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This is Stelvio, the latest bike from Moto Guzzi. I presume it will be revealed to the public at the Milan EICMA. These photos were taken at a Moto Guzzi dealer show where Stelvio was unveiled to dealers. Keep tuned for more info(as soon as I receive it).
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Ride On! Hit the twistys, tear up the back roads, and cruise the boulevard! Moto Guzzi has you covered. With the new Guaranteed Ride Program, Moto Guzzi owners won’t have to worry about losing any riding days if their motorcycle breaks down. The Guaranteed Ride Program will provide a loaner vehicle to owners of qualified vehicles if they experience a catastrophic part failure and warranty parts are not available in less than 15 calendar days. It will be in effect on all eligible vehicles (...)
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The power of the eagle. The Griso 8 V is the outcome of some of the most challenging work carried out by Moto Guzzi for its new generation machines.

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Moto Guzzi USA, manufacturer of the legendary "Italian Eagle" Moto Guzzi(R) motorcycle and a pioneer of two-wheel vehicles, today announced the debut of its highly-anticipated Norge 1200 GT in the U.S. market. Built to deliver superior comfort and safety, the Norge 1200’s unique styling, performance and technology offer a smooth and stable ride, mile after mile. Thoroughly tested in Moto Guzzi’s Italian factory wind tunnel, the Norge 1200 fairing was designed for remarkable rider (...)

The Gran Turismo for the 21st century is born... at Mandello del Lario of course. A tribute to its predecessor and not just in name - the concept of absolute protection and comfort has simply been translated into modern day language and technologically updated. The Norge 1200 has an elegant and dynamic design, excellent ergonomics and comfort and short wheelbase to make it competitive even in the traffic. Dynamic and responsive, the Norge 1200 is a modern Gran Turismo which makes flexibility its main strong point as it crosses city centres and boundless distances with the same ease.

Nevada Classic 750 IE - This easy-to-ride entry level custom cruiser has been completely redesigned. The new Nevada Classic 750 IE is the perfect motorcycle for cruising around town, on campus or short to medium distance touring. With it’s combination of a low seat height (30"), overall light weight (388lbs), electronic fuel injection and shaft drive the Nevada is an unbeatable choice for the novice rider as well as the experienced rider. Engine: 90º V-Twin, 4 stroke Cylinders: (...)

The engine is Guzzi’s magnificent 744 cc 90° V-Twin of course, but electronic fuel injection has been added to improve performance in all situations and a Lambda probe catalyser minimises emissions too. Likewise, the beautifully balanced frame is still one of the Nevada’s strong points, but cornering and steering precision have been improved by a new Marzocchi 40 mm fork.

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