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If you’re looking to buy a nice café racer to ride the summer on, we just came across one that is worth taking a look at. It originally started as a 1976 Honda CB550 which seems to have ended up in the right hands and after being fitted with parts such as the café seat, clubman drop bars with mini chrome gauges and 4 into 1 MAC exhaust, it is now worthy of the Honda CB550 café racer designation.

The owner claims “the bike only has 8604 miles on it so the engine is rock solid” and the only thing it needs is a new paintjob. How’s that for a way to make it suit your taste?

Considering the $2,900 asking price, this café racer looks to us like the find of the day. Hit the jump for the entire list of changes.

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You can spend a lot of money on a custom bike designed and built to suit your taste and still feel like the thing isn’t even yours? Maybe it is because you haven’t put your blood, sweat and tears into it. Take this case for instance. This 1976 Honda Gold Wing GL1000 powered by a gold four-cylinder engine was found on eBay and after being bought and given a magic touch, it has turned into a veritable café racer.

A simple look at it is enough to suspect this bike required some serious modifications, but we’ll have to say that a black and gold paint job, new tail section and fairing as well as new exhaust pipes do the trick in this case. The rest is just what makes the bike feel like belonging to a rider – all the time and energy put into it.

So, was it all worth it? Well, the thing is now Bike of the Month, March 2010 over at Naked Goldwings, so you decide.

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Honda barely introduced their latest big four model, the CB1100 and Japanese tuner Mugen has already released a package of bits and pieces for future owners to easily turn their nakeds into café racers worthy of the 1970s.

The café racer kit is mainly composed from a silver headlamp cowl and a racy looking seat, while the matt black fenders and sports exhausts are just the right touches to help set this bike further apart from the naked crowd and closer to the café racer one. Hit the jump for the Mugen CB1100 café racer action video.

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Bengt Gunnarson, the owner of MC-Varuhus (Motorcycle Warehouse) dealership in Stockholm has just unveiled two icons for the motorcycle industry, a Honda NR750 and RC30, which he kept intact in the basement for around two decades.

One from 1989 and the other from 1992, the bikes are both part of limited runs that Honda offered as technological showpieces (NR750) and homologated race versions built by HRC for World Superbike (RC30).

Unboxing the two bikes now is like going back in time and experiencing that same thrill fueled by the fact you’re getting your hands on the best there is out there. Although Honda evolved A LOT since these bikes were produced, the two look just marvelous and they will be displayed in the dealership’s showroom for the posterity. It is totally worth seeing the video after the break.

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For the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, Honda has prepared a rather unique concept vehicle called the Honda 3R-C Concept. It is actually a single-seat trike that accommodates the rider in a fully enclosed cockpit and which is, obviously, powered by batteries.

Honda 3R-C Concept unveiled ahead of Geneva show

This is more like the kind of concept you’d expect from innovative designers eager of global recognition, but considering that this is an official Honda concept and it is going to Geneva, it actually stands great chances to be proposed for production. Read the full press release after the jump.

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This Honda CB750 café racer was created by Japanese custom builder Whitehouse together with Japanese retailer Motorimoda and it is actually called CB750 Café Type Motorimoda. What first meets the eye is the 1970s racing styling achieved with the use of modern materials such as carbon fiber, from which several parts have been made. These, together with the aluminum gas tank lighten this custom CB750 with 33 lbs (15 kg).

Underneath the aerodynamic fairing sits an original carbureted, air-cooled, four-cylinder engine that delivers 20hp more than the original production version after being tuned and getting a new exhaust.

So, with less weight, more power and much better looks, this café racer qualifies for the very special price of $29,290.

Source: MCN
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Honda has released a video showing the VFR1200 being assembled at the Kumamoto factory, the mother ship of Honda motorcycle factories and one of the most modern and environmentally factories in Japan. There, on a 426.5 ft (130 meters) long production line, the complete assembly of a motorcycle takes only 90 seconds.

Source: FeelV4
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The Honda NX 650 Dominator is a budget dual-sport motorcycle powered by a 644cc single-cylinder engine, produced by the Japanese manufacturer between 1988 and 2003.

Italy’s motorcycle design guru Oberdan Bezzi has come up with a rendering for a new Honda Dominator. Nowadays, such a bike would have to compete with models such as the Yamaha Yamaha XT 660Z Tenere, BMW F 650 GS and Kawasaki KLX 650, but if the previous Dominator’s reliability and great mileage were also taken in consideration, we reckon the middleweight dual-sport segment will soon have a new leader. Still, that is only and only if Honda ever decides to revive the Dominator.

Looks like even a supermoto version isn’t to be neglected either.

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In a recent post we shown you how a motorcycle highside can end with the rider being thrown over a guardrail and we now came across a video showing another rider’s interaction with a guardrail, this time as a result of shifting error.

Apparently, this rider had a few successful runs on his Honda CBR600RR, but he then downshifts too late going into a turn. The rider attempts to brake but ends up in the guardrail after his front wheel locks up.

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The 2010 Honda Interstate is Big Red’s latest touring motorcycle, which is part of the five additional new models among the Sabre and Stateline , just to mention the ones in the same family. So we’re talking about a whole new line here that Honda likes to call the 1300 Custom line and which is based on a big V-twin engine with Honda’s Programmed Fuel Injection, but you’ll find that the Interstate is the only one to feature stylish leather-wrapped hard bags, traditional windscreen and floorboards. These features turn it into a real long haul companion, so hit the jump and find out more if that’s what you’re looking for.

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