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With its interesting mix of styles, the Honda Ruckus is without a doubt one of the most intriguing scooters available on the market today. Its stripped down look, the fat tires (120/90-10 front and 130/90-10 rear) and the fancy twin headlight give it a fairly unique appearance.

The 2014 Honda Ruckus weighs only 194 Pounds is powered by a 49 cc, liquid cooled, single cylinder, four stroke engine which is kept in leash by an automatic V-belt transmission. The engine is fueled by a pretty generous 1.3 Gallons fuel tank and delivers a fuel consumption of 114 mpg. You also get a convenient electric starter, which helps you fire up the engine in no time, regardless of the weather conditions.

As far as colors are concerned, the 2014 Honda Ruckus is available in either White/Red or Black and comes with one year, transferable, unlimited-mileage limited warranty.

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The 2014 Honda Metropolitan was built with efficiency in mind and thanks to its compact dimensions it is also able to deal great with congested traffic situations, so it’s a great partner for riding through the city.

At the heart of the 2014 Honda Metropolitan lies a 49 cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine with PGM-FI fuel injection. The engine is mated to an automatic V-belt transmission and delivers a fuel consumption of up to 100 MPG. It is also worthy of being mentioned that the 49cc unit is fed by a 1.2 gallons fuel tank.

Jump on board and you’ll be welcomed by a comfy saddle, an ergonomically designed handlebar with a modern instrument panel and 22 liters of lockable storage capacity (beneath the seat).

The ride quality is kept in leash by a front twin-downtube fork (2.1 inches of wheel travel) and a rear single shock absorber (2.3 inches of wheel travel).

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At the 2013 EICMA motorcycle show Honda has taken the wraps off its new CTX1300 tourer. The motorcycle is a pretty new concept and Honda says that it represents the evolution of touring motorcycles.

Thanks to its versatile character, the Honda CTX1300 promises to feel similarly comfortable both in the city and on the highway. Needles to say that it comes with a comprehensive list of touring-oriented accessories which includes two side cases, a potent audio system, Bluetooth connectivity, a comfy seat and an ergonomically designed handlebar.

The motorcycle is offered in two versions, namely the standard model and the Deluxe. The latter comes with self-canceling turn signals, anti-lock brakes, traction control and blacked-out styling accents.

The 2014 Honda CTX1300 is powered by a 1261cc, liquid-cooled, longitudinally mounted 90° V-4 engine which sends its power to the ground through a five-speed transmission.

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If you love wild adventures, strong engines and grippy tires then you’ll certainly like the 2014 Honda FourTrax Foreman Rubicon.

The ATV weighs 640 Lbs and is powered by a 499 cc, liquid cooled, OHV, dry sump, longitudinally mounted, single cylinder, four stroke engine which is kept in leash by a fully automatic transmission. The engine rewards you with a generous amount of torque helping you deal effortless even with the toughest terrains. The four stroke unit is fed by a generous 4.0 Gallons fuel tank (including 0.7-gallon reserve).

For enhanced agility you also get adjustable front and rear suspensions as well as Honda’s Electric Power Steering which comes with a set of high tech torque sensors that measure how much extra assist you need.

The Honda FourTrax Foreman Rubicon is offered with a base price of $7,999.

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The 2014 Honda FourTrax Rincon is a tough ATV equipped with the latest technologies developed by the Japanese manufacturer.

The ATV is built around a 675cc, liquid-cooled, OHV, semi-dry-sump, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine which is mounted longitudinally for a better balance. The unit features Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) and sends its power to the ground via an automatic with hydraulic torque converter.

To be able to deal with any terrain without baking down, the Honda FourTrax Rincon needed a set of rugged tires. Therefore it comes with grippy 25 X 8-12 front and 25 X 10-12 rear radial tires.

You also get front and rear independent double-wishbone suspensions that offer 6.9 inches of travel up front and 8.0 Inches travel out back.

As far as prices are concerned, the 2014 Honda FourTrax Rincon can be yours for no less than $9,199.

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Built with the less experienced riders in mind, the 2014 Honda CRF150R is a great platform for learning how to deal with the dirty tracks.

The Honda CRF150R is propelled by a liquid cooled single cylinder, four stroke engine with a displacement of 149 cc.

As far as suspensions are concerned, the 2014 Honda CRF150R is fitted with a front adjustable 37 mm leading-axle inverted Showa cartridge fork and a rear Pro-Link suspension system that features a fully adjustable Showa shock.

