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In what concerns middleweight streetfighter bikes, a powerful and smooth operating engine, comfortable ergonomics and light handling are all qualities that manage to do the trick each and every time. So what could have possibly been Kawasaki doing to the ER-6n that they ended up delivering such a versatile, aggressive looking and awesome performing motorcycle that it even ended up on the American market? Honestly, quite a lot.

The series of modifications improved almost every aspect of the light and attractive Kawi bike so that the highest demands would be easily met and so far it didn’t disappoint. Furthermore, the 2010 model year gets a lowered seat from 30.9 inches to 29.7 inches, making this an even more appropriate choice for beginning riders who need to be steady on their feet.

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Kawasaki produced and sold the Ninja250R for 20 years before considering an upgrade and getting at work to develop a brand new model, the one that was launched a couple of yeast ago and which started a complete frenzy especially among beginning riders. Soon turning into Kawi’s best selling sport bike, the Ninja 250R carries on as a 2010 model year with virtually nothing changed on it, so the only rightful question related to it is: “Will it be the same 20 years from now?”

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The combinations between sexy chicks and supersport motorcycles are some of the very few things that leave bikers speechless and today’s proposal is that between Andreea and the middleweight Ninja. You can read more about the bike here , so we’ll focus on what you’re really interested, the hot chick next to the green track blast. Andreea is a 20-year-old model studying in Prague, Czech. She does seem passionate about motorcycles, but they all do when the photographers get into action. Making this combination successful are the proportions of both characters involved. More pictures after the jump.

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A wise man once said that intelligence consists in the ability to adapt to new situations each and every time these emerge and it looks that this is exactly what Kawasaki is doing with the Ninja 650R. This is the head of their sports bike lineup and it meets the latest requests in matter of performance, comfort, user-friendliness, reliability and style. It started as Kawi’s response to the need of such a bike on the market and it got much better with time.

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In 2010, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R follows the trajectory of the previous year’s ZX-10R model and comes with the same engine and chassis refinements, the first for more power and torque and the second for sharper handling around the corners. Also, the bike is designed like its bigger sibling, leaving no clear visual difference between the two Kawasaki models.

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Getting in contact with a candidate for the “Ultimate Superbike” title can be a mind blowing experience, especially if you’re suppose to ride the hell out of the thing, but the 2010 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 adds a little more to that feel. It’s all about the imposing dimensions and the constant thought of knowing that underneath you grumbles this manufacturer’s biggest and most evolved motor to be mounted on a superbike-type motorcycle.

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The 2010 Kawasaki Versys is a funky middleweight motorcycle that carries on technically unchanged and yet is anything but a disappointment in terms of engine performance or handling. While most riders could have lived with a slightly lower riding position, the bike is now simply redesigned, but retains the original style that caught interest in the first place.

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Kawasaki found itself in the situation of needing to seriously improve what has in the past few years become one very notorious high-performance touring motorcycle, the Concours 14. So while the bike doesn’t drift away from its ZX-14 DNA, it should offer a much safer, more economical and comfortable riding experience.

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Last year Kawasaki launched their all-new 2010 Z1000 super naked and while the opinions of fans vary from “aggressive and powerful” to “it could have shown better build quality”, nobody will ever call this motorcycle dulling. Kawasaki claims this is their stripped-down Ninja ZX-10R and while that’s an ostentatious way of putting things, we’ll talk about its most important features and much more after the break.

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Although Kawasaki initially had plans to launch an entirely new Ninja ZX-10R for 2010, their final decision was to stick to what they already had and slightly improve their open class sportbike in an almost unnoticeable manner. The move doesn’t turn the 2010-spec Ninja ZX-10R into a threat for the competition, but this would still have to deal with a more aggressive look and small technical tweaks now characterizing the Green racing motorcycle with headlights.

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