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Next year, Honda plans to release the VFR1200T not only as the Pan European replacement, but as the world’s most technologically-advanced motorcycle too. Because such a project is only undergone if the initial feedback is positive, the company has leaked the future bike’s sketches in an attempt to get an early start with the process. The friends from MCN were there to land a helping hand and now they speculate regarding the possible color schemes that the new VFR might receive.

The bike looks absolutely amazing regardless of the color schemes, but these do help in forming a better opinion of what Honda will create and so encourage people to mention what they think about what they see. So, what do you think about the 2010 Honda VRF1200T?

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Honda has come up with yet another video of the Fury model, their first production chopper, which was specifically built for the US market.

The clip is destined to promote the unleashed beast on the TV screen and looks like a preview for a horror movie, continuing so the creative path indicated with the launch of the new model’s dedicated website.

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Dani Pedrosa obtained a well-deserved victory at Mazda Raceways Laguna Seca this weekend, after more than a year away from the highest position of the podium. He managed to keep Valentino Rossi behind while ’the doctor’ was about to pass him on the last straight. A few more laps and Rossi could have take the win. A fantastic race for Pedrosa.

See the race results after the break.

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Honda’s latest quarter-liter scooter destined for the Japanese market is called the Faze 250 and looks like nothing special unless you take a close good look at it and start brainstorming to remember where you’ve seen that headlight before. We kind of ruined the surprise for you with that title, but the all-new Honda VFR1200 is for sure the only possible answer.

The controversial design headlight seems to be adopted for various models, starting with the VFR1200 and now the Faze 250, meaning that Honda’s designers are definitely up to something quite radical here.

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We barely finished writing about MCN’s rendering regarding the 2010 Honda VFR1200 and about the fact that this innovative late creation has recently been spotted testing and we now came across the leaked official pictures, that were originally obtained also by MCN.

Looking at the bike now and given the fact that it is expected to benefit of around 200bhp, we’re starting to consider it worthy for the battle with the Suzuki Hayabusa too, despite the fact that it features a comfier riding position and shaft drive.

Honda is expected to officially launch the 2010 VFR1200 this fall and start selling it next spring. We can’t wait until we see it for real.

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MCN today published what’s most likely the year’s biggest leakage, the new 1200cc Honda V4 model, the bike that will replace the current VFR800 but also fill in the gap left by the disappearance of the CBR 1100 XX model.

Although Honda is in full process of probing potential buyers regarding the design and characteristics of this new concept, the British journalists unveil at least one of the final versions derived from it.

As seen, the new Honda sport tourer is built in strict accordance with the original V4 concept, which was unveiled at last year’s Intermot Show in Cologne.

While the technical details are yet to be revealed, the new engine is supposed to benefit of a revolutionary technology that is capable to stop the rear cylinders from working, allowing the V4 to run using only the front cylinders, dramatically reducing fuel consumption and emissions. presents various spy shots of the new Honda model, which confirm MCN’s rendering. We can’t help noticing the more than decent wheelbase, the spacious seat, single-sided shaft drive and the unique shape of the headlight. Considering the powerful V4 motor, Honda’s latest creation stands all the chances to compete with the BMW K 1300 S.

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Honda’s Senior Managing Director Shigeru Takagi told MCN that the much-awaited Honda V4 will be unveiled this autumn and see dealerships in spring 2010. Also, while celebrating Honda’s 50 years of racing at the Isle of Man TT, Honda boss referred to the bike as being a “new breed of Honda”.

2010 Honda V4 – ‘a new breed of bike'

Takagi said: “We really believe we can develop a new era starting with this V4-powered machine. It is just the beginning and represents a new breed of Honda which will define Honda’s own taste and styling.

“This bike will be the perfect road machine that Honda customers have called for. It will be an epoch-making machine and more bikes from the V4 platform are possible.

“We know people think this bike is going to be a replacement for the VFR800 and the Blackbird but we do not see this bike as a replacement for anything. We see it as an all-new breed of machine, something very special.”

“The finished V4-powered machine will be seen in autumn 2009. The bike will be on sale in spring 2010.

"The bike is different to the concept shown for the first time at Milan in 2009 but the link between them is very clear to see.”

Source: MCN
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This year, Honda America celebrates its 50th anniversary. Having come up with a special float in the Tournament of Roses parade in Pasadena earlier this year, followed by a small ceremony at the company’s headquarters in Torrance, California this month, the company now presents a timeline video as well as a press release.

Considering that this comes from a manufacturer of cars, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, power equipment, and racing vehicles, it’s impossible not to notice how the extremely significant milestone doesn’t lead to anything spectacular. Most likely, the retention is due to the global crisis affecting the entire of their fields.

See the video and read the press release after the break.

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According to Solomoto30, Honda is about to launch the street version of the EVO 6 concept bike, the “supernaked” that was first presented at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show.

Bassically, this is a muscle bike powered by a retuned version of the six-cylinder boxer engine behind the Goldwing 1800.

In what concerns the Yamaha VMAX and the BMW K 1300 R , they’re now facing a new challenger.

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If the owner of this naked motorcycle (most likely a Honda CB1300) plans to be undetected by police radars after completely foiling the thing, then I’m waiting to hear about the results. Until then, it looks ridiculous and useless even as a form of modern art.

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