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The MV Agusta F4-RR was designed for those who live with the passion of speed in their vanes and has all it needs to be considered one of the best bikes in its class. The bike was created using the most exotic materials, ultra-sophisticated suspension and the new 1000cc short-stroke engine. All these elements make the new MV Agusta F4-RR one of the most advanced and powerful superbikes in the world.

The engine is a new 4-cylinder short stroke unit with radial valve. Compared to the previous unit, the new one was completely redesigned, featuring new thermodynamics, a new crankshaft and new bore and stroke dimensions. Thanks to the new engine the bike develops a maximum speed of 297.6 kmph.

To bring the bike to halt, MV Agusta equipped it with a high performance braking system which uses Brembo monobloc calipers paired with Brembo radial master cylinders.

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MV Agusta has fully revealed its 2012 Brutale 675 naked bike. The new bike features a sporty character which is now a common trait among all members of the Brutale family. Power comes from a 4 stroke, three cylinder, DOHC engine with a displacement of 675 cm3. The engine cranks out 115 hp at 12.500 rom and 71 Nm of torque at 10.600 rpm. The ride is kept in check by front upside-down telescopic hydraulic fork and a rear shock absorber with rebound damping and spring preload adjustment.

The bike was designed by the Bitish designer, Adrian Morton, who is also the creator of the new Brutale F4 and Benelli Tornado TNT.

The MV Agusta Brutale 675 was revealed at the EICMA 2011 and was launched on the market on March, 2012. The bike is available in three color options and gas a starting price of 8.990 euro.

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The MV Agusta Brutale family has a new member which is powered by a fresh 920 engine. Each member of the Brutale family was received with enthusiasm by the riders as all of them offer top notch build quality, reliability and performance.

The new engine is a technologically advanced 4 cylinder unit with radial intake and exhaust valves coupled with the same advanced engine control unit as the 1090RR. The new displacement of the 4 cylinder engine is obtained with a new bore and stroke ratio with a focus on optimizing the power curve. The new four cylinder engine delivers a maximum output of 129 horsepower and a broad torque curve.

The BRUTALE 920 shares its chassis configuration and geometry with the 990R and 1090RR as well as most of the chassis components. The frame is a mixture of a steel trellis structure and lateral aluminum, while the chassis dimensions are the same as on the other Brutale models.

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Agusta decided to completely redesign the F4 for 2013. The upgrades is more than just a facelift as the company says that it was built from the scratch as a completely new bike, so it has only a few common elements with the previous generation.

Power comes from a new 4-cylinder engine, with 16 radial valves and TSS variable intake system. Moreover, MV has also integrated the new Marelli 7BM ECU which controls all of the electronic systems of the F4. After these numerous upgrades the engine cranks out a maximum power of 137 Kw (186,3 hp) at 12900 rpm.

The 2013 model is built on a new chassis which is narrower, shorter and lighter. The area of the steering stem has been completely revised and the side plates have been moved forward, offering a better weight distribution (52% front, 48% rear).

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The MV Agusta Brutale 990R has been completely redesigned and the company says that it’s 85% new compared to the previous generation. Perhaps it goes without saying that the bike features both styling and technical modifications.

For the starters the 2013 MV Agusta Brutale 990R features a new headlight which apart from looking way better than the old one is also fitted with 8 LEDs that create a "light strip" effect. The radiator protectors are now part of the bodywork, while the two exhausts, have been modified as well. Another modification is the longer rear swingarm which lengthens the wheelbase improving the bike’s riding dynamics.

Moreover, the engine size was increase up to 998 cc and the cylinder bore and stroke have gone from 79 x 50.1 mm to 76 x 55 mm improving the power delivery and acceleration.

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The top of the range MV Agusta Brutale 1078 RR was starting to show its age so the company decided to upgrade it.

The new 2013 model features a boost of power, a new engine and a series of other technical modifications made to improve performances. Transition from the 910R to the 1078RR involved the introduction of some new components that have given the Brutale RR 15 more HP and 2 kilos more of torque. The updates included new decals and color schemes, fresh instrument panel graphics, revised suspension calibration, a stronger 1078 cc engine, a Slipper clutch, Resized catalysers and Brembo monoblock brakes.

The bike retains the same chrome-molybdenum trellis frame as the previous model. The frame is perfectly capable to handle the reconfigured engine power output as it was initially designed to resist to huge torsion and flexing parameters. Due to the power increase and the stronger brakes, the forks have been also modified.

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The MV Augusta Brutale received a series of upgrades for 2013. The new bike features a few small tweaks designed to help it remain ahead of the pack when it comes to design and performance.

As far as styling goes, the 2013 MV Agusta Brutale 989R comes with a new headlight which incorporates a system of 8 LEDs that create a "light strip" effect, while the direction indicators are now incorporated into the rear mirror assembly.

Moreover, the bike has also received a new instrument cluster which features indicators that show which gear is engaged, fuel level