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Motorcycle tuners and custom builders in the United States are dedicated to creating the best tribute bikes ever and sometimes inspiration comes from the nation’s biggest achievements in history.

This bike for instance is a Kawasaki ZZR1400 which was modified by the crew from 2Xtreem so that it would resemble the Apollo space shuttle and so commemorate the 1969 moon landing. Behind the mini shuttle looks, there is a 350bhp (claimed) engine so that this already impressive motorcycle would take off like the thing that it resembles too.

Joe Capicotti of 2Xtreem Motorcycle TV is the mastermind behind this project which revives the ‘first landing on the moon’ national pride.

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This is the Kawasaki Z750 Redluxe, the latest creation of the French company Ad Koncept which specializes in motorcycle tuning. The Z750 was the best selling 2008 bike in France and also the subject of many transformations by tuning companies.

The Ad Koncept portofolio alone features three different Z750 models, but the Redluxe streetfighter is by far the greatest yet. This features a unique look and comes with an impressive list of aftermarket components: Rizoma signal lights, mirrors, handlebars and grab rails, Kawasaki ZX-6R brake components and forks, Motax carbon side covers, monopost top, rear fender and radiator grill as well as SC Project carbon exhaust silencer and bugspoiler.

In the characteristic style, the French have gone for an attractive two-tone paintjob – Red with Black in this case – and the price isn’t that scary either. The Redluxe starts at 10.809 € which translates in $13,723.

For more information (if you’re good with French) go to the Ad Koncept website.

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Kawasaki stands for green, just like Yamaha does for blue, Honda for red and Suzuki mostly for yellow, but that isn’t enough for Mother Nature and the stricter CO2 emission norms in Europe are showing Kawasaki the way to green engines as well. So Kawasaki developed what they like to call their ‘ECO2Logic’ technology and which is destined to those less than 100bhp bikes. Supposedly, the fuel-injection and exhaust systems will be tricked out in order to minimize emissions. The 2009 Kawasaki Z750 is the first bike in Kawasaki Europe’s lineup to turn greener.

The new technology blends perfectly in with the Kawasaki brand and if it turns out to be as effective as Kawasaki people expect, bigger and more powerful models will be fitted with it. Will the Z1000 be the leading figure then? We shall wait and see.

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Kawasaki starts producing the Versys Tourer after receiving positive feedback to a prototype they unveiled at the NEC.

The new model will feature a set of hard panniers, mounting frame and adjustable flip-up screen, all adding a plus of $472 to the base MSRP of the standard Versys.

ABS will be optional and colors available will be Metallic Black, Metallic Gray or Metallic Orange. Sales start at the end of February for $7,879 (ABS-free model) or $8,378 (ABS model).

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Nowadays, art is widely interpreted and motorcycles have been singing ever since a motor was mounted on a bicycle frame, but from there to this is a very long way.

The creator of the Guitar Motorcycle is called Ray Nelson and the pictures were taken at a car parade (strange, I know), but that’s really all we could find about the intriguing looking thing. From what we can see, it looks like a Kawasaki 750 LTD from the 1980s, but does it go or is it just for expositions? Most likely it runs smoothly and goes like a devil although I’m not sure about the riding position. A dragster is definitely more comfortable than that!

The headlight, mirrors, taillight and signal light are all indicating that this unique creation is street legal (it even has a number plate on so it makes it clear) even though I’ve got a feel it only travels in that trolley.

So the next time you crash your bike, don’t bother to look for every single piece of the cracked fairing, but for a good carpenter.

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In times of crisis, motorcycle makers would do anything just to sell and it seems that Kawasaki has developed an ingenious and unique strategy to promote their ER-6n in Europe. They launched the so called “ER-6n Design Competition” through which uncovered talents can design their own ER-6n and win one that was designed by Pasky of OCD Design (Troyes, France).

Everybody is invited to give it a shot. All you have to do is work your magic on a Kawasaki ER-6n pic (add different color schemes and graphics, modify the bike’s appearance like you would do to your own ER-6n) and then upload the picture onto http://www.kawasaki.eu/ER-6n/. Visitors will vote for the best (three of them will actually win a Kawasaki jacket) and if that’s your design, OCD’s ER-6n created specially for this contest will head towards you.

Pictures can be uploaded until April 9th 2009 so get on with the work.

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I can understand the fact that people feel the need to ride their motorcycles in the winter. I also ride in sunny January afternoons and afterwards complain about my rheumatism, but I never experienced the need to ride on a lake. Apparently, this guy did and didn’t ended up pretty well (he probably risks hypothermia while his buddies try to rescue his submerged Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle).

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Having launched the 2009 naked lineup, Kawasaki now creates a promotional video for one of their most notorious models, the ER-6n. The bike is presented as being in perfect harmony with the urban environment (something that was expected, considering the given category) and is positioned right in the middle of it.

Although we would like to see it role down the streets a little bit, Kawasaki seems to be keen on showing the bike’s static beauty. Can you argue with that?

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A racing motorcycle with headlights such as the 2009 Kawasaki ZX6R couldn’t find a better place for a commercial than the track, but Kawi goes even further and visualizes an Area 51 sort of environment. That is very inspired as the characteristic color for these bikes is Green.

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Did you ever wonder when the “Lets the good times roll” motto from Kawasaki was first used by the Japanese manufacturer to promote its bikes? We certainly did especially now that more and more ingenious ads abound, but didn’t managed to get to the bottom of it yet, the only conclusive evidence we’ve come across, being this nice commercial from 1976. Click on the video below and see what it is all about.

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