2014 Husqvarna TE125

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Sleek, fast and strong, the 2014 Husqvarna TE125 is ready to go head to head with the toughest terrains without baking down. This mechanical beast has all it needs to be considered one of the most capable enduro motorcycles in its class.

At its heart lies a 1 cylinder, 2 stroke, water cooled engine with reed intake and exhaust control. Needless to say that the engine delivers a generous low end torque and is combined with a kick starter. Its power is sent to the ground through a 6 speeds, claw shifted transmission.

The bike is built on a strong and light chromoly frame that delivers a great torsional rigidity for a sharp handling.

The frame sits on a set of long travel suspensions that include a front WP Suspension Up Side Down 4CS fork and a rear WP Monoshock with linkage.

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Husqvarna TE125

An agile and light chassis was designed to perfectly suit the lively and powerful little 2-stroke engine. Lightning fast throttle response, class-leading brakes and a smooth and precise gearbox are just a few of the TE 125’s defining characteristics. High performance combined with extreme entertainment, it brings back the child in every man, and is also the perfect tool for future champions to start their career with.


The high performance 125cc 2-stroke engine on the TE 125 features a sophisticated power valve that optimises power delivery from low in the rev range up to the rev limit. Boyesen reeds, combined with high-tech intake reed blocks, guarantee excellent response, durability and intake flow rates.

The high performance cylinder and power valve have been optimised for maximum throttle opening resulting in strong bottom-end torque and excellent top performance.

The hydraulic Magura clutch guarantees excellent modulation and clutch action, while the flex lever reduces the risk of breakage by rotating almost 90° in the event of a crash.

The ratios of the lightweight 6-speed gearbox have been optimised for Enduro use. The precise shifting action allows riders to accurately maintain the TE 125 in the ideal power range of the engine.

Husqvarna Crown Jewels

Husqvarna TE125

The strong and light chromoly frame is an exceptional partner for the small 2-stroke engine, and works in perfect harmony with the other jewels in the Husqvarna chassis. Although the overall frame design is the same on all the Enduro models, each model has slight variations in geometry and stiffness in key areas in order to tailor the behaviour of the bike to the varying engine characteristics and outputs. The engineers designed the frame with precise longitudinal flex that helps absorb impacts from the rear wheel, working together with the suspension and giving the rider greater feedback. The torsional rigidity has been calibrated to maximise sharp handling, and thus magnifying the intrinsic characteristics of two-stroke motorcycles.

The subframe has been accurately honed and exhaustively developed in order to maximise rider confidence and comfort on the bike. The high-tech, lightweight, three-piece construction of the polyamide rear subframe is more flexible than a traditional aluminium rear subframe, and works in perfect harmony with the flex characteristics of the frame. The composite construction of the subframe allows the engineers to have unlimited opportunities of integrating features such as the airbox, electronics and rear grab handle.

Putting 2-stroke power to the ground can be tricky in certain conditions, so the engineers developed a single-piece cast swingarm that optmises traction even on the most difficult Enduro terrain. The flex characteristics feed precise information to the rider, instilling confidence and improving overall performance. Strong but light, the beautifully styled aluminium cast swingarm provides perfect stability and safety.

The Black DID rims shod with Michelin Enduro Competition tyres are kept firmly under control thanks to maximum feeling in extreme situations combined with amazing stopping power of the latest generation of Brembo brakes, featuring a new master cylinder and floating calipers. Ergonomically perfect controls allow the rider to accurately gauge braking power to the 260mm and 220mm wave discs at the front and rear respectively.


Husqvarna TE125

When you think 2-stroke, you think "lightning fast handling"! The WP suspension components have been developed with exactly the same thought. The 48mm WP 4CS front fork employs 4 chamber technology that reduces weight compared to a typical closed cartridge fork, while maintaining the same performance levels. It provides a decisive advantage in terms of responsiveness, constant damping precision and handling, that perfectly matches the mind blowing agility of a 2-stroke Enduro bike. Additionally, the 4CS fork is completely adjustable to different terrain and conditions by simply twisting the dials on the top of the forks for rebound and high/low speed compression damping settings.

The high performance rear shock by WP is completely adjustable for rebound and high/low speed compression damping. The accurate construction and high quality components of the shock guarantee excellent and consistent damping characteristics over time.

The Husqvarna DCC (Dual Compression Control) linkage system developed by WP has excellent characteristics in fast and flowing sections, and excels on steep downhills. It offers great rider comfort in all situations and has great progressiveness in extremely rocky and bumpy sections. The versatile Husqvarna DCC linkage system is sure to meet the need of riders of all levels, with a consistent, confidence-inspiring and light feeling chassis in every situation.

Front-end feel is extremely important in every motorcycle discipline, and more so in Enduro, where riders can encounter all sorts of varying terrain and conditions on a single outing. The CNC machined triple clamps have been developed to deliver maximum feedback to the rider under braking, in rough terrain and on jumps by allowing the fork tubes to flex in a controlled fashion. One of the main features of the forks is the uniform clamping of the fork legs, ensuring even distribution of the forces, maintaining the leg shape, and thus proper damping along the entire stroke.

A perfect match

Husqvarna TE125

The radiator shrouds, seat and side panels form a perfect shape that combined with the excpetional hand and foot controls and silver anodised Neken tapered handlebar, allow the rider to take complete control of this high performance Enduro bike. The aggressive looks and yellow, blue and white colour scheme highlight the TE 125’s credentials.

The airbox is integrated in the composite rear subframe and is designed to allow quick and easy filter change in seconds without tools. All models fit a Twin Air filter as standard and have dedicated air intake snorkels.

The polythene fuel tank fits perfectly within the tailor made bodywork and features an easy opening bayonet-type filler cap.

A complete range of accessories in the Husky Power catalogue complements the high quality standard equipment present on the TE 125.


Husqvarna TE125
Engine Design1-cylinder 2-stroke engine, water-cooled, with reed intake and exhaust control
Displacement124.8 cm³
Bore54 mm
Stroke54.5 mm
Starting aidKick starter
Transmission6 gear, claw shifted
Engine lubricationMixture oil lubrication
Primary ratio23:73
Secondary gear ratio14:50 (13:50)
CoolingLiquid cooling system
Clutch Wetmulti-disc clutch / hydraulically operated
Ignition systemContactless, controlled, fully electronic ignition system with digital ignition timing adjustment, type Kokusan
FrameCentral tube frame made of chrome molybdenum steel tubing
ForksWP Suspension Up Side Down 4CS
Shock absorberWP Monoshock with linkage
Suspension travelFront 300 mm
Suspension travelRear 330 mm
Brake systemFront Disc brake with four-pot brake caliper
Brake systemRear Disc brake with one-pot brake caliper, floating brake discs
Brake discs - diameter Front260 mm
Brake discs - diameter Rear220 mm
Chain520 X-Ring
Steering head angle63.5°
Wheel base1,471±10 mm
Ground clearance (unloaded)355 mm
Seat height (unloaded)960 mm
Total fuel tank capacityapprox. 11 l Unleaded premium fuel (95 octane), mixed with 2-stroke engine oil (1:60)
Weight without fuel approx.96 kg

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