2013 Kymco K-PIPE

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The 2013 Kymko K-Pipe was especially developed for beginners. Though despite its relatively serene character, the motorcycle is still able to reward you with a serious amount thrills thanks to its 4 STROKE, 123.66 cc engine which delivers 6 kw @ 7500 rpm and 8.5 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm. The engine is also very efficient, its average fuel consumption being rated at 40.25 km per liter.

The brand-new Kymco K-PIPE is based on the newly-developed "Spinal Column" chassis which has an overall weight of just 11.8 kg, including a 30% reduction in weight and 10% increase in strength compared with previous KYMCO sports bikes. Moreover the bike has also a lowered seat height, which makes it easier to ride by beginners.

The 2013 Kymco K-PIPE is offered in various color options such as yellow, white, red and green.

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Kymco K-PIPE

It’s The all new design model that introduce " Various, Lightweight , Fuel-efficient" concept to the World. The KYMCO K-PIPE has a traditional color pool. There has many color to choice, like yellow, white and green, and in addition, we added an extra color is the red. These are colors that KYMCO believes to be the most popular ones in the market while the red could be a rising star especially for young, enthusiastic racer.

The brand-new KYMCO K-PIPE is manufactured based on the newly-developed "Spinal Column" which is strong enough to support its sporty and agile . Spinal Column chassis is specifically designed for K-PIPE with an overall weight of just 11.8 kg, including a 30% reduction in weight and 10% increase in strength compared with previous KYMCO sports bikes. It is lighter, stronger and respond quicker to the rider’s decision, and 40.25 km-per-liter consumption, make the K-PIPE surely be a money-saver.

This has lightened the chassis itself, too, and thanks to the lightweight concept, it is no longer a nightmare for fresh bikers to ride in busy traffic. In addition, KYMCO has lowered seat height on the K-PIPE making it even easier for beginners.

Foot-reach ing is believed to be a key point of user confidence for most bike learners.
The KYMCO K-PIPE will make you more agile and confident than you would expect and make it a good start for you in biking world.


Kymco K-PIPE

In appearance, the K-PIPE is designed to deliver structural beauty with the newly-developed Spinal Column Chassis and dynamic body design. The ergonomic cut of its fuel tank is made in line with chassis arrangement, creating an integrated sporty image. The rear LED trail light is also well-combined with body work and again reinforced the stylish essence. Designers in KYMCO then added the vertical twin lamp of K-PIPE as a quality finish to support its structural beauty. We believe this uplifts the image of the product and produces extra visual impression. You may also notice both main body and rear forks are designed in triangle that gives an agile and sporty look to the brand new KYMCO K-PIPE.

  • Head Light The brand-new vertical twin lamp represents a sporty nature of the K-PIPE giving a fascinating hi-tech but practical product image.
  • Rear Tire Stand Triangular frame design, integration with the main triangle frame.
  • Rear Light The tail lamp of K-PIPE is a brand-new design as well as its front companion. Fourteen high-lumen Caribe LED bulbs are fitted and arranged as in the following picture.
  • Suspension In order to fulfill customer’s demand of superior maneuverability, KYMCO installed mono-shock rear absorber (with 28mm stroke) and telescope front forks (with 110mm stroke).
  • Brake 276 mm disc brake design, enhance better safety of your vehicle.
  • Meter The user is also entitled to adjustment or shifting of display mode by utilizing buttons on the panel.


Kymco K-PIPE

The engine is one of the most fuel-economic developments that KYMCO has ever achieved in the last 40 years. With a stunning 40.25 km-per-liter consumption, the K-PIPE surely will be a money-saver in daily use. It also provide good performce with 6Kw / 7500 Rpm, and Max Torgue is 8.5Nm / 5500Rpm.

DISPLACMENT (cc)123.66
MAX.HORSEPOWER kw(r/min)6 Kw / 7500 Rpm
MAX.TORQUE N.m(r/min)8.5 Nm / 5500 Rpm
WHEELBASE (mm)1290
TIRE STD.(FR/RR)2.75-17 / 3.5-17
DIAMETER FR/RR (mm)276/ 140
Kymco K-PIPE
Kymco K-PIPE
Kymco K-PIPE
Kymco K-PIPE
Kymco K-PIPE

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