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There aren’t many motorcycle manufacturers that can compete with Husqvarna’s 108 years history. The German manufacturer started to build motorcycles back in 1903 and since then, it continued to improve them and to develop new technologies.

Today’s Husqvarna enduros are considered among the best models in their class and the company continues to stay among the top dogs like it did 108 years ago.

The Husqvarna TE511 moves the company’s heritage further and rewards its rider with modern technologies and top notch performances. The motorcycle can deal effortless with any type of terrain as is powered by a potent 477.5 cc, DOHC, 4-valve liquid-cooled engine.

For 2012 Husqvarna’s technicians have focused mainly on ease of handling, and the new motorcycle has a new mapping for the Keihin injection (double flap 46 mm throttle body), developed specifically to make power supply from the single cylinder engine more linear and progressive.

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The 2012 WR300 is the largest engine capacity 2-stroke model in the Husqvarna range. Despite its strong nature, the engine rewards you with a linear power delivery which makes it easy to ride on any road conditions.

The engine is based on the crankcase of the WR250, which houses a larger bore cylinder (72 mm, giving an engine capacity of 293.1 cc). Perhaps it goes without saying that all components are top of the range including Ducati Energy digital ignition, Mikuni TMX38 carburettor and V-Force reed valve.

The engine is paired with a similarly capable five speed gearbox which offers smooth shifts and is pretty efficient.

The front suspension consists of a Kayaba 48mm open-cartridge fork with fully-adjustable compression and rebound damping, while out back, there is a Sachs single shock with remote reservoir, adjustable spring preload, compression and rebound damping.

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The big motorcycle manufacturers are constantly searching for innovative technologies to improve their models. The latest trend is represented by the electric power trains, so there is no wonder why Husqvarna decided to develop the E-Go Concept.

The concept was designed as a super efficient dirt bike and features a pretty simple style. The company didn’t revealed many details about its new concept, but we do know that it’s powered an electric motor. We also know that it weighs 176 pounds and is packed with a set of innovative suspensions. When we say innovative we mean that both suspension tubes are mounted on the right side of the wheel and feature 35mm inner fork tubes.

The E-go Concept’s style is reflecting the Husqvarna brand identity and features a sporty combination of red and white colors.

For the moment, we don’t know if Husqvarna is planning to launch an electric motorcycle, but judging by their new concept we certainly hope they do.

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For a long time the Husqvarna 300 was simply a suped-up version of the WR 250. However after it was launched on the market as a series model, the WR 300 had instantly attracted a lot of fans. The Husqvarna WR 300 has become even more appreciated after it helped Sebastien Guillaume to earn a place on the podium of the E3 class at the International Six Days Enduro Championship.

The secret behind the WR 300’s success is a capable 2-stroke single cylinder engine with a displacement of 293.1 cc. The engine is combined with a constant mesh 5-speed gearbox and a 9.5 liter fuel tank.

The motorcycle sits on front 21 inch and rear 18 inch wheels wrapped in 90/90 - 21" and 140/90 - 18" tires respectively. The wheels are combined with front Kayaba upside-down telescopic open cartridge fork and a rear Sachs single hydraulic shock absorber with spring preload adjustment, rebound and compression damping adjustment

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The Husqvarna TE 449 received a few modifications for the year 2013 which help it remain on top of the pack. The motorcycle keeps its basic profile, but the company says that it has become more streamlined and efficient. There is also a new color scheme available, a set of fresh black grips for the handlebar and higher-quality decals. However, the most important upgrades were made to the engine, which received minor changes to the power curve. Moreover, the ECU map has also received a few tweaks to improve the overall performances.

Power comes from a 4 stoke, DTS-i 180-cc engine which develops a maximum output of 17 PS. The engine is combined with ExhuasTEC (Torque Expansion Chamber) Technology for the exhaust system which improves torque at low rpm and provides abundant power at any stage.

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The Husqvarna TC 250 was especially developed to race in the motocross MX2 class. The really good part is that’s also available in showrooms. The 2013 model is fitted with a series of modern technologies developed using the company’s experience in the MX2 World Championship.

One of the most important upgrades was made to the engine. The 2013 powerplant features a new cooling system which secures a constant temperature, a magnet in the crankcase oil plug as well as an improved throttlebody.

Another new feature offered for the 2013 model is the fresh handlebar protector which improves the rider’s safety. We also need o send a shout at the new softer handgrips which are now glued on the handlebar.

The stopping power is assured by a front 260 mm fixed disc with hydraulic control and double piston floating caliper and a rear 240 mm fixed disc with hydraulic control and single floating caliper.

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If you are searching for a capable dirt bike which is able to deal effortless with any type of terrain, you should take a close look at the Husqvarna TR 650 Terra. The bike is one of the newest models launched by Husqvarna and is characterized as a highly agile, dynamic single-cylinder motorcycle. The motorcycle features a slim and dynamic stature which inspires confidence and power.

At the heart of the TR 650 sits a liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine with two overheaed camshafts and a 652 cc displacement. The unit delivers a maximum output of 43 kW (58 hp) at 7,250 rpm and a peak torque of 60 Nm at 5,750 rpm. The sporty engine is combined with a set of strong Brembo disc brakes for both wheels.

All components are mounted on a tubular steel frame with remove-able rear frame and front beam bolted to the engine.

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Husqvarna entered in the minicross segment in 2010 with the CR 50 model. After a short period of time the company has decided that it’s time to make a step further and launched the new CR 65.

The bike is equipped with a liquid-cooled 64.9 cc engine, which is paired with a six speed gearbox and a hydraulic clutch. You also get a Mikuni 24 mm carburettor, reed valves and electronic ignition. The engine is mounted on a sporty chassis with circular and oval cross-section steel main frame tubing combined with an alloy rear sub frame.

As far as suspensions go, the Husqvarna CR 65 is equipped with 35 mm USD Marzocchi forks with rebound and compression damping adjustment and a rear Sachs shock absorber with compression and rebound damping adjustment.

For the brakes, Husqvarna opted for a front 4-piston caliper paired with a 200 mm ‘wave’ type disc and a rear 165 mm fixed disc with 2-piston caliper.

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The Husqvarna TE 310 R earn its placed among the top dogs in the segment after has dominated the Enduro World Championship E2 class. However, Husqvarna decided to raise the bar even higher and put its engineers to work once more. As a result, the new 2013 Husqvarna TE 310 R comes with a completely reworked engine which offers more torque and power through the whole rev range.

These performances were achieved by using a new cylinder head and Keihin injection. Besides the improved power and torque levels, the changes also affect the ignition lock and the hot-start-lever which are no longer needed.

On the safety side of things the 2013 Husqvarna TE 310 R receives standard handlebar protection, stiffer radiators and a magnet in the crankcase oil plug. You also get softer handgrips for the handlebar.

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The Husqvarna TE 250R has conquered a lot of fans since its inception and many consider it one of the most capable bikes in its class. The motorcycle has already proven its value wining the 2010 and 2011 WEC (World Enduro Championship) E1, so it certainly deserves its good reputation. What even better, is that the company decided to improve this successful model even more. Thereby, the Husqvarna TE 250R received a new, high performance cylinder head and fuel injection system for 2013. As a result the bike gets improvements in power delivery and throttle response, as well as a significant 8% increase in both power and torque figures.

On the other hand, Husqvarna’s engineers have spent a lot of time to improve the motorcycle’s safety. One of the most significant upgrades made in this department is the fresh handlebar protection which is offered as standard equipment for 2013. The bike has also received stiffer radiators and a new magnet in the crankcase which improve the reliability.

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