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Deus Customs is a motorcycle tuning company based in Australia that specializes in building custom bikes for custom people. One of their recent creations is the French Connection, a custom-made bike that was built and designed specifically for Moto GP1 star, Randy De Puniet.

For this bike, De Puniet wanted something that could pass as a middleweight, 2-up, twin-type that is versatile enough to hit the city streets while having enough durability to last during those out-of-town trips.

To get the bike up-to-character, Deus painted the Kawasaki W650-based French Connection bike with an orange, white, and black paint finish. The tuning firm also dressed up the rims and hubs in a black satin film while fitting in a vintage style headlight that supports the tachometer.

Deus also tweaked the bike’s performance set-up, working around its 649cc engine and putting new K&N filters and a custom 2-into-2 system. The company also modified the forks before dressing up the front and rear guards in a pair of Firestone tires.

All in all, we think that Randy De Puniet enjoyed his new custom bike. As far as we’re concerned, the name by itself - the French Connection - is enough for us to notice it.

Power. Speed. Handling. Dominance. Sometimes, bikes just come with all the elements that make for a perfect sports bike. In a nutshell, that’s what you get with the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R . It’s got the kind of potent strength that will satisfy even the most discriminating enthusiasts. For the 2012 model of the ZX-6R, you can expect the same tradition of middleweight performance that harkens back to the day of the ZX600-A1.

The ZX-6R is powered by Kawasaki’s famous 599cc 16-valve, DOHC inline-four engine that provides top-shelf middleweight power, a trademark value of the Japanese bike builder. Squeezing big power from small displacement has always been a hallmark for the manufacturer and that tradition continues with the Ninja ZX-6R. The midrange power the bike has provides arm-stretching drive out of corners with the sort of precise throttle control that allows riders to enjoy the full, breath-taking experience of the Ninja ZX-6R. The bike’s engine is likewise mated to a cassette-type transmission that greatly simplifies gearing changes at the track, reducing set-up time and allowing more time for riding.

In terms of handling, the Ninja ZX-6R comes with its class-exclusive Big Piston front fork, a fully adjustable shock, ideal engine placement, optimum frame rigidity, and the very latest in mass centralization. Looking at the svelte profile of the bike, it’s easy to point out that the ZX-6R was designed with superior handling in mind. The bike’s twin spar aluminum frame is both lightweight and rigid, and places the engine in the optimum position for superb handling and rider feedback. Meanwhile, the bike’s sub-frame constitutes a two-piece aluminum die-casting consisting of a front and rear section while the lightweight sub-frame is very narrow, providing a compact and slim rear end that completes the overwhelmingly positive characteristics of the ZX-6R.

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The Kawasaki Teryx 750 4x4 LE is one recreational utility vehicle that makes no apologies for what it has. And why should it, considering that it comes with enhancements that include some plush luxury amenities.

RUVs have to be comfortable for owners, and the Teryx doesn’t disappoint. The wide-track design frame of the Teryx 750 uses large-diameter, thin-walled tubing to combine tremendous rigidity with light weight. Meanwhile, the upper frame combines cool style and protection while also offering plenty of space inside to fit two full-sized adults in a pair of comfortable bucket seats, each coming with retractable three-point seat belts. On top of that, the Teryx 750 also has plenty of equipment to go by, including a cab roof, a deflector windshield, a retractable cup holder, and high-quality automotive-style paint. Rounding out the exterior package are a set of specially designed 26" Maxxis tires that have been custom-built for the Teryx LE’s design characteristics.

At the heart of this all-purpose, ’luxury’ RUV lies a 749cc 90-degree 8-valve V-twin engine that not only offers plenty of power, but also provides ideal balance for unmatched smoothness at any rpm. The engine capitalizes on an advanced digital fuel-injection system that offers automatic elevation compensation, automatic idle adjustment and easy, choke-free starting via a sophisticated array of sensors for inlet air pressure, throttle position, crankshaft position, rpm, water temperature and a vehicle down sensor.

And as far as handling goes, the Teryx 750 boasts of a suspension set-up consisting of a long-travel four-wheel independent suspension, adjustable Kayaba gas-charged shocks at all four corners, a rear stabilizer bar, and mid-ship engine placement. These feature all work together to make riding even the toughest of trails feel like driving along a cement road.

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When you’re in need of a full-sized utility vehicle for all those tasks that seem to be too much for those other vehicles, the Kawasakai Mule 4000 is the perfect choice. As the foundation of Kawasaki’s full-sized utility line, the Mule 4000 comes with all the hardware and technology you need to tackle really big jobs, including a full-sized chassis, a powerful four-stroke V-twin engine with digital fuel injection, and some pretty serious towing capacity. You know how awesome the Mule 600 is? Well, there’s a reason why the Mule 4000 is even better.

