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In this article we’re going to have a closer look at what the motorcycle manufacturers are planning for us next year. Since model years are different in parts of the world,we’re not going to call them 2009 or 2010 model, but just “next year”. You’ll understand. In four months, world’s biggest motorcycle exhibition (Intermot in Germany) opens its doors, and we’ll be seeing many new models. Here’s our stab at what we think (hope) to see. Aprilia The prototype RSV 1000 V4 was already presented (...)
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A week ago we announced the launch of Yamaha’s dirt and trail bikes, something that apparently determined Kawasaki to step up and offer the best it can, under the name of KX.

Pilots can now start training for the two most important classes in the AMA Championships and it is terrible important for them to do so as the bikes are completely revised and will perform with even more brilliancy out where it all depends on speed, balance, weight and sharpness.

We also mentioned about a few Yamaha models the fact that they have pretty much no competition as the other 2009’s weren’t on the scene yet so we would have to take that back.

Purely designed for racing, the KX450F and KX250F make the most important entry after their launch a few years back and we must take them in consideration and give them the credit they need. Reshaped, restyled and reengineered, these two will be on the scene for a long time, and it is always good to start with the right foot even with each revision, not necessarily brand new introductions.

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The most adequate alternative to a full-face helmet is, strangely, not an open face one, but a protective shield added to your motorcycle’s fairing. Invented by David Fermil, the ingenious accessory bolts perfectly on to the fairing with the nuts and bolts that are already on the bike from when it got out the production line. The advantages of such an addition to your sport bike’s aerodynamic functions are practically infinite as you no longer have to lurk under the small windscreen and (...)
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Here’s a lesson that all of us could take: it’s the rider not the bike that makes the difference and you can have a blast on a mid-size motorcycle too. To convince you, here’s a video where a Kawasaki ZX-R ...400 competes against three other bikes but the weird thing is that the 400cc is far from its place in this pile of cubic centimeters and watts.

Before you watch this video I must remind you that the 400cc has a maximum power output around 57HP while the other three at least three times more.

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Among the many promising themes planned for this weekend on the track of Mantua, there is also the appointment with the French MX pilot, Livia Lancelot. At only 20 years, the skilled Kawasaki pilot arrives for the first time in Mantua with the clear purpose of defending that much craved first place in the Women World Championship. Italy opens its gates for this weekend’s Grand Prix and although the track is a first for Livia, she has great expectations for a weekend to remember despite the (...)
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Kawasaki Racing Team has all the reasons to be happy as at the Grand Prix of Shanghai John Hopkins has reached the 100 attendance in the queen class. Even greater for Kawasaki is the fact that their famous pilot isn’t even yet in its best form so we should be soon witnessing an ascendant graphic of the Hopkin’s performance and hopefully a successful attempt to repeat last year’s result. Then, on the Chinese track John Hopkins adjudicated its first MotoGP podium. Their chances are well (...)
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I invite you to see the first video featuring the Ninja ZX-RR engine configuration with “screamer”.

At Jerez, the man in green took the opportunity and made a few tests to the new engine and what better persons to do so than the official riders John Hopkins and Anthony West, as well as Olivier Jacque.

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On the 30th of March at the Vallelunga track in Italy Kawasaki fans will have the great opportunity of witnessing the second edition of the Ninja Trophy. A race will be held and the participants are owners of the 2007 and 2008 model year Kawasaki ZX-6R so we at least know what bike will win, let’s wait for the rider. Organizers planned six races and all are programmed on the most notorious circuits in Italy, the last and decisive one being the Mugello circuit. Participants have all the (...)
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The first day of tests on the SBK Spanish circuit of Valencia has just been finished. Even though Xerox Ducati and Yamaha Yamaha Motor Italy missed the action due to the fact that riders Max Biaggi and Vittorio Iannuzzo are injured, the many teams that have presented made a damn good impression. For starters, Max Neukirchner (Alstare Suzuki Suzuki ) imposed itself in the first session of the morning with a time of 1’35.313 followed by Carlos Checa (Ten Kate Honda) and Fonsi Nieto. Behind the three was (...)

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