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The Moto Morini Corsaro Avio is a sporty looking streetfighter designed for speed lovers. The bike uses a compact tube frame that lets us see the Bialberto CorsaCorta engine in its full glory. Talking about the engine, it churns out 88 Kw - 120 Hp @ 8500 rpm and 102 Nm - 10.4 Kgm Nm of torque @ 6700 rpm. It is mated on a six speed constant mesh gearbox and is combined with an 18 liters fuel tank.

The motorcycle weighs 198 kg and is packed with a set of sporty suspensions which consist of a front front Marzocchi Magnum fork with 50mm diameter stems and a rear asymmetric fork with a single adjustable Sachs shock absorber.

The 2012 Moto Morini Corsaro Avio sits on 17 wheels which are wrapped in Pirello Diablo tires - 120/70 on the front and 180/55 for the rear.

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The Moto Morini Scrambler was built on the foundation of the 9 ½ project and was especially developed for crossover use. In its off road adventures, the motorcycle is helped by its massive 19 inch front and 17 inch rear wheels which are wrapped in tread-blocked tyres.

As far as design goes, the Scrambler looks pretty good featuring a rugged, but pretty modern style. The 21 liter tank is one of the most striking styling elements and has a sporty and ergonomic design which is not intrusive for the rider. Taking about riding position is worthy of being mentioned that the seat forms a single piece with the streamlined tail and is fairly comfortable.

Power comes from a 1187 cc, liquid cooled engine which delivers 86 Kw (117 HP) @ 8500 rpm and 102 Nm (10.4 Kgm) of torque @ 6700 rpm.

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The Corsaro model has a long history behind it, as the first generation was launched back 1959. Since then, the model was constantly upgraded and today is one of the most capable motorcycles in its class.

The Corsaro 1200 Veloce is the sporty version of the Corsaro 1200 and its name means high speed in Italian. The secret behind the Corsaro 120 Veloce’s sporty personality is of course its engine. The Bialbero CorsaCorta unit is as advanced as Ducati’s Testastretta engine and delivers 140 horsepower at 8500rpm and 123 Nm of torque at 6500 rpm. The engine needs to deal with a total weight of only 196 kilos, so you can expect to great performances.

The ride is kept in check by a 50mm fully adjustable Marzocchi fork which is combined with a rear Ohlins shock. The bike sits on Diablo tires in sizes 120/70-ZR17 and 180/55-ZR17 and the stopping power is assured by Brembo brakes.

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After has managed to solve its financial issues, Moto Morini has managed to revive from the ashes. However, the manufacturer didn’t appeared at this year’s EICMA, instead has decided to launch the 2013 Milan model.

The new generation is based on the earlier models, but it doesn’t come with any impressive technologies of upgrades. Most of the changes were made to improve the bike’s reliability and there are also a few small tweaks to help it stay on the same line with its rivals.
For the moment Morini didn’t revealed any price specifications for the 2013 Milan, but judging by the price of its current models, it shouldn’t be too high.

At the moment Morini’s lineup includes the Corsaro, Granpasso and Scrambler. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we have more info.

New models are always subject to more scrutiny than their veteran counterparts, but that doesn’t mean that these models shouldn’t be ignored completely. On the contrary, a fresh new mode offers plenty of new experiences, and that’s what Moto Morini Company wants to build with their new addition to the family, the Moto Morini 1200 Sport.

Moto Morini presented this new model at the Motormotorcycle Expo in Verona, with a new graphic style and a black and orange design on its white frame. Attractive looks notwithstanding, the Moto Morini 1200 Sport is a bike that’s been built to impress, thanks in large part to the company’s powerful 1187cc v-twin engine that produces a tidy 117 horsepower.

Apart from the engine, the bike’s chassis is another point of pride for Moto Morini, with its front forks derived from the company’s Marzocchi line and rounded out with a set of 17" Excel wheels fitted with sport-touring rubber tires. In terms of looks, the Moto Morini 1200 Sport’s classic naked styling is a perfect match to its attractive look. Add that to a slew of top quality components from the likes of Verlicchi, Brembo, Marzocchi, Paioli, and Zard, and you have a newbie bike that was built to impress and destined to become a customer favorite from here on out.

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If a bike’s name is the sole purpose buyers make a purchase, then the Moto Morini 9 1/2 will cast curious looks from a lot of people. Derived from the legendary 3 ½ twin cylinder of the 1970s, the Moto Morini 9 ½ carries a name that belies all the outstanding qualities it offers. From the style to the design and all the way up to its technological innovation, the Morini 9 1/2 is a true ode to the spirit of that Morini machine.

When we look at the features on the Moto Morini 9 ½, it will be easy to be impressed. The first indication of the bike’s tremendous appeal is the power it gets from its 1187 cc Bialbero CorsaCorta twin-cylinder engine that develops an impressive 105 horsepower at 8000 rpm. The layout of the engine is compact, making for a sturdy and impressive ride.

Handling is also a big component to the entire 9 1/2 package. The rational approach to the technical solutions and the efficiency to which it handles comes as a result of the tremendous engineering done on the bike’s overall DNA.

All told, the Moto Morini 9 ½ combines a classic, reassuring style with the performance of a powerful and excellent motorcycle.

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Design guru Oberdan Bezzi has thought at a rather strange, but definitely interesting way to create a whole new V-twin powered Italian motorcycle. Called MMB1, the bike would come as the result of joined forces between Moto Morini and Bimota. The strange part is that MM would have to supply the engine on a bike to be sold with the Bimota name and logo on, but the thing does look plausible.

Our advice: don’t take it to seriously. Moto Morini was recently saved from bankruptcy by Paolo Berlusconi, so this is just Obiboi trying to guess where the company is heading now.

Source: A&R
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Moto Morini had to come up with something special for the 2009 EICMA show and an upgraded version of their Granpasso turned out to be the solution, such as these first photos of the new bike reveal.

Built on the platform of the standard Granpasso – their big adventure tourer – the SM will have a more aggressive riding position and feature new suspension and braking systems, sporty wheels and tires as well as a different exhaust system to help retune the engine. Sounds like Moto Morini created the Granpasso 1200 SM for the supermoto track, but don’t really think that the Ducati Hypermotard 1100 has serious reasons to worry about.

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Moto Morini has long been preparing the supermoto version of the Granpasso and these first pics that we came across confirm the all-new bike’s upcoming official unveiling at the EICMA show. The pictures belong to Italian news site Motociclismo, which’s tester took the unfinished version of the Grand Motard for a spin.

Although we’ll have to say that this looks ready for the Italian manufacturer’s EICMA stand, they’re still talking code names such as “V12M01″ for the new machine that will be powered by an upgraded version of the Granpasso water-cooled 1187cc 87° V-twin motor. This will develop 127hp, 9 ponies more than on the adventure bike.

MM may have aimed towards a sporty style and character for their new motorcycle, but they also retained the best of the Granpasso , which is the 7-gallon fuel tank. This means more supermoto fun with fewer stops for gas. Expect us to bring more information and the official shots as they arrive.

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Moto Morini has set their eyes on the adventure segment and the Granpasso 1200 model is the best example in this concern. The 2009 model year was brand new and they’ve already found new ways to improve the overall 2010 product, meaning that the competition can already start worrying.

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