Speaking of the utility vehicle’s powertrain, the Mule 4000 offers one that can go toe-to-toe with anybody. The powerful and liquid-cooled 617cc four-stroke V-twin engine of the Mule 4000 has plenty of technological features attached to it, including a digital Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and a fuel injection system that compensates for variations in atmospheric pressure, engine, and air temperature.

Working together, the result is a ride that provides smooth and consistent power with a crisp throttle response and precise fuel metering, helping reduce fuel consumption and lower emissions. The Mule 4000 also features a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that provides quick acceleration and efficient pulling power while a dependable and low-maintenance shaft drive system transfers power to a dual-mode differential. This differential can be locked to maximize rear wheel traction, or unlocked to improve handling and keep the ground discomforts at bay.

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When you need a nimble and versatile bike that can also pose as an effective commuter, look no further than the Kawasaki KX 250S .

The bike is built to be a double-duty machine, capable of traveling on any surface with the kind of all-world versatility that Kawasaki bikes are known for. The KX 250S blends excellent craftsmanship with performance capabilities few other bikes in its class can match. As a bike that’s suited for the rigors of off-road riding, the KX 250S boasts of additional protection for the exposed underside of the machine in the form of an aluminum engine guard. Dual lightweight, high-capacity Denso radiators and an electric fan are also part of the set-up, providing ample cooling, especially when the bike is exposed to the radiant heat of the sun.

The KX 250S is powered by an efficient 249cc single-cylinder engine that’s best suited for maneuvering through urban traffic or exploring the trails. The engine is mounted in a light, high-tensile steel perimeter frame, providing a low center of gravity that then translates into superior maneuvering on tight trails. A highly refined six-speed transmission is then mated to the bike, boasting of the right gears that can take on any terrain it travels on, be it the dirty trail or paved open road. The engine set-up also boasts of a 34mm semi-flat slide Keihin CVK carburetor that gives great throttle response and broad, smooth power across a wide rpm range.

Some bikes are built for a single purpose while others are built to become everyday rides. The Kawasaki KX 250S is a card-carrying member of the latter group, and for all of its qualities, it’s definitely deserving of your attention.

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The Kawasaki Mule 610 XC Camo isn’t the kind of ride that’s going to win any design contests. But what it is, though, is a great hunting companion whenever you go out into the wild.

The fact that it comes wrapped in Realtree APG HD camouflage makes it the perfect go-anywhere, do-anything vehicle for hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts. The Mule 610 4x4 XC Realtree APG HD is derived from the Mule 610 4x4 and comes with all the hauling capacity and functionality of the latter.

The utility vehicle’s innovative woodland pattern allows it to melt into the environment, making it the perfect vehicle for hunters all around. Make no mistake, though, the Mule XC Camo is all about working. It has a special black-texture paint applied to its 400-pound capacity; it has an all-steel tilting cargo bed that allows even greater aesthetics and durability; and then it has a 1,100-pound towing capacity, which means you can haul whatever hunting gear you need without having to worry about losing some power. Dual cup holders help keep hunters hydrated while a spacious glove box can carry multiple items, and the front hood pops open to reveal more than 12 gallons worth of storage.

The Mule XC Camo also has a power train that it can be proud of. A durable, 401cc fan-cooled overhead-valve engine mated to a continuously variable transmission (CVT) feeds power to all four wheels as needed while the simple automotive controls allows it to be a breeze to use. it couldn’t be much easier to operate.

For all of the Mule XC Camo’s lack in aesthetic appeal, it’s all-around utility and usefulness certainly makes up for all of it.

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Don’t be fooled by it’s name; the Kawasaki Mule 610 XC is far more capable than its namesake.

That’s what you get with this dirt-worthy machine, one that’s capable of transporting you to just about anywhere you want to take it. Best of all, the Mule XC doesn’t mind getting it’s grilles dirty. Wherever and whenever you want to bring it, the Mule is there to take you.

The simplistic design of this all-utility vehicle belies the plethora of features it has at its disposal. The sporty graphics, a comfortable seat covered in a pliable material, and a small-diameter sport steering wheel lifted straight from the Kawasaki Teryx are only a few of the many features the Mule 610 possesses. It also has a special black-texture paint applied to its 400-pound-capacity, an all-steel tilting cargo bed that allows even greater aesthetics and durability, a 1,100-pound towing capacity that can haul whatever gear you need, dual cup holders that help keep riders hydrated, a capacious glove box that can carry more than just gloves, a front hood that pops open to reveal more than 12 gallons worth of storage, and aggressive, 26"Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 radial tires, each of which is mounted on a 12" wheel.

