arrival of the 2012 HRC NSF250R. Developed for the FIM GP road racing competition in the Moto3 class, the NSF250R promises to live up to the hype - and so much more.

The FourTrax Foreman series is one of the most impressive 4x4 ATVs offered by Honda , and for 2012, the Foreman has received a brand-new liquid-cooled 475cc single-cylinder OHV four-stroke engine that is powerful enough to take on those extra-tough jobs. The ATV also has a new body styling that is tough, rugged, and more aggressive featuring large oversized front and rear fenders for exceptional mud and splash protection.

The introduction of a new fuel injection system with 36mm throttle body for instant throttle response, consistent performance at high altitude, and hassle-free cold-weather starting adds to the Foreman’s performance package. New rugged and tough looking body work adorns the rolling chassis that has been re-engineered as well, featuring an all-new and lighter rear suspension system incorporating a single, high-quality shock for increased comfort, precision, and work capabilities. The ATV also has a shorter wheelbase for agile handling and a tighter turning radius. The 2012 Foreman has received a softer seat and more open rider triangle (Bars/Seat/Pegs) that, when combined with the new suspension, will offer better ride quality.

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The Honda CB450 Cafe Racer "Bonita Applebum" started its life as a 1971 Honda CB450 bought from eBay, and believe it or not, the bike was built in a small apartment. After buying all the items needed from eBay, Pepe Luque - the guy who now owns the bike - started to clean, paint, and spit polish every piece before installing them on the frame.

Besides some minor fine-tuning, Luque worked on this project all by himself, including upsizing the main jets to compensate for the airflow in and out of the motor and replacing the Pirelli tires for some Firestones. As for the exterior paint, it was inspired by a CB450 Armadillo, while the handgrips and seat color was suggested by his flatmate. Why is the fact that he built the whole thing by himself so noteworthy? Well, Pepe Luque is colorblind.

When explaining how he came about picking the colors and getting everything just right for the bike to work, he said: "The main section I really struggled with was the wiring of the bike. As you could imagine, being color blind did not help with the colors of the wires. I was very fortunate that my girl and my brother’s wife helped with labelling the wires. For instance, yellow with a white trace, I labelled FLB (front left blinker) and so on. It took me by surprise that I nailed the wiring on first go."

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Source: Pipeburn

Mugen is famous for their tuning packages for Honda models, but this time the Japanese tuner turned their attention to a Honda motorcycle, the CBR250R to be exact. With the new additions, the Honda is able to give off a more aggressive and sportier ride. This may sound all fine and dandy, but most of us won’t ever be able to take advantage of this package; it’s only available in Thailand.

The first thing to notice about this motorcycle is the red and black color scheme, but there is a lot more to it than that. The rider’s seat and the pillion are also colored in red with Mugen emblems, and the windshield has also been replaced.

The tuner has also added a new set of light alloy wheels, an upgraded chromed muffler, and ABS - a first-class system that includes a Combined Brake System (CBS) and an Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS). However, they did let the 249 cc four-stroke, four-valve single cylinder DOHC engine untouched.

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