2007 Husqvarna SM 610 IE

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The SM 610 IE now has an electronic injection system that was developed in collaboration with Mikuni.

The exhaust system on the four-stroke single cylinder engine has a “closed loop” lambda probe. The catalyser has been redesigned and optimised to meet Euro 3 requirements. The catalyser section on the silencer and the area around the passenger footrests have been covered with stainless steel protection.

The engine now features a 42 mm throttle body with the starter command on the handlebars and there is now a 300 Kpa Mitsubishi “twin jet” fuel injector fitted to the throttle. The pressure regulator (3 Bar) regulates any return of excess fuel to the tank and the MAQS (Modularised Air Quant Quant ity Sensor) consists of air temperature, mapping and TPS sensors (Throttle Position Sensor). The Kokusan 360W three-phase ignition flywheel is also new.

The water temperature sensor is positioned on the head. The injection ECU processes signals and governs the operation of the solenoid-operated valve fitted to the right hand side of the radiator. New components include the rugged polyethylene petrol tank with a 40l/h pump; the non-return fuel circuit has quick-fit connections.

The rear mudguard has a new separate number plate carrier with an independent illumination light.

The saddle has been redesigned and has new padding to improve both rider and passenger comfort.

The chassis can be fitted with a main stand that is available as an optional extra.

Husqvarna SM 610 IE

Husqvarna SM 610 IE


Dimensions, weight, capacities
Wheelbase: mm/in. 1485 / 58.46
Overall lenght: mm/in. 2080 / 81.89
Overall width: mm/in. 820 / 32.28
Overall height: mm/in. 1190 / 46.85
Saddle height: mm/in. 910 / 35.83
Min. ground clearance: mm/in. 245 / 9.64
Trail: mm/in. 70 / 2.7
Kerb weight, without fuel: Kg/lb. 142,5 / 314.1
Fuel tank capacity:

  • l 12,5
  • U.S. Gallons 3.3
  • Imp. Gallons 2.75

Transmission oil:

  • l 2,00
  • U.S. Quarts 2.11
  • Imp. Quarts 1.76

Husqvarna SM 610 IE

Type: Single cylinder, four stroke
Bore: mm/in. 98 / 3.85
Stroke: mm/in. 76,4 / 3.01
Displacement: cm3/cu.in. 576,28 / 35.15
Compression ratio: 11:1
Starting: Electric
Cooling: By liquid
Water radiator: No 2 (With electric fan)

Timing system
Type: "SOHC", 4 valve

Valve timing
With valve clearance: mm/in. 0,3 / 0.12

  • Open: 43° B.T.D.C.
  • Closes: 78° A.B.D.C.


  • Open: 84° B.B.D.C.
  • Closes: 34° A.T.D.C.

Valve clearance (cold engine)

  • Intake: mm/in. 0,05 / 0.002
  • Exhaust: mm/in. 0,05 / 0.002

Type: Forced lubrication with lobe double pump

Type: Electronic, inductive discharge, with adjustable advance (digital control)
Spark plug type: "NGK" CPR 8E
Spark plug gap: mm/in 0,55÷0,65 / 0.022÷0.026
Fuel system
Type: electronic injection feed

Type: Wet, multiplate type; mechanic control
Driving disc no: 8
Driven disc no: 7

Primary drive

Engine sprocket: Teeth 32
Clutch gear: Teeth 7 5
Transmission ratio: 2.343

Type: Constant mesh gear type
Speed gears no: 6
Internal ratios

  • 1st 2,615 (34/13)
  • 2nd 1,812 (29/16)
  • 3rd 1,350 (27/20)
  • 4th 1,091 (24/22)
  • 5th 0,916 (22/24)
  • 6th 0,769 (20/26)

Secondary drive
Transmission sprocket: Teeth 15
Rear wheel sprocket: Teeth 45
Transmission ratio: 3,000

Driving chain

Manufacturer and type: "D.I.D." 520 DS, 5/8"x1/4"
Overall ratios

  • 1st 18,389
  • 2nd 12,744
  • 3rd 9,492
  • 4th 7,670
  • 5th 6,445
  • 6th 5,409

Type: Steel single tube cradle with steel round tubes: rear frame with light alloy square tubes

Front suspension

Type: "Upside-Down" telescopic hydraulic fork with advanced axle; compression and rebound stroke adjustment
Fork legs dia.: mm/in. 45 /1.77
Travel on legs axis: mm/in. 250 / 9.84
Front fork manufacturer: "MARZOCCHI"

Husqvarna SM 610 IE

Rear suspension
Type: Progressive "Soft Damp" type with single hydraulic shock absorber; spring preload adjustment, compression and rebound adjustment (compression stroke: double adjustment)
Wheel travel : mm/in. 290 / 11.4
Shock absorber manufacturer: "SACHS"

Front brake
Type: "BREMBO", floating disc type with fixed caliper
Disc dia.: mm/in 320 / 12.6
Rear brake
Type: "BREMBO", floating disc type with floating caliper
Disc dia.: mm/in 220 / 8.66

Front rim
Material:Light alloy
Size: 3,50”x17”
Rear rim
Material: Light alloy
Size: 4,25”x17”
Front tire
Type: "DUNLOP" D208 F
Size: 70-17"
Rear tire
Type: "DUNLOP" D208
Size: 60-17"

Electrical equipment
Voltage: 12 V
Lamps wattage
Head light: 55 / 60 W
Pilot light: 5 W
Tail light: 5 W
Stop light: 21 W
Turn signals: 10 W
Battery: 12 V - 12 Ah

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