The bike rides on a pair of 17 inch front and 14 inch rear tires shod in 70/100-17 and 90/100-14 Dunlop tires.

The stopping power is assured by front 220 mm and a rear 190 mm single disc brakes.

As far as prices are concerned, the 2014 Honda CRF150R can be yours for no less than $ 4,990.

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With its unstoppable character and agile allure the Honda CRF450R is able to reward you with an unforgettable riding experience every time you jump on its back.

It is built on an advanced twin spar aluminum chassis which is combined with a set of modern air forks offering first class performances in terms of ride and handling.

The Honda CRF450R is propelled by a liquid cooled, single cylinder, four stroke engine with a displacement of 449 cc. The engine is kept under control by a close-ratio five speed transmission.

As far as ergonomics are concerned, the motorcycle comes with a minimal bodywork that helps you slide around on the seat effortless improving both the comfort and control.

As far as the breaks are concerned, the Honda CRF450R comes with a front single 240mm disc with twin-piston caliper and a rear single 240mm disc.

The Honda CRF450R is offered with a base price of $8,699.

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When Kawasaki launched its new Ninja 300 we were very curious to see who will be the first manufacturer that will launch a counter attack.

It seems like Honda is the first rival that managed to develop a weapon that can go against the Ninja as they’ve announced their all new CBR300R - a compact middleweight sport bike that should have the potential to compete with success against the Ninja 300.

For the moment we don’t have too many details about the new Honda CBR300R but we can expect it to deliver a maximum output of around 30 HP and 25 Nm (ft-lbs) of torque. It could also be a bit lighter than the actual CBR250R, so in terms of performances, we can expect to see clear differences between the two models.

The new Honda CBR300R was presented at the 12th China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition and shows a completely fresh style that puts a lot of accent on aggressive lines.

At the press conference, Seiji Kuraishi, Chief Operating Officer for Honda’s regional operations in China, made the following announcement:

"The motorcycle market in China, which is the largest in the world, has been increasingly diversifying in recent years, and the number of customers who enjoy motorcycles for recreation also is increasing. Against this backdrop, Honda will begin full-fledged business in the area of large-sized motorcycles which provide the joy of riding.

To be more precise, in 2014, Honda will open stores which will specialize in large-sized motorcycles in Shanghai and Beijing. During this exhibition, Honda is exhibiting the CBR500R, which will be the first model to be sold at the specialized stores.

Moreover, Honda is exhibiting the world premiere of the CBR300R, a global motorcycle model for which Honda is planning to begin production in Thailand in the future. The market introduction of this model in China will be discussed in the future.

For the motorcycle market in China, Honda will continue proposing products that offer the highest level of environmental performance, convenience, the joy of mobility and fun of riding."

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Honda launched the 2014 Honda TRX a new model year that will be available from November 2013.

The 2014 Honda TRX250X weighs 379 pounds and is equipped with an air-cooled, OHV, longitudinally mounted, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine with a displacement of 229cc. The unit is mated to a five-speed transmission with reverse and it can be started using a convenient electric starter.

The engine’s power is sent to a set of knobby tires that measure 22 X 7-10 up front and 22 X 10-9 Knobby out back.

To be able to tackle even the harshest terrains without baking down the Honda TRX250X is equipped with an independent double wishbone front suspension (5.9 Inches travel) and a rear swingarm with single shock (5.7 inches travel).

You also get a 2.5 gallons fuel tank, front discs and rear drum brakes and a 20mm Piston-Valve Carburetor.

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Meet the 2014 Honda TRX400X. There aren’t any significant upgrades for the 2014 model year except for a new set of graphics which give it a slightly more aggressive appearance.

As far as power is concerned, this agile ATV is propelled by a 397cc, RFVC, air-cooled, dry-sump single-cylinder four-stroke engine which is brought to life by an electric starter. The engine is mated to a five speed transmission with reverse and manual clutch.

The Honda TRX400X rides on front independent double-wishbone suspensions with Showa shocks with five-position spring preload adjustability and rear Pro-Link fully adjustable single Showa Shock.

Apart from the long travel suspensions, the 2014 Honda TRX is also equipped with a set of Knobby radial tires that measure 22 X 7-10 up front and 20 X 10-9 out back.

The 2014 Honda TRX400X will be available in showrooms since December 2013.

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