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The Honda Fury project developed along five years specially for the US market and officially launched this January in New York has apparently lead to the creation of a roadster version. These sketches have been patented by Honda in the United States of America and Japanese engineers consider this model a way to fully explore the potential of the V-twin engine powering the Fury.

Called RV2, the project features elements that are more likely to be found on American choppers rather than on factory motorcycles – a massive tubular steel frame and imposing custom wheels – while British influences such as the low bars and flat seat design add a café racer look to it. Furthermore, for keeping the Fury engine and shaft drive previously used on the VTX series, Honda masks the radiator in the front end of the frame.

Honda’s Roadster model sketches also unveil an upside down fork, a 320mm front disc brake with four piston calipers as well as a unique exhaust system ending up under the seat.

Although there is no actual information related to a possible finalization of this project, the Honda Roadster 1300 could become a serious contender on the US market for various Buell models and even the Yamaha MT-01.

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It’s good to get up in the morning and…live your dream. This rider living in a caravan takes his mini motorcycle for a ride and while traversing the countryside, the thing becomes a quad, an open top sports car, next a touring motorcycle and then onto a racing motorcycle. Just before driving a series of both road and racing cars, the man is found singing while piloting a speedboat towards a waterfall. But this isn’t one of those dreams gone wrong so the man is then shown in the basket of a hot air balloon singing triumphant “The impossible dream”.

In conclusion, should we buy a Honda product in order to start living our dreams? Not necessarily, although it is a good starting point.

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Most riders are pissed when their life partners shorten their two-wheeled adventures and the usual reply is “you should try it and then we’ll talk about it”. Fair enough. The women in this video did and with a starters dirt bike, but the ride wasn’t less risky at all.

Notice that guy laughing like he’s got something on his mind? Yes, I think so too.

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Bolt-on supercharger kit radically upgrades the Honda VFR800

A&A Performance has created a supercharger kit that bolts on directly on to the 5th generation VFR engine and increases power with more than 50 percent. As the dyno results show, the V4 engine with entirely stock internals develops almost 160 horsepower on 93 octane pump gas.

The blower kit has just been finalized and it seems that each and every detail was taken in consideration, achieving a complete, high quality product that is clearly the work of an experienced and innovative engineer. His name is Dan and he already began diversifying his offer. The next bikes that he plans to supercharge are 6th generation Hondas as well as the Kawasaki ZX-10R and the Suzuki GSX-R1000.

The ’98-’01 VFR800 Supercharger Kit costs $5,495 + shipping so you can reserve yours and wait for shipments to begin about May 1st.

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Until now, Honda built the VTR 250 as a Japan-only model, but the word is out that they plan to sell it in Europe as well starting with the 2009 model year. This is the first picture available of the new model year and it comes accompanied by serious suspicions in what concerns potential upgrades.

For instance, the engine is sure to remain the same 90-degree, liquid-cooled V-twin with 4-valves per cylinder, but will most likely get an improved Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) system. This determines the airbox to be moved underneath the gas tank so that the bike would retain the overall slim appearance.

In what concerns the trellis frame, this is expected to remain the same as on the 2008 model year sold in Japan and so are the suspensions, wheels and brakes.

The instruments panel remains the same only in appearance because in essence digital is the main word. They also intend to make the naked bike practical so offering decent underseat storage space sure helps if intending to cut in the 250cc scooters slice of the Japanese market.

Colors available will be Silver, Red, Black, Blue and Yellow and the new bike is expected to make an entry in Europe by autumn.

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Michael Schumacher was testing team’s Holzhauer Honda CBR1000RR at the Cartagena circuit in Spain when he crashed, lost conscience and had to be immediately transported to the Virgen de la Risaca hospital.

Apparently, Schumacher suffered a serious hit to the head and multiple neck contusions, but after carefully examining him, Dr. Francisco Martinez decided that Schumacher’s state doesn’t require internment, only a neck support collar.

So we’ll be seeing more of Schumacher in April when the IDM German Superbikes Championship begins.

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For those who have all against motorcycle trailers (or not enough money to buy one), this picture shows the ideal solution to a biker’s riding needs during the holydays. The funny part is that the small car is a 1990s Honda CRX powered by a 1.6 litre VTEC four-cylinder engine. This develops 125 horsepower and carries the 150 horsepower Honda CBR929RR Fireblade from the starting of the new millennium.

That’s an ingenious strapping system he has there! I salute this kind of people!

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Honda wants to make sure that we don’t forget about their innovative concept – the V4 – which is expected to make a debut in 2010 so they launch an animated video of the bike in which the most notorious features such as the V4 engine and the outrageous bodywork as well as wheel design can be spotted.

Video after the jump

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Is there anything left to be said about the 2009 Honda CBR600RR? I agree with you. Nothing, except the fact that they made it look almost too refined in the promotional video destined for the European market. Or is it only the specific color schemes? Most likely and we love it.

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WesllCorp have come up with a four wheel kit for motorcycles in an attempt to improve performance and implicit lap times without cutting in the pleasure that only two wheels can offer. They call it Wesll Suspension and it can be mounted both on street and off-road motorcycles. And not just any motorcycles. We’re talking about models such as the Honda CBR600RR (our favorite), Suzuki GSX-R1000 and Kawasaki ZX-10R, just to mention a few.

Featuring a maximum of 28 inches of travel, the unusual kit will transform any motorcycle into a quad. The four tires offer better grip which results into the ability to brake later before a corner and accelerate faster out of it.

Here’s a short demonstration video of the system mounted on a CBR600RR motorcycle.

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