2012 Kawasaki VN1700 Classic Tourer

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Kawasaki revealed the complete details on its 2012 VN1700 Classic Tourer. The bike features Kawasaki’s first fully electronic throttle actuation system that will enable the ECU to manage the volume of both the fuel (via fuel injectors) and the air (via throttle valves) brought to the engine. This system improves the engine’s response and also makes it significantly smoother.

Talking about the engine, the bike is propelled by a long-stroke, liquid cooled, SOHC, 8-valve 1,700 cm3 V-Twin unit which cranks out 73 PS @ 5,000 rpm and 136 Nm of torque at 2,750 rpm.

The Kawasaki VN1700 Classic Tourer features a classic design built with comfort in mind. Thereby it comes with a perfect seat height, an ergonomic handlebar position and a practical handlebar-mounted windscreen. To further protect you from the wind, the bike is also fitted with a sub-windscreen and deflectors.

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Kawasaki VN1700 Classic Tourer

Sit back, relax and let the countryside glide past. The Classic Tourer comes equipped and ready for your next adventure complete with ABS braking as standard.

Luxury backrest

Also contributing to passenger comfort, the VN1700 Classic Tourer features a luxury backrest with integrated passenger grab bars. (10MY shown).

6-speed transmission with overdrive

Kawasaki VN1700 Classic Tourer

6th gear is a relaxing overdrive ratio contributing to stress-free riding and better fuel economy when cruising at motorway speeds.


Ignition switch allows on-position key removal, preventing key bunches from damaging the instrument cluster or tank while the bike is in operation. Turning the ignition switch collar to the “OFF” position turns the engine off and necessitates re-insertion of the key to restart. Multi-function LCD displays on the tank-mounted instrument cluster are controlled by switches on.


Kawasaki VN1700 Classic Tourer

The VN1700 Classic Tourer adds wind protection care of an adjustable handlebar-mounted windscreen. A sub-windscreen and deflectors on the VN1700 Classic Tourer further increase wind protection performance. The sub-windscreen covers the area between the windscreen and headlamp when the windscreen is in the raised position.


K-ACT (Kawasaki Advanced Coactive-braking Technology) ABS enables riders to execute controlled, balanced braking. Designed to complement riders’ applied brake force, K-ACT ABS ensures ideal brake force distribution to maximise braking efficiency. (10MY shown)

Powerful 1700cc V-Twin Engine

Kawasaki VN1700 Classic Tourer

Long-stroke, liquid cooled, SOHC, 8-valve 1,700 cm3 V-Twin engine was designed to deliver high levels of torque. The valve system is based on that of the VN2000, but uses a SOHC arrangement instead of OHV for more direct engine feel and easier merging onto motorways.

Hard panniers

The VN1700 Classic Tourer features hard, lockable panniers (same as those on the VN1700 Voyager). The top-opening panniers provide 38 litres of sealed storage space for relaxed touring. (10MY shown).

Cruise control

Kawasaki VN1700 Classic Tourer

Operation of the cruise control is conveniently from the right handlebar cluster. Cruise control can be activated between 30 mph (47 km/h) and 85 mph (137 km/h) in 3rd gear or above. Operating the brake lever, clutch lever or rear brake pedal causes the cruise control to be disengaged. Closing the throttle entirely is another instinctive way to disengage the cruise.

Electronic Throttle Valve system

Kawasaki’s first fully electronic throttle actuation system enables the ECU to control the volume of both the fuel (via fuel injectors) and the air (via throttle valves) delivered to the engine. Ideal fuel injection and throttle valve position results in smooth, natural engine response. Control of both fuel injection and airflow also enables precise cold-engine idling speed control.


Kawasaki VN1700 Classic Tourer
Engine typeLiquid-cooled, 4-stroke V-Twin
Displacement1,700 cm3
Bore x stroke102 x 104 mm
Compressionratio 9.5:1
Valve/Inductionsystem SOHC, 8 valves
Fuel systemFuel injection: ø42 mm x 2
LubricationForced lubrication, semi-dry sump
Transmission6-speed, return
Final DriveBelt
Primary reduction ratio1.515 (50/33)
Gear ratios: 1st3.077 (40/13)
Gear ratios: 2nd1.900 (38/20)
Gear ratios: 3rd1.407 (38/27)
Gear ratios: 4th1.143 (32/28)
Gear ratios: 5th0.967 (29/30)
Gear ratios: 6th0.806 (29/36)
Final reduction ratio2.250 (72/32)
ClutchWet multi-disc, manual
Frame typeDouble-cradle, steel
Rake/Trail30˚ / 169 mm
Wheel travel, front140 mm
Wheel travel, rear80 mm
Tyre, front130/90B16M/C 67H
Tyre, rear170/70B16M/C 75H
Steering angle, left / right35˚ / 35˚
Suspension, front43 mm telescopic fork
Suspension, rearSwingarm with twin air-assisted shocks 4-way
Brakes, frontDual 300 mm discs. Dual twin-piston
Brakes, rearSingle 300 mm disc. Twin-piston
Dimensions (L x W x H)2,500 mm x 1,025 mm x 1,465 mm
Wheelbase1,665 mm
Ground Clearance140 mm
Seat height730 mm
Fuel capacity20 litres
Curb Mass382 kg
Maximum power54 kW 73 PS / 5,000 rpm
Maximum torque136 N·m 13.9 kgf·m / 2,750 rpm

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