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After releasing the Eliminator 125 from its duties, Kawasaki brings it back for 2009 as the entry level market share has lately become more and more demanding as a result of the economic situation affecting every single aspect of life and directing commuters towards cheap and fuel efficient two-wheeled products. The bike had paved road towards conquering this segment as the Eliminator name is big part of Kawi’s history so what we’re witnessing here is an opportunity grabbed without second thoughts.

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It’s long been known that when beginning riders want to approach the cruiser style, Kawasaki offers a greatly balanced package under the Vulcan 500 LTD model name. We’re glad to find that in 2009, at least things haven’t changed for the worst as the bike carries on with a simple color scheme change that refreshes the overall look, helps the low seat stand out and corresponds with the attractive engine performance.

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Kawasaki adapts to times of crisis and brings the popular Super Sherpa back as a 2009 model year. The bike stands among the most affordable means of transportation (if we exclude the public one, of course) so it addresses to those who need to commute, but only dispose of a small budged in order to become the proud owners of something that’s economic, light, versatile, easy to handle and offers the possibility to go off-road; in less words, the 2009 Kawasaki Super Sherpa.

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Some bikes simply never end up their statements about comfort, user-friendliness, manageable power, but mostly reliability. One such motorcycle is Kawasaki’s Ninja 500R, a consecrated two-wheeler with a taste for modern days too. Freshly painted in Kawi’s latest and greatest color (Plasma Blue), the 2009 model year carries on teaching beginners a thing or two about sports riding while providing an enjoyable ride too.

Although the more recent alternative known as the Ninja 650R has developed into a great success too, riders keep on heading towards this latest’s smaller sibling and so revive the traditional learning and then exploiting way.

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Kawasaki presents the 2009 Versys without having too much to mention under the “Improvements” heading as the bike is still a relatively new introduction, a faultless one considering the many positive opinions we got related to it.

They do ad a new color scheme, the Blue in the pictures, apart from Kawasaki Green, but the Versys remains the same all-rounder with many secrets yet to be unveiled when you jump on its seat. Combining a touring-like riding position with sports-like design and performance, a rider would have to reconsider its idea about data such as the 64 Hp, 45lb/ft moving 454 lbs wet weight.

That’s a great bike to get for just over $7K, now painted, hopefully, according to your preferences.

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German tuners Hoely have recently put their hands on a Kawasaki ER-6n and transformed it into a faster, better looking and implicit more challenging bike that they call ER6-RR.

The engine now develops an impressive 98bhp – incomparable to the approximately 75bhp of the standard bike–thanks to a series of upgrades from which the gas-flowed head with an increased compression ratio of 13.8:1, balanced pistons, rods and crank, high-lift cams, advanced ignition, a modified airbox and a full Akrapovic system are the most important.

Chassis components have been borrowed from Kawasaki’s top supersport models so the bike features ZX-6R’s USD suspensions and ZX-10R’s radial brakes. Yet, the frame hasn’t been stiffen up so let’s just hope they did the math well and this will manage with the around 23bhp extra.

As the picture shows, this Kawi is built to perform on the track and we reckon that the parallel-twin engine is now capable to be put against any standard four-cylinder middleweight sports bike out there. Now that’s a great achievement to take in consideration!

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Kawasaki’s strategy for their high-performance tourer is simple and unveiled by the class’s nature. So while a BMW R1200GS will take you around the globe on virtually all kinds of surfaces, the Concours 14 is the second best choice for such a trip and only if planning to keep it on the streets.

Resembling the Ninja ZX-14 both in style and performance, the Concours brings touring goodies down the scene and improve life on board without sacrificing performance. In what concerns the 2009 model year, this requires no serious upgrades to the engine and chassis, but the bike does distinguishes thanks to the new Black and Red colors. Like for any veritable touring bike, ABS is also available but only as an option.

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Kawasaki doesn’t redesign the 2009 ZX-10R although there have been question marks related to its doubtful approach on the most recent model years. Still, the Ninja is a high-performing sports motorcycle (no mechanical changes either) which lets no room for error in the liter class so it requires its fair share of additions consisting in nicer green and white, bronze and black color schemes.

The new colors diminish its ugly nose and make a Kawi fan “miss” the design drawbacks, especially if it lives in Europe and can go for the all-white model now available on the old continent.

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Kawasaki will soon launch their new Ninja Underground Website where we’ll be seeing stunt riding, drag racing and track racing, all on their 2009 Ninja models so they tease us with the official video dedicated to this event until the actual launch.

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Motorcycle tuners and custom builders in the United States are dedicated to creating the best tribute bikes ever and sometimes inspiration comes from the nation’s biggest achievements in history.

This bike for instance is a Kawasaki ZZR1400 which was modified by the crew from 2Xtreem so that it would resemble the Apollo space shuttle and so commemorate the 1969 moon landing. Behind the mini shuttle looks, there is a 350bhp (claimed) engine so that this already impressive motorcycle would take off like the thing that it resembles too.

Joe Capicotti of 2Xtreem Motorcycle TV is the mastermind behind this project which revives the ‘first landing on the moon’ national pride.

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