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Mahindra launched its first scooter on the Indian market. The new scooter has a pretty modern design which is enhanced by a set of sporty bodygraphics that decorate the side and front cowling.

Apart from its catchy design cues, the Mahindra SYM Flyte is also packed with a series of useful features such as front fuelling, body colored impact resistant mirrors, telescopic front suspension, strong grab rails, 4-In-1 anti theft key and a very generous under - seat storage place.

The SYM Flyte is powered by a 125 cc, 4 stroke, engine that delivers a maximum output of 8 hp @ 7000 rpm and 9 Nm at 5500 rpm, enough to ensure a maximum speed of 80 kmph. The stopping power is assured by 130mm brakes that ensure smooth braking. The scooter sits on 3.5"-10" tyres, and ride quality is assured by front telescopic and rear hydraulic suspensions.

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The Indian manufacturer Mahindra revealed a new scooter that bears the name DZ. The scooter is powered by a 125 cc engine which delivers a maximum power of 6 kw at 7000 rpm and 9 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm. The Mahindra Duro DZ’s engine was specially tweaked to be as efficient as possible and features an Advanced Dual Curve Digital Ignition which gives it the capacity to auto-adjusts according to the load. Moreover, you also get an extra large 6.5 litre fuel tank, which offers a generous range.

The scooter cat deal great with road bumps and potholes thanks to the rim and hub that holds the wheel at 4 different points. This layout also improves the handling and enhances the safety. Talking about ride is also worthy of being mentioned that the Mahindra Duro DZ sports an advanced telescopic suspension which further smoothens the ride over bumps and potholes.

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The Mahindra Kine has to compete in a scooterette segment in a country that never seems to run out of them. With its work definitely cut out for it, the Indian bike maker decided to give the Kine a distinctive look that’s highlighted by a sharp nose.

The stylish streamlined design ensures a comfortable riding posture while the youthful body graphics add some personality to the bike. In the terms of features, the Kine comes with a self-start option and ample storage space just like the other scooterettes in India. Under the seat, there’s ample storage in which you can store your helmet, documents, or other small things. On the handlebars, you will find the instrument panel which is comprised of a speedometer, high-beam indicator, and turn indicators signal.

Its stability and grip on the road are supported by the 1225mm wheelbase that offers balanced riding. The bike’s 71 cc engine only offers 4 horsepower, but it’s still reasonable enough to get you from point A to point B and do it while delivering 55 kmpl of mileage in the city. The engine is complemented by a dual-side drum brakes system and a pair of three spoke alloy wheels.

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So far, the Mahindra Rodeo is still one of the best scooters launched in India where it was released to compete with the likes of the Honda Activa and Honda Dio, the Suzuki Access, and the Bajaj Kristal.

The Mahindra Rodeo is loaded with one of the best power mills in the market, churning enough power and performance capabilities to produce a top speed of 80 kmh. A large part of that can be attributed to its powerful 125cc engine that’s capable of producing 8 horsepower and guarantees a rush every time you hit the throttle.

In an effort to balance its power with riding comfort, Mahindra designed the Rodeo ergonomically, highlighted by a wider and longer seat that ensures better feeling for both rider and passenger, and prevents fatigue or body pain along the way.

This scooter is also blessed with a self and kick start-option, which is always a good thing. Then there’s the clear headlight, the instant start-up, and clear horn, all of which are supported by a supercharged battery.

The Rodeo is far from the fastest and most powerful bike on the market, but it does provide the kind of ride balance that makes riding it worth your time.

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When you think that the new Mahindra Stallio has been given a special and attractive look, you’re not actually wrong because the Stallio has been treated with a host of special features that underscores its impressive package. Both from the front side as well as from the rear, every part of the Mahindra Stallio looks very attractive.

Designed with impressive and charismatic styles, the all new and stylish Mahindra Stallio is the epitome of a bike that oozes sportiness and aggression. At the heart of the Stallio, is its new age, 110 cc air cooled engine, a power train that offers high performance and low fuel consumption. It’s a combination that every bike rider wants to hear.

The Stallio also features a powerful braking system that ensures de-acceleration of speed when required. On top of that, you can feel the jerk-free ride with the support of the latest and advanced suspension system.

The bike’s design is also something that shouldn’t be looked over, particularly the aerodynamic package that’s highlighted by eye-catching body graphics. In the terms of lighting, a halogen headlamp is placed in the front cowl to support clear vision at night.

After every part of this Mahindra Stallio speaks up, you will find it incredibly hard to resist, which is exactly what Mahindra hopes.

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