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Kawasaki has never ever thought at manufacturing a Ninja chopper, but it seems that this owner has taken measures by itself and came up with this bad idea for a chopper. I guess I never really considered how ridiculous a ZX-6R with longer forks and sidestand can look.

But looking at the bright side, it is now much easier to pull out a wheelie; all you really have to do is try to get moving.

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While children imagine Santa Claus delivering presents with a sleigh powered by reindeers, bikers more likely agree with this image right here. Yes, Christmas Eve may not be the best time to ride the 280bhp Asphaltfighters Stormbringers , but when you have a bag full of aftermarket motorcycle parts you need all the four-cylinder power and plenty of will in order to get the job done. Good luck motorcycle Santa!

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We just came across a cool video showing these Lawson style Kawasaki Z1000 and Z1100R being ridden to their limits back in home country Japan. The two modern classic motorcycles are going strong and the professional riders have no mercy, leaving people wondering if this is actually a vintage video or a very well made new one paying a tribute to yesterday’s great bikes.

Source: MCN
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The Gpz 1100 was one of Kawasaki’s first sport-touring motorcycles, but there’s little left of this particular unit after ending up in the hands of custom motorcycle builder WrenchMonkees. Turned into a naked powered by now a 125 hp Gpz engine upgraded with an 1170cc Wiseco piston kit and featuring more tweaks than you would imagine, this might very well reflect how things get done in Denmark.

With sports wheels and suspensions, this roadster should know how to bring riders the most benefits from that powerful Japanese inline-four engine, so in the end it is all a matter of style, which is quite unique, especially if we look at the backend. This is contoured by the WM rearframe and characterized by a flat seat and custom back fender as well as by the LED taillight. Up front, there’s also a WM fender, while the fork wraps make it look like one of those Mad Max bikes. In between, there’s a stylish Zephyr fuel tank and a very enthusiastic rider. Please read the specs after the break.

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Copenhagen-based custom motorcycle builder WrenchMonkees brings Japanese power to the world of café racers with their Monkee number 2. Although it started life as a Kawasaki Z1000 A, there’s little left of the original bike, not even the engine. This was replaced with that of a Z1000 J model, which was upgraded to around 110-115 hp by fitting a 1075cc Wiseco piston kit.

The café racer image was achieved with the use of a Norton fuel tank and a Ducati Monster headlight while the rest of the body parts, but also the mufflers, LED rear light and even the custom paint wear the WM fingerprint.

We can’t help but think about the uncomfortable riding position, read the specs again and appreciate the fact that it has a big engine as well as a retro look until finally reaching to the conclusion that this may very well be something that our favorite Hollywood star would ride to the studios everyday.

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WrenchMonkees clearly has a passion for bringing old classic roadsters back to a new kind of glory by using a few tricks that they have in their sleeves. For instance, this Kawasaki Z1000 A now benefits of 105 hp as a result of installing a 1075cc Wiseco piston kit to the original motor, which is now fed by Z1000 J carburetors and filters air using K&N pieces.

The Copenhagen-based custom builder has the tendency to turn every bike into a café racer and this one looks, sounds and we reckon it performs as one too. Most likely, the sports bike front suspension and custom rear shocks also bring a major contribution to what looks to be a very angry piece of machinery.

Stylistically, the WM fingerprint is left by the all-new tail and seat as well as by the custom paintjob. Ride this bike like you stole it and people will believe you actually did simply because they would have probably done the same thing if they were you.

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Although it was announced just yesterday – when we published the official pics and gone through some of its details – we can already say the new 2010 Kawasaki Z1000 is the kind of bike you either love or have, but you definitely don’t consider negligible amount. Making sure that it goes directly to your heart is this official video, the easiest way to present the only truly new Kawasaki street bike among the four announced so far. Check it out.

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Kawasaki may not have seriously upgraded their 2010 ZX-10R Superbike, but they sure know how to keep people aware of this 200hp motorcycle and the official video presentation that we’ve attached is a good example in that matter. Take a look at it.

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