2012 KTM 350 SX-F

Once upon a time, we had dreams of being world-class motocross riders and if fate hadn’t lead us in another direction, we’d be achieving those dreams with a high-caliber motocross bike that has earned the distinction of the best in the market today, the KTM 350 SX-F .

The initial idea behind this bike was to line up at the MX1 World Championship with something that features reduced displacement, but also comes with all the advantages of a lighter bike. The final result was the birth of the 350 SX-F and foundations of a world title run in its first season. For the 2012 model, the 350 SX-F comes back bigger, better, and a whole lot meaner than ever before.

The 350 SX-F’s title-winning, state-of-the-art DOHC four-stroke engine features an electronic fuel injection and a balancer shaft that excels with an extremely wide usable rev range, highly efficient rideability, and performance capabilities that practically match that of its big brother, the 450.

Adding to its already impressive engine credentials, the 350 also features a cylinder head with two overhead camshafts, four titanium valves that are actuated by extremely lightweight, and carbon-coated cam levers. The 350 SX-F’s state-of-the-art frame is made from high-quality chrome-molybdenum stew, a material that’s not only extremely light but is also torsion-resistant, a critical combination that makes for excellent ride ability and world-class performance.

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KTM 350 SX-F

The 350 SX-F’s compact, state-of-the-art DOHC four-stroke engine, featuring electronic fuel injection and balancer shaft, excels with an extremely wide usable rev range, highly efficient rideability and performance practically matching that of a 450. Clear advantages: Less exertion for the rider and higher speed through the curves thanks to more efficient performance.

In the cylinder head with two overhead camshafts, four titanium valves are actuated by extremely lightweight, carbon-coated cam levers. This elaborate valve train, the ultra-light pistons and the 350 SX-F’s extremely short-stroke engine facilitate speeds of up to 13,000 1/min.

Engine Management(EMS)

KTM 350 SX-F

The Keihin engine management system with electronic fuel injection ensures spontaneous responsiveness and maximum performance from the engine. Various engine characteristics can be activated with an optional map select switch.


KTM 350 SX-F

The 350 SX-F’s bodywork with the very slim seat and spoiler lines, plus excellent contact points, perfects the bike’s ergonomics, making handling even simpler and more precise.

Electric Starter

KTM 350 SX-F

Years ago, KTM proved that an electric starter is very advantageous even in the tough sport of motocross. That’s why the 350 SX-F can also be started at the press of a button. For weight saving traditionalists, the electric starter can be removed and a kickstarter installed in its place.

Swingarm with Linkage Suspension

KTM 350 SX-F

The 350 SX-F’s linkage rear suspension bolsters playful handling and extreme traction. The lightweight aluminum swingarm is designed for optimum lateral stiffness, the linkage of the now more tautly-set WP shock absorber via a lever system provides high progressiveness and wide adjustment ranges.


KTM 350 SX-F
DesignSingle-cylinder, 4-stroke, spark-ignition engine, liquid-cooled
Displacement349.7 cm³ (21.34 cu in)
Bore88 mm (3.46 in)
Stroke57.5 mm (2.264 in)
Starting aidElectric starter
Transmission5-speed, claw shifted
Engine lubricationForced oil lubrication with 2 Eaton pumps
Primary gear ratio24:73
Secondary gear ratio14:50
Cooling systemLiquid cooling system, continuous circulation of cooling liquid with water pump
ClutchWet multi-disc clutch / hydraulically operated
Ignition systemContactless, controlled, fully electronic ignition system with digital ignition timing adjustment
FrameCentral tubular frame made from chrome molybdenum steel tubes
ForksWP Suspension Up Side Down 4860 MXMA CC
Shock absorberWP Suspension 5018 BAVP DCC
Suspension travel front300 mm (11.81 in)
Suspension travel rear330 mm (12.99 in)
Brake systemDisc brakes, floating brake calipers
Brake discs - diameter front260 mm (10.24 in)
Brake discs - diameter rear220 mm (8.66 in)
Chain5/8 x 1/4"
Steering head angle63.5°
Wheel base1,495±10 mm (58.86±0.39 in)
Ground clearance (unloaded)375 mm (14.76 in)
Seat height (unloaded)992 mm (39.06 in)
Total fuel tank capacity approx.7.5 l (1.98 US gal)
Unleaded premium fuel (95 RON)
Weight without fuel approx.105.4 kg (232.4 lb.)


Cycle Sportscenter----"The initial idea was to line up in the motocross/450 class with a bike featuring reduced displacement, but all the advantages of a lighter bike. The final result was the birth of the 350 SX-F and foundations being laid for a legend. Its first victory in the first world championship race and the world championship title in its first season — what better proof could there be for the brilliance of this concept? The sensation of the 2010 MX season enters the next round with a revamped chassis and an even more robust clutch."

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