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Honda wants to make sure that we don’t forget about their innovative concept – the V4 – which is expected to make a debut in 2010 so they launch an animated video of the bike in which the most notorious features such as the V4 engine and the outrageous bodywork as well as wheel design can be spotted.

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Is there anything left to be said about the 2009 Honda CBR600RR? I agree with you. Nothing, except the fact that they made it look almost too refined in the promotional video destined for the European market. Or is it only the specific color schemes? Most likely and we love it.

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WesllCorp have come up with a four wheel kit for motorcycles in an attempt to improve performance and implicit lap times without cutting in the pleasure that only two wheels can offer. They call it Wesll Suspension and it can be mounted both on street and off-road motorcycles. And not just any motorcycles. We’re talking about models such as the Honda CBR600RR (our favorite), Suzuki GSX-R1000 and Kawasaki ZX-10R, just to mention a few.

Featuring a maximum of 28 inches of travel, the unusual kit will transform any motorcycle into a quad. The four tires offer better grip which results into the ability to brake later before a corner and accelerate faster out of it.

Here’s a short demonstration video of the system mounted on a CBR600RR motorcycle.

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Despite the fact that the Fury isn’t scheduled for official release until the New York International Motorcycle Show on Friday, we’ve come across what seems to be the first official picture of Honda’s all-new chopper that is ready to hit dealerships any moment after the launch.

The picture shows a long (actually, at 1808.5mm, the Fury has the longest wheelbase of any production motorcycle ever built), low and sleek motorcycle that looks like nothing ever built before by Honda and yet exactly how the Honda Fury patent images did.

As we anticipated, the bike is powered by a fuel injected version of the 1312cc liquid-cooled V-twin on the Honda VTX1300. Other great features are the 200mm wide rear tire, 21-inch front wheel and also the fact that the Fury features a shaft drive instead of belt, like on most custom models and choppers.

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Riding under the hot Nevada sun can be tricky for your body and you still have to ride protective gear. I don’t know if you should necessarily strip in front of a camera and then gear up to ride your Honda CR80 dirt bike, but not everybody is Microbabe Brook Bradford.

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The Honda Unicorn is a fun and very practical 150cc motorcycle especially created for the Indian market. This model competes with Bajaj– authors of some of the greatest motorcycle ads we’ve seen – and the ad we’ve just prepared for you rises up to that level.

The bike isn’t shown defying the laws of physics (it isn’t quite capable of doing that, if you ask me), but simply taken by a lonely rider through varied terrain for some adventure. The video is from 2006 and it was directed by Tarannum Pasricha, but only now meets the true face of publicity.

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Honda will definitely launch the enigmatic Fury model at the upcoming New York Motorcycle Show on January 16.

After presenting you the spy shots of this future custom Honda motorcycle and having made a clearer idea by seeing the patent drawings of the Japanese manufacturer, now only a week separates us from unveiling the mystery wave behind this all-new model.

In order to increase the thrill, Honda has launched a site which counts down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until the great launch. At the time I wrote this news there were 07d, 23h, 29m and 55s left.

Honda Fury Countdown.

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Honda has planned nine cars and three motorcycles for the 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon scheduled to kick off on January 11. While the four-wheeled machineries aren’t of our interest, the bikes are.

Surprisingly, Honda won’t bring the best of each lineup, but an economical cruiser – the Shadow Classic 400 – as well as a scooter – the Forza X. Still, they show off with the Black and White 2009 CBR 1000RR so that evens up the scale pretty nicely.

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We barely got time to realize that another year has passed by and there’s another concept trike showing us how it may very likely be the thing we’ll ride or better said drive in the future. But if it’s still here, at least let’s welcome it as should. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the Hawk!

The design belongs to 22-year-old Alex Hodge, a designer based in New Zeeland. The young man has imagined the trike of the future as a machine powered preferably by a powerful motorcycle engine, but which would protect the user with a cockpit-like covering that swings away to allow the entry and exit to and from the vehicle.

With an alloy chassis and 19-inch alloy wheels, we already know that the thing would be light and stable, but how does it do in the performance department? Well, it seems that this designer also thinks at fuel consumption so he visualizes Hawk concept as being powered by the 999cc V-Twin engine “borrowed” from the Honda RC51 motorcycle. Now that’s pretty good considering that the specific powerplant meets a great balance between power – 120 horses – and fuel consumption which depends on how much the trike will actually weigh.

We have to admit that it looks radical, but I can’t see why he didn’t sketch a fully-equipped pilot in it. After all, what’s the point of all that transparency if you can’t be spotted when riding in style? And don’t come to me with that “view” stuff because you can see the view as you’re watching where you’re going.

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