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Husqvarna finally broke the covers off of the highly-anticipated Nuda 900R streetbike, giving us the first glimpse of the machine that will go toe-to-toe with the likes of the Yamaha FZ8 , the Suzuki GSR 750 , and the Kawasaki Z750R .

Aesthetically speaking, the 900R has been designed with a red-black-white scheme that also features an angular design that is then complemented by a streamlined tail. Despite the impressive look of the bike, it seems that the product is still far from finished with further improvements set to be done before the final product rolls out of the plant.

As for the powertrain, the Nuda 900R will be powered by a modified version of the BMW 900cc parallel twin-cylinder engine, which is light enough to not compromise the bike’s 175 kg weight. Husqvarna left out the official output figures for the 900R, but word has it that it will be well north of 100 horsepower, giving it enough juice to take on some of the industry’s sportsbike heavyweights.

Pricing for the bike is also still unknown, but expect it to be revealed in the coming months, with the most likely setting being the EICMA Show this November in Milan.

At the recent EICMA Show in Milan, Italy Husqvarna brought the Mille 3, a "concept study that demonstrates Husqvarna’s ability to design with highly diverse technical solutions, creating a dynamic and seductive contrast."

"It is an alloy of emotion, curiosity and anti-conformism, molded in an original form. A bike that is complete, but stripped down, elegant but slightly threatening. An explosive mix that appeals to all the senses and sets a new benchmark for future Husqvarna bikes."

The Mille 3 Concept is powered by a fuel-injected 933cc V-3 engine with the cylinders and heads taken from the Husky’s off-road bikes.

"The lines are flowing, the breaks decisive, the shape is streamlined. The vaguely retro rear blends effortlessly into the sculpted side panels. The overall look reinterprets and evolves the stylistic features and architecture typical of Husqvarna design. All in all, it is a winning combination of style and technology that amply expresses the project philosophy—whatever is not functional is superfluous and discarded."

Husqvarna has always strived to innovate and bring new ideas to the world of off road motorcycles. Now, as always, the motorcycle brand with the longest tradition in the world in the Off Road sector is fully committed to the ongoing research and development of the perfect off road bike: easy to use, ready to race and easy to maintain.

The design of the new 449/511 range outstrips that of other off road models and stands out immediately for its looks, exclusive layout and cutting-edge technology. A range of Husqvarna Special Parts will be available, developed by Husqvarna to provide the best combination of lightness, durability and performance to allow Husqvarna fans to personalise their bikes and offer them the ingredients for racing success.

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Husqvarna seems to know how important it is for kinds to have the right tool to start their riding days on as they launch two new 50cc models for youngsters – the CR 50 and SM 50. The first a mini cross model and the second a mini motard, both machines are based on the principle that if you have young riders that are hooked on to a manufacturer from the start, they’ll probably stick with it for as long as they ride.

Basically, the 2011 model years are very simple. They both feature the same engine – a 50cc single-cylinder two-stroke developing just under 12 horsepower – and chassis – CrMo frame, Marzocchi fork, Sachs shock absorber and aluminum wheels. These lasts are also the ones that make the difference between the two models.

Overall, the bikes look great with their racy plastics and decals, which is exactly what the little fellows want. Hit the jump for the official press release and specifications.

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For 2010, Husqvarna worked to deliver a new motocross range that is composed from models characterized by more engine performance and better handling, while also being more reliable and weighing less. The new Husky TC450 is the first example in that matter as it was derived from the racing machines of Husqvarna’s World Championship Teams.

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Designed by Marcus Carlsson from Sweden, the new concept is a combination between Suzuki’s TL1000S and a Husqvarna roadracer from the 1930s.

A ‘café-racer-going-on-superbike’, as its creator likes to consider it, the machine features a donated TL1000 V-Twin front fork and engine with a futuristic looking exhaust. The rest was just labor and passion concluded in 1,200 hours of work.

Don’t get too caught up by the next picture. Simply scroll down and hear that engine idling.

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Husqvarna’s 2009 ascension starts with the new SM 450 R model unveiled at the Intermot show recently, a bike that has both potential and guts to make a difference after the company has been acquisitioned by industry’s giant, BMW.

For starters, the 2009 model year is expected to be an even sharper handler due to the all-new frame aimed at enhancing those racing abilities while the engine is perfected for even more performance and longer life.

At the exterior, a redesigned headlight will easily stand out together with 2009’s graphics. Overall, Husky claims a weight reduction of no more or less than one kilogram, leaving us wondering how many horsepower the engine gains.

That, my friends, we will find out as soon as Husqvarna releases the full specifications on this new model.

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Husqvarna keeps us on pins and needles in what concerns the launch of the 2009 TC 250, the bike that it’s suppose to be the lightest motocrosser yet to be produced. There are many chances that it will participate in the 2009 World Motocross Championship, but what we do know for sure is that it weighs 48.5 lbs.

Much of the massive weight reduction is due to the compactness of the four-stroke engine (13 percent smaller than everything else out there) featuring four titanium radial valves. Developed in collaboration with MX3 racer Andrea Bartolini, the new bike is expected to rule on the 2009 motocross scene.

But in order to do that, it will first have to be produced and rumors are that this autumn will bring racers face to face with it. Let’s hope so!

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Competition riders, especially the ones who dedicate their lives to motocross, ride either for the joy of winning and if that never happens, at least they had a great time doing what they know best. What I know is that the adrenaline rush pushes them to the highest culms of success and the ones that reach that point often say that they ride to be remembered. Such a motocross rider is Brad Lackey, one of the first racers in the United States. His career unreeled in the 1970s and 1980s with (...)
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The exhibition in Barcelona was a perfect opportunity for Husqvarna to thrill its fans with two models that have just received green light for future production. The new TC 450 and TE 310 have been displayed for the first time in front of national press and audience by Andrea Bartolini and current MX3 riders Thomas Allier and Christophe Martin. Aiming a sweeter spot in the rider’s hearts, the revolutionary TE 310 enters the scene with a new engine capacity situated half way between a (...)

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