2006 Kawasaki KLX125L

While the KLXâ„¢125 is an excellent starter bike for many youth and adult beginners, other riders would like to have a motorcycle that’s a little taller in the inseam.
The KLX125L off-road motorcycle is just the ticket for them, because it adds a larger 19-inch front wheel and 16-inch rear wheel, plus a powerful front disc brake to the KLX125 chassis.

Powered by a torquey and responsive air-cooled 125cc four-stroke single engine, the KLX125L pumps out plenty of rider-friendly power for off-road fun. The engine is specially tuned for low and mid-range power, and a smooth shifting five-speed transmission means there’s a gear for every riding situation. A cable-operated manual clutch, along with a digital CD ignition for quick starts, makes this quiet-running motorcycle reliable and easy to operate.

A high-tensile steel frame with a rigid carbon-steel swingarm add to the machine’s durability and lightweight handling characteristics, while bumps are soaked up by a long-travel front fork and linkage-equipped single-shock rear suspension system. The combination of a shorter wheelbase and a very comfortable riding position makes the KLX125L fun to ride on a variety of terrain.

Inspired by Kawasaki’s racy KX™ models, the fuel tank, slim seat and number plates give the bike an exciting look, while the classic lime green plastic gives it a true Kawasaki identity.



yer i just got a new power pipe for mine, im robbo

yeas pretty in cook i jus jos got one but didnt ride it yet

hey any1 who has msn add me so we can talk bout bikes: south_of_heaven_93@

ohh nahh dw bout that, it go’s 68mph. hey see how it says it dose 68mph, well dose that mean while its new and no modifications on it? lol i woder how fast my bike go’s now that ive put that small back sprocket on the back.

love this bike! I can’t find the top speed of this bike anywhere on the internet, can any1 tell me how fast this bike go’s.

I enjoy riding my KLX125. Its easy to pop a wheelie, and really fun to ride on steep terrain. This bike has plenty of power, but I want more. This is a great 1st bike

i own one they are awsome i can wheelie mine in every gear... its stock and i can beat any other 125 4 stroke around here its a great bike would recomend it to anyone

YEAH!!! go the kawasaki. my comment iz above. i acidently spell kawasaki rong sorry any wayz if u are unhappy with your kawasaki’s top speed put a small back cog on it and a better pipe and a bigger carby. mine now kicks the CRF150 haha i left that freak in the dirt, he bet me in take off then i court up in no time. LATER DAYZ PEOPLE. RIDE ON

THIS BIKE SUXXXXX haha jk this bike is sweet i deffinately recomend it for any rider even if youve been riding a while its sweet

im getting a kawaziki tomorrow and its a KLX 125L

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