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There is no other bike like a Ninja. This model has become an icon of sportiness and adrenaline from the instant it was launched for the first time on the market.

When it arrived on the big-bore sportbike stage in 2006, the big Ninja blew everyone’s minds with its power, sport-tourer comfort, agile handling and aerodynamic full-coverage bodywork. Since then, the motorcycle received a lot of upgrades and the 2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R raised the bar even higher.

The R-designated 2012 Ninja ZX-14R is stronger, better looking and smoother than ever, thanks to the numerous upgrades received from Kawasaki’s technicians.

Big power delivered smoothly has always been a big Ninja hallmark, so the changes for 2012 begin in the new ZX-14R’s engine bay. First off, there’s more displacement via a 4mm stroke increase; to 65mm (up from 61mm), with displacement now registering 1441cc (up from 1352cc). Combustion chamber shapes are newly optimized for 2012, and they’re surface-milled now, not cast. Moreover, intake ports are reshaped and polished for maximum flow while working in concert with longer and more durable intake valves.

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The Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Vaquero puts practicality and comfort on the first place. The motorcycle features an aggressive and muscular style and is powered by a strong 1,700cc, four-stroke, liquid-cooled, SOHC, four valve per cylinder, 52° V-twin engine. The engine’s features include an overhead cam design, high compression and a long-stroke dimensional design. The unit rewards you with a maximum torque of 108 lb-ft @ 2,750 rpm and is mated on a six speed gearbox with overdrive and positive neutral finder.

Apart from its powerful engine, the 2012 Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Vaquero is also offered with a tasty exterior design which includes blacked-out detail, a beautiful Candy Plasma Blue paint on the abbreviated fairing and a sculpted tank. Moreover, the luxurious chrome accents provide a beautiful counterpoint to the glossy paintwork.

The bike is kept in check by front dual 300mm discs grabbed by dual twin-piston calipers and a rear single 300mm disc combined with a twin-piston caliper.

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Combining impressive power and a sensible price, the Brute Force® 650 4x4 ATV offers outstanding value. The fact that its well-balanced V-twin, capable 4x4 system and nimble handling are offered for about the same price as the 500cc crowd makes it a favorite with practical minded riders who demand premium performance.

The 633cc 90-degree V-twin engine gives the rider industry-leading torque and a smooth power delivery that’s unrivaled by the competition. Dual 32mm Keihin carburetors draw fresh air from a snorkel intake located high in the frame near the steering head, reducing the amount of contaminants entering the intake.

The robust V-twin engine is mated to the Kawasaki Automatic Powerdrive System (KAPS) continuously variable transmission (CVT). With low and high range, neutral and reverse, this dependable transmission functions seamlessly, providing excellent control for both low- and high-speed work or recreational riding. Additionally, the Brute Force 650 4x4 can be started in any gear, as long as one of the brakes is applied.

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The old motorcycles continue to inspire today’s designers and one of the models that offers a perfect blend of classic and contemporary lines is the Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom.

As far as styling goes, the 2012 Vulcan 900 Custom features a flat handlebar, forward footpegs and stylish cast wheels, including a solid-look rear wheel. Moreover, the motorcycle also comes with the 180-series rear tire which is the largest in its class.

The Vulcan 900 Custom is not only a shiny good looking motorcycle. It’s also packed with one of the most capable engines in its class, a fuel-injected 903cc unit that cranks out 58.2 lb.-ft. @ 3,500 rpm and is paired with a five speed gearbox. Though, the really good news is that the 2012 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom is offered at a pretty affordable price tag ($8,309).

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With its robust character, the Kawasaki Teryx FI 4x4 is ready to take you to your wildest adventures. Built as a tough all road vehicle, the Kawasaki Teryx FI 4x4 offers class-leading power and torque. It is propelled by a liquid-cooled, 90-degree, four-stroke V-twin, 749cc engine which has a towing capacity of 1,300 lbs. Moreover the engine’s digital fuel injection system automatically adjusts to match changing conditions.

The 2012 Kawasaki Teryx FI 4x4’s engine is mounted on a sport-tuned wide-body chassis which offers a wide track that helps provide a stable ride, but still allows the RUV to fit into a standard pickup bed.

The Kawasaki Teryx FI 4x 4 offers the possibility to choose between 2WD and 4ED with the flip of a switch. Additionally, a cockpit-adjustable variable front differential control even lets you fine-tune front-end traction for slick or tricky terrain.