More than its all-around versatility, the heart of the Mule 610 XC is still its durable, 401cc fan-cooled overhead-valve engine that’s mated to a continuously variable transmission (CVT). The gearbox feeds power to all four wheels whenever you need it while an enrichening system partially opens the throttle for easy engine starts. Handling is taken care of by a MacPherson strut front suspension and rack-and-pinion steering combine great bump absorption with light handling, while the Mule’s mid-engine layout and swingarm rear suspension provide plentiful traction in back.

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When the going gets tough, the tough require a four-wheel drive, all-utility vehicle that knows how to get the job done.

That’s what the Kawasaki Mule 610 4x4 is all about. It’s the ultimate job site companion, capable of bringing you wherever you need to go without even the slightest hiccup.

True to its practical nature, the Mule 610 4x4 comes with plenty of user-friendly hardware, including automotive-type controls, a gear selector within easy reach on the dashboard, two large cup holders, and a passenger-side glove box and grab handle. It also has bright 35-watt headlights, a 400-pound-capacity tilting cargo bed that features secure, easy to fasten tailgate latches, and a towing capacity of up to 1,100 pounds with an optional Kawasaki trailer hitch installed.

In addition to its all-around practicality, the Mule 610 4x4 also has an impressive powertrain in the form of an air-cooled, single-cylinder 401cc four-stroke engine mated to a continuously variable transmission (CVT) with an enrichening system that partially opens the throttle during ignition, making for easy engine starts. The whole powertrain can also be started in forward or reverse gear, provided the brake is applied. It also utilizes rear wheel mud flaps to minimize mud and debris clogging the engine area.

The most useful aspect of the Mule 610 4x4 is the selectable four-wheel drive system that makes this vehicle virtually unstoppable, thanks to the high- and low-range forward and reverse gears. Handling is also not a problem for the Mule 610 4x4, thanks to a MacPherson strut front suspension and a rear suspension that’s handled by a unit swing-axle. Handling the braking duties for the utility vehicle are triple-sealed hydraulic drum brakes at all four wheels.

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When you have an all-utility vehicle that’s described as "easy to use, easy to transport, and easy to like," you probably just made a smart purchase.

That really is the essence of the Kawasaki Mule 600. Whether your day calls for hauling tools around a construction site, delivering needed supplies to far-flung parts of a farm, or just enjoying some time out in the woods with a cold one in hand, the Mule can provide the satisfaction towards the task.

The good thing about this vehicle is that it comes prepared for any and all places. Bright 35-watt headlights mean you can take it out at just about any time of the day or night. It also has a 400-pound-capable tilting cargo bed that features secure, easy to fasten tailgate latches. The Mule 600 has the muscle to tow up to 1,100 pounds with an optional Kawasaki trailer hitch installed. That’s some serious meat for a no-frills, all-utility vehicle. On top of that, the Mule also has plenty of user-friendly hardware, including automotive-type controls and a gear selector within easy reach on the dashboard, two large cup holders, a passenger-side glove box, and passenger grab handle.

The Mule 600 is powered by an air-cooled, 401cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine that maintains ideal operating temperatures courtesy of an efficient cooling fan. It also has an enrichener that partially opens the throttle during ignition to allow easy engine starts. The vehicle also rides on a MacPherson strut suspension in the front, while a unit swing-axle handles rear suspension duties. Large 22-inch tires have been fitted to go with hydraulic drum brakes on all four wheels that provide serious stopping power

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The Kawasaki KX85 is effectively the two-wheeled version of the KFX90 . Regardless, both vehicles offer plenty of fun, whether you’re riding a motocross bike or an off-road ATV.

The KFX90 ATV is well-suited to the dimensions of those 12 and over, largely thanks to a comfortable set-up that emphasizes looks and comfort for young riders. The KFX90 also has a simple and friendly 89cc four-stroke engine that provides compliant power delivery with a healthy mid-range, all while mated to a continuously variable transmission that eliminates the need for a shift lever. Dual front shocks and a swingarm rear suspension are also part of the ride package, helping make the ride more enjoyable by cushioning the rider against bumps.

Another important feature of the KFX90 is the keyed ignition switch, a set-up that prevents the use of the ATV without the key. This feature is important to parents who value the security of their child’s ATV. There’s also a throttle limiting screw and a CVT transmission speed limited that parents can use to ensure the safety of their kids when they’re riding the KFX90.

For those young kids that have an adventurous bone in their bodies, the Kawasaki KFX90 is an ideal ATV to take for all those thrill-seeking exploits.

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