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Turning a 1980s Kawasaki Z 1000 J into a café racer doesn’t sound like the easiest task for custom bike builders and while you’ll normally get only visual changes, in this case we’re talking about a whole different bike. Forget about the classic roadster look of the Kawi Z 1000 J, which came as a response to Honda’s CB900, and let yourself be introduced to this low, aggressive and most likely pretty uncomfortable ride signed by WrenchMonkees.

First and foremost, the original 998cc air-cooled, four-stroke, transverse four-cylinder, DOHC with two valves per cylinder engine now displaces 1170cc thanks to a Wiseco piston kit, which raises the standard engine’s 102 hp to an impressive 140 hp. So that’s what the aggressive looks and Brembo brakes are there to cope with.

No doubt about it, this is a ride meant to stand out. It rolls on 17-inch Excel wheels, features custom paint and a whole bunch of WM components among which the fairing, aluminum tank, seat and tailunit are the most important. For more details, read the specs after the break.

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Although Kawasaki never designed the Versys to be a naked, but a middleweight sport-touring motorcycle, WrenchMonkees have come up with their own approach towards the original Japanese idea. They got rid of the strange looking headlight and half fairing then brought not only their own headlight and headlight brackets, but also a new front fender, Rizoma handlebar and clamps as well as front and rear turn signals. Further enhancing the bike’s now much sportier nature is the WM seat, while the custom paint and exhaust heat wrap make this a veritable midnight naked, if you accept the term.

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It seems that Marco Melandri itself advised German builder Hoely to develop this MotoGP kit for the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R as the racing bike’s rider believes the original bike can easily be turned into a MotoGP replica for the road by customers who had enough of the standard color schemes and graphics.

We have to admit that the Italian MotoGP rider thought well and the Germans were clever in following his ideas because bikes are pretty much like cars: you buy them new, drive/ride them for a couple of months and already start thinking at ways to make them better. And what better way to improve a stock Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R than making it look like its racing sibling?

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The WrenchMonkees team gave a unique touch to this late 1970s Kawasaki Z 750 B not just by rebuilding the engine and adding their very own megatron mufflers, but by turning classic into custom using what we begin to consider the WM routine. This implies a new rearframe and fender which help at giving each of their bikes a unique look, while the aluminum battery box helps at meeting the customer’s requirements.

Good looks are part of just a point met on the Copenhagen-based builder’s check list. Because comfort is another one, this bike gets WM seat, footpegs and also handlebar and grips. The riding position looks quite natural and the bike is overall exclusive in its simplicity. You won’t find any wires hanging on for dear life on their way to the WM headlight and taillight and we have to appreciate that, just as we cannot complain about the WM heat resistant custom paint. This, together with the 19-inch cast alloy wheels, makes a Kawasaki Z750 B look like something that Brad Pitt would ride.

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Kane Friesen is a Canadian stunt rider and the current record holder of the world’s fastest nose wheelie after managing to lift the rear end of his 2006 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R at the amazing speed of 137 mph and then coming to a complete stop. The previous record of 98 mph was set by Gary Rothwell in 2002, but like the wheelie master himself says: “my personal goal is 135 mph to set the bar so high up that no other rider wants to even attempt it any time soon.”

Former professional body piercer, Kane’s longest wheelie was of 12 miles, while he’s fastest stoppie measures more than 900ft.

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Kawasaki has recently posted two videos about their top 2010 motocross models, the KX250F and KX450F, on their official Youtube channel. These are actually video previews by Jeff Emig, who takes viewers through the most important features of these bikes. While Kawi’s quarter-liter motocrosser has been seriously improved, the KX450F is a totally new bike. Enjoy the videos.

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If you’re a married biker, you better hide this from your wife because you might just get into trouble if caught looking at it.

Indeed, Kawasaki motorcycles are know to be very “satisfying”, but I guess nobody thought at this before.

Kawasaki Love Positions? If there’s a girl involved, I’m in.

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During the British Supersport race at Brands Hatch on Sunday, Chris Martin’s Kawasaki motorcycle broke down, locking the rear wheel. The rider was thrown from the seat and sent bouncing way over the barrier during what has to be one of the most dangerous crashes of this racing season. In fact, this ended the season for Chris Martin, but he is expected back on two wheels next year.

Team Gearlink Kawasaki has issued a report regarding the crash:

Chris has suspected 3 broken vertebrae, will not know for sure until neck/back specialist has seen him. He has broken his ankle and will now be out of action for the rest of the season.....:-((

The video follows the jump.

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There’s nothing quite like combining work with relaxation and during our short trip to Constanta, Romania we happen to come across a Kawasaki VN900 Police Bike, which simply couldn’t miss from our vacation picture album. I started sharing impressions about the bike with the policeman and then asked him if he was kind enough to let us get a few pics of the bike that he was so proudly riding and he was ok with it.

Apart from Harley-Davidson, we didn’t happen to see any cruiser type police bikes so this Kawi got our complete attention before another police officer radioed in a hazardous situation and our point of admiration hit the road with the sirens on.

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When buying a motorcycle, some riders look for speed and others for comfort, but the most challenging part for motorcycle makers was to build one machine that meets these two requests. There you have the incredible Honda Goldwing meeting the comfort standards of even the most demanding riders, but you still have to earn enough money to buy and maintain such a model. The guy who did this to his Kawasaki Ninja clearly doesn’t, but we certainly can’t blame him for that. This is just an original way to make sure he still has a vertebral spine in his 70s.

Who among you will do the same thing to their sports motorcycle?

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