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On a market that’s growing more and more competitive by the day, Honda’s CB1000 R continues to stay among the top dogs in its segment.

Fitted with a 998 cc, liquid cooled inline four cylinder engine and mated to a close ratio six speed transmission, the 2014 Honda CB1000R is a serious contender to the throne of the superbikes.

The motorcycle’s unit is linked to a four-into-one exhaust system which apart from helping you get first class performances it also looks as good as it sounds.

Honda’s engineers have designed to CB1000R with comfort in mind, therefore it features a special chassis that puts the 998cc engine out front and center, helping you get a more upright riding position.

It is also worthy of being mentioned that the motorcycle weighs only 485 pounds wet and the fuel consumption is rated at 37 mpg.

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The Honda CBR500R is one of the most popular sport bikes found on today’s streets. And there is no wonder why, because it’s reliable, affordable and rewards you with first class performances each time you jump on its back.

This Japanese beauty is propelled by a 471cc, DOHC, liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine with PGM-FI With 34mm throttle bodies. The unit is combined with a six-speed transmission.

This setup is joined by an inverted 41mm fork and a sophisticated chassis with Honda Pro-Link rear suspension 4.1" of wheel travel. The 2014 Honda CBR500R also features front 320mm wave-style disc brakes and 240mm rear units which are ready to deliver a strong stopping power in every situation.

The motorcycle sits on a pair of stylish, aluminum 12-spoke cast wheels shod in 120/70-17 front and 160/60-17 rear tires.

The bike comes with a base price of $5,999 and the ABS model costs $6,499.

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The 2014 Honda CB500F is a modern "naked bike" that offers a perfect compromise between sporty performances and comfort.

The 2014 Honda CB500F is propelled by a 471 cc, liquid cooled parallel-twin powerplant with Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) tuned for loads of right-now power.

The motorcycle’s backbone is represented by a diamond-shaped 35mm steel-tube mainframe that is strong yet light helping you get first class performances. The motorcycle also features a Pro-Link rear suspension with nine-stage preload and 4.1" travel which deals great with various bumps.

As far as the stopping power is concerned, the motorcycle is packed with front 320 mm wave-style disc brakes and 240 mm rear which promise to keep you far from trouble.

The standard 2014 Honda CB500F is offered with a base price of $5,499, while the ABS version can be yours for no less than $5,999.

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Honda launched the cheapest motorcycle in its lineup. The new model is called the CG100 and has a price tag of only $ 670 (100,000 Nigerian naira), but unfortunately it is available only on the Nigerian market.

Needles to say, the bike is far from being impressive, as it comes as basic as it can be. But its modest character makes it a great choice for countries like Nigeria where versatile, cheap and efficient motorcycles are highly appreciated for their practicality.
The 2014 Honda CG100 can be easily recognized by its old school style, the square headlight, thin wheels and the one piece seat. The motorcycle’s ride is kept in check by a pretty rudimentary fork and dual rear shocks. You also get full drum brakes and a 110 cc engine.

Honda plans to build 40,000 units each year.

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Over the years, Honda has provided the market with some of the best bikes of this segment, dating back to the original Ninja 900R of the 1980s, to the ZX-11 of the ’90s, and the ZZR 1200 of the the new millennium.

The Honda CBR1000RR SP was already a great sport bike, but with the 2014 model year has just became even better.

Among the improvements made for the new model year you’ll find a new windscreen, a revised riding position and more power. You also get a new Pearl White color scheme.

Power comes from a 999cc, liquid-cooled, inline four-cylinder, DOHC engine which is kept in check by a close-ratio six-speed transmission.

The bike’s core - the frame, engine, and suspension - are all made from the finest materials and built with the sort of high-end technology that Honda has built its name on.

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The iconic Honda CBR1000RR has received a series of modifications for 2014. The new model year comes with a fresh windscreen, a revised riding position and more power.

The motorcycle continues to be propelled by the same 999cc, liquid-cooled, inline four-cylinder, DOHC engine. However, the unit is now able to deliver more power and torque due to the revised cylinder head, exhaust and air intake. Its power is kept in leash by a close ratio six speed transmission.

The engine is mounted on a four-piece aluminum frame which offers a perfect balance between strength, rigidity and lightness.

For enhanced safety, the Honda CBR1000RR is available with a Combined Anti-Lock Braking System (C-ABS) which is the first of its kind offered for a Superbike.

For 2014 the Honda CBR1000RR has also received a new Pearl White finish which is available both for the standard and ABS models.

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Especially developed for adventure lovers, the Honda CB500X is a versatile motorcycle that puts comfort, reliability and performances on top of its priorities list.

Thanks to its flexible character, the 2014 Honda CB500X feels similarly comfortable both in the city and on the tougher tracks, being ready to reward you with an enjoyable ride every time you fire up its engine.

Among the features offered by the 2014 Honda CB500X you’ll find an adjustable windscreen, a 4.5 Gallons fuel tank and wide handlebars.

The Honda CB500X is built on a diamond-shaped steel-tube mainframe which is attached to the engine with four mounts.Talking about the engine, the bike is propelled by a 471cc, liquid-cooled parallel-twin unit with PGM-FI. The engine’s power is kept in leash by a six speed transmission.

The Honda CB500X can be yours for no less than $5,999.

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The 2014 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie is a modern cruiser that has all it needs to be considered one of the best models in its class.

Its sporty fenders, the unique fuel tank design, the fat exhaust pipes and the stylish fairing are all working together to form a very special visual effect. Perhaps it goes without saying that once on board, you’ll get a fairly relaxed riding position and great ergonomics.

The motorcycle is propelled by an 1832cc, liquid-cooled, horizontally opposed six-cylinder, SOHC engine with PGM-FI. The engine transfers its power to the rear wheel through a five speed transmission and is fueled by a 6.1 gallons fuel tank.

To enhance the motorcycle’s performances, the Valkyrie’s engine is mounted low into the aluminum twin-spar frame, thus keeping the center of gravity to as low as possible.

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If you want a versatile motorcycle that feels comfortable around-town and during short occasional journeys then you certainly should take a closer look at the 2014 Honda Gold Wing F6B.

The motorcycle comes with a pretty interesting style featuring a massive faring, a low windshield and a sleek fuselage.

Needles to say that you also get a comprehensive list of comfort features which include an advanced audio system with surround sound, heated grips, a passenger backrest, and self-cancelling turn signals.

As far as power is concerned, the Honda Gold Wing F6B is propelled by an 1832 cc, SOHC, liquid-cooled horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine with PGM-FI. The unit is paired with a five speed transmission which offers a fuel consumption of 34 MPG.

As far as prices are concerned, the Honda Gold Wing F6B can be yours for no less than $19,999.

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With its interesting mix of styles, the Honda Ruckus is without a doubt one of the most intriguing scooters available on the market today. Its stripped down look, the fat tires (120/90-10 front and 130/90-10 rear) and the fancy twin headlight give it a fairly unique appearance.

The 2014 Honda Ruckus weighs only 194 Pounds is powered by a 49 cc, liquid cooled, single cylinder, four stroke engine which is kept in leash by an automatic V-belt transmission. The engine is fueled by a pretty generous 1.3 Gallons fuel tank and delivers a fuel consumption of 114 mpg. You also get a convenient electric starter, which helps you fire up the engine in no time, regardless of the weather conditions.

As far as colors are concerned, the 2014 Honda Ruckus is available in either White/Red or Black and comes with one year, transferable, unlimited-mileage limited warranty.

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