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Thanks to is rugged and unstoppable character, the Kawasaki Brute Force 650 4x4i has managed to conquer a lot of fans and many consider it one of the most capable ATVs in its class. Its workhorse capabilities and independent front and rear suspension combine to ably handle work and play.

The ATV is propelled by a four-stroke, V-twin, liquid-cooled, SOHC, four-valve engine which has a displacement of 633cc. The engine offers a hefty pulling power of 1,250 pounds and can carry a combined 264 pounds on its front and rear racks.

The stopping power is offered by a smart combination of dual 200mm front discs and Kawasaki’s sealed, oil-bathed, multi-disc rear brake system. Enhancing the high-performance brakes is the Kawasaki Engine Brake Control system, which electronically monitors ground speed and uses the engine’s compression to help slow the Brute Force 650 4x4i under certain conditions.

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The Kawasaki Teryx 750 FI 4x4 LE Camo was built for those who want a complete recreation utility vehicle and the stealth offered by camouflage in the same package. The Japanese RUV is covered with a coating of camouflage paint which helps it merge seamlessly with the environment.

Apart from its camo coating, the Kawasaki Teryx 750 FI offers a perfect mix between performance, comfort and technology. Power comes from a 90-degree V-twin engine which cranks out class-leading power and is able tow a maximum weight of 1,300 lbs. The engine is mounted on a large-diameter thin-walled tubular steel frame which is rigid yet light.

The driver is surrounded by a tubular cab frame which meets SAE J1194, 7.1.1, 7.1.2, 7.4, and 7.5, requirements as a roll-over protective structure. Luxury extras that are sure to please even seasoned hunters include a deflector windscreen, protective cab roof and retractable cup holders.

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Kawasaki made a set of pretty significant upgrades for the Brute Force 300. Thereby the 2012 model is fitted with a more-powerful V-twin engine, new double-wishbone front suspension, six-spoke cast alloy wheels, new bodywork featuring wide-stance styling cues.

Needles to say, that the 2012 Brute Force 300 continues to be offered with dual-range four-wheel drive and a highly maneuverable chassis.

Thanks to the new tweaks, the ATV’s four-stroke fuel injected 90-degree 749cc V-twin engine offers more power than ever, with enhanced low-rpm performance.

The new engine is mated on an upgraded fully automatic, dual-range continuously variable transmission (CVT). The transmission features a new high gear ratio and a thicker belt made of stronger material which contributes to longer CVT belt life and reduced maintenance requirements.

You also get a modern instrument panel which includes speedometer, odometer, dual trip meters, fuel gauge, engine temp, clock, hour meter and 2WD/4WD icon, plus indicators for neutral, reverse, belt, and oil pressure.

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With its stubborn personality, the Teryx 750 FI 4x4 Sport is the perfect solution if you are looking for a rugged four wheel drive vehicle which is able to deal effortless with dirt, mud and unbeaten tracks.

In its savage adventures the Kawasaki Teryx 750 is helped by a set of lightweight alloy wheels controlled by high-end, gas-charged shocks which offer a superior level of wheel and chassis control, even through rough terrain. What’s even better, the piggyback-reservoir shocks are fully adjustable for spring preload, compression damping and rebound damping, so you can choose your own settings.

The 2012 Kawasaki Teryx 750 FI 4x4 Sport is propelled by a reliable power 749cc 90-degree 8-valve V-twin. This engine is not only plenty powerful, it’s also very smooth thanks to the 90-degree configuration’s perfect primary balance.

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With a high-torque diesel engine, amazing durability, and ability to easily transform from a two-person gear hauler to a four-person transport, the 2012 Kawasaki Mule™ 4010 Trans4x4® Diesel is easily the most versatile utility vehicle in its class.

The Mule 4010 Trans4x4 Diesel is the ultimate tool in your productivity arsenal. Key to this productivity is the Trans4x4’s convertible design, going from a two-person long-bed cargo hauler into a four-person transport in just a few simple steps. Plus there’s the peace of mind that comes from having a diesel engine, a design renowned for its long-haul durability and reliability. This powerful and torquey three-cylinder engine teams up with selectable four-wheel drive, electric power steering (EPS) system, a fully automatic transmission and locking rear differential to make the Trans4x4 Diesel an outstanding choice for practically any utility vehicle role. Producing 38.3 lb.-ft. of torque @ 2,800 rpm, this 953cc engine has enough low-end pulling power to tackle the heaviest workloads.

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