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The Honda CB450 looks pretty cool in stock condition, but riders who won’t satisfy with that can always choose the rather facile transformation into a café racer. This particular example was spotted in South Africa as it attracted quite a crowd with its 1970s rebel bike appearance.

Like most café racers, this Honda CB450 stands out thanks to a unique tank and seat unit, while the frame, swingarm don’t look like having suffered any modification and the wheels are the original ones.

The overall sporty look is completed by the bikini fairing and vented mudguard, but if we take a better look at the back, the underseat exhaust tends to turn it into a veritable racing motorcycle, which is what café racers were originally supposed to be. Also, the red/white color scheme was the adequate choice in our opinion.

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The past weekend’s race at Sepang in Malaysia was entirely dominated by Casey Stoner, who obtained his second consecutive win since returning in the championship. Second place was adjudicated by Dani Pedrosa, but the most important place in this equation is the third, obtained by Valentino Rossi and which brings the Italian MotoGP star the seventh world title in the premier class and the ninth world championship overall. Congratulations!

Race results are attached after the jump.

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The Autodromo do Parkalgar in Portimao, Portugal will show a statue of a victorious Craig Jones at the entrance now that the track’s owner Paulo Pinheiro has unveiled the provisional statue. This will be replaced by one made of stone in the near future to pay a tribute to the British rider who lost his life in an accident during the World Supersport round at Brands Hatch last season. Jones was competing for Parkalgar Honda.

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Honda Motorcycle unveiled eight world premieres at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show 2009 on October 21.

The CB1100 was developed for discriminating adults as a new standard Naked model featuring an aircooled inline four-cylinder engine. "Generosity" was a keyword of this model’s development, and rather than aiming strictly for high-spec performance, its riding feel and eye-catching styling, both at stop and on the move, were also all carefully considered.

The CB1300 BOL D’OR features a more upright riding position and a newly redesigned rear cowl adorned with new left and right side split grab rails. A Combined-ABS version is also available.

The EV-CUB delivers ample power through the electric motors integrated into both its wheels and the batteries mounted in its aluminum frame.

The EVE-neo is an EV concept model designed for business use, such as post and delivery services. Its symbolic design combines a clean, modern New Value image and rugged, reliable styling.

Read the press release after the break.

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The original Honda Cub has to be one of the greatest motorcycles of all times simply because it was affordable, easy to maintain and very practical. That small motorcycle helped put the world on two wheels, so you can understand our joy of hearing that Honda is planning to revamp the extremely popular model. The biggest news about it is that it will have two-wheel drive and benefit of power coming from a small, electric engine, while the exterior design is reminiscent of that first late 1950s model.

2WD enhances traction and stability around corners, allowing riders to control the already highly maneuverable motorcycle with the greatest ease. This is not a Honda breakthrough as Yamaha Yamaha and KTM KTM have also flirted with the idea, but Big Red will present the EV-Cub at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show and it is expected to hit dealerships by the end of 2010.

Honda's EV-Cub brags about electric power and 2WD. Communications system is on the way

Honda also speaks about one of their latest gadgets called LOOP and supposed to enable riders to communicate with one another during long rides. This should make Honda’s stand even more interesting.

Source: gizmodo
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What you see here is the production version of the Honda CB1100 concept presented back in 2007. Although Honda doesn’t say a word about it apart that it will be officially unveiled at the Tokyo Show next week, we can already notice that there are no significant differences between the concept and production form of what is expected to be a fresh new approach towards the original idea of an inline-four cylinder motorcycle.

The Honda CB1100 Customize concept shown in red in the picture gallery points out the new bike’s customization possibilities with parts that will be offered by the Japanese manufacturer itself. We hope the 2010 Honda CB1100 will make it to the US and us on it as soon as possible.

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A month ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda unveils their own approach towards the idea of a personal mobility device, a funky little unicycle that they call simply U3-X. This invention is based on ASIMO research, so it features an incline sensor that detects the leaning angle based on the rider’s weight shift and reacts according to direction and speed requirements detected. Making it possible for the user to go forward, backward, side-to-side or diagonally are a series of small wheels housed within the large wheel. Honda calls this the Omni-directional driving wheel system.

Powered by electric motors capable to move the U3-X around with a top speed of no more than 4 mph, Honda’s latest innovation has a lithium ion battery that can keep it operating for a full hour. The thing is also very light (only 22 pounds) and features foldable seat cushions and footrests, making it very easy to use and carry around.

Honda will show the U3-X at the Tokyo Motor Show next month, but they’ve also just released the official pics and press release, so check them out after the break.

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The 2010 Honda Gold Wing comes more like a disappointment rather than the interesting new entry that the public had been expecting simply because the world’s ultimate touring motorcycle features no new technical innovation or design change that is characteristic to the class it proudly dominates and to it only. While remaining as reliable, comfortable and powerful as the previous generation model, the 2010 model year is a bit safer and the new color schemes still manage to make the bike stand out despite its old-fashioned look.

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What you see here is a Honda CB750 Four café racer designed and built by WrenchMonkees, a custom motorcycle company in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The 85 horsepower, inline-four engine was entirely rebuilt, while the wiring, wheels and bearings have been completely replaced. An excellent final touch is given by the custom paint and satin grey finish on the forks, triple clamp and engine covers, while the headlight mesh is a nice thing to have on a bike like this too.

With a listed top speed of 112.5 mph (180 kmph) and a $30,000 (DKR 186.800) price tag, this WrenchMonkees creation shouldn’t stay long on the floors of the Danish Museum of Arts and Crafts and the Rojo Artspace in Barcelona, where it is currently exhibited. Read the specs after the break.

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Honda has taken the 2010 Honda VFR1200 to the alps for some nice action pics ahead of next month’s official unveiling and this is where it was spotted by a very dedicated MotoBlog reader, who got the chance to take a few pictures with the bike before it blasted down the tight mountain roads.

Although it was initially thought that the new VFR will have generous dimensions, it hasn’t, so that the innovative technologies such as the dual clutch transmission and variable cylinder management can make a strong point in this industry. Also, we reckon it doesn’t weigh much either.

Click here for the VFR1200 engine sound.

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