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The Honda Unicorn is a fun and very practical 150cc motorcycle especially created for the Indian market. This model competes with Bajaj– authors of some of the greatest motorcycle ads we’ve seen – and the ad we’ve just prepared for you rises up to that level.

The bike isn’t shown defying the laws of physics (it isn’t quite capable of doing that, if you ask me), but simply taken by a lonely rider through varied terrain for some adventure. The video is from 2006 and it was directed by Tarannum Pasricha, but only now meets the true face of publicity.

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Honda will definitely launch the enigmatic Fury model at the upcoming New York Motorcycle Show on January 16.

After presenting you the spy shots of this future custom Honda motorcycle and having made a clearer idea by seeing the patent drawings of the Japanese manufacturer, now only a week separates us from unveiling the mystery wave behind this all-new model.

In order to increase the thrill, Honda has launched a site which counts down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until the great launch. At the time I wrote this news there were 07d, 23h, 29m and 55s left.

Honda Fury Countdown.

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Honda has planned nine cars and three motorcycles for the 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon scheduled to kick off on January 11. While the four-wheeled machineries aren’t of our interest, the bikes are.

Surprisingly, Honda won’t bring the best of each lineup, but an economical cruiser – the Shadow Classic 400 – as well as a scooter – the Forza X. Still, they show off with the Black and White 2009 CBR 1000RR so that evens up the scale pretty nicely.

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We barely got time to realize that another year has passed by and there’s another concept trike showing us how it may very likely be the thing we’ll ride or better said drive in the future. But if it’s still here, at least let’s welcome it as should. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the Hawk!

The design belongs to 22-year-old Alex Hodge, a designer based in New Zeeland. The young man has imagined the trike of the future as a machine powered preferably by a powerful motorcycle engine, but which would protect the user with a cockpit-like covering that swings away to allow the entry and exit to and from the vehicle.

With an alloy chassis and 19-inch alloy wheels, we already know that the thing would be light and stable, but how does it do in the performance department? Well, it seems that this designer also thinks at fuel consumption so he visualizes Hawk concept as being powered by the 999cc V-Twin engine “borrowed” from the Honda RC51 motorcycle. Now that’s pretty good considering that the specific powerplant meets a great balance between power – 120 horses – and fuel consumption which depends on how much the trike will actually weigh.

We have to admit that it looks radical, but I can’t see why he didn’t sketch a fully-equipped pilot in it. After all, what’s the point of all that transparency if you can’t be spotted when riding in style? And don’t come to me with that “view” stuff because you can see the view as you’re watching where you’re going.

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Honda “leaks” the official design drawings of the Fury before the much-awaited New York motorcycle show in January and no surprises. We must say that despite speculations that the Fury will send Harley-Davidson Rocker and Yamaha Rider designers and engineers back to the drawing boards, Honda’s late arrival simply uses the a fuel-injected version of the 1312cc water-cooled V-Twin on the VTX1300.

With no hybrid drive systems, no automatic gearboxes and zero chances for an all-new engine, the Honda Fury will simply line up to the tendencies and not redefine them. Still, I won’t argue with those who say it looks good, because it does.

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Whether you’re into retro styling, appreciate custom bikes, or can’t live without a windscreen and saddlebags, Honda has a 2009 VTX1300 ready for you to enjoy. All models are based on a 1312cc V-Twin so although the performance figures are the same, the distinctive styling variations aren’t.

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Honda’s Shadow arm extends all the way to the Spirit 750 which is still a classic cruiser only that a bit more muscular and more into street-rod. They use the same V-Twin engine, making the bike perfect for cruising down the boulevards as well as exploring back-country roads, all at an affordable price. So the competition would better be beware of the Spirit!

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To those who say that the financial crisis puts an end to one’s possibilities of buying a new bike, Honda replies with the 2009 Shadow Aero. This bike addresses to a wide range of riders in search of classic retro styling, low seat height and, of course, V-Twin power, all at an unmatchable cost. What power of dreams? In this case, reality hits straight in the face!

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Honda gets the bad boy out of each one of us with the 2009 Rebel. Considering the fact that people are most likely to buy it in order to save up gas money, that’s quite an accomplishment and yet only a part of the small cruiser’s big character. With a reliable and docile four-stroke engine, comfortable accommodations and great handling, I bet my money on the fact that after being introduced to cruising by this entry-level bike, all riders will see the Honda Shadow as their next goal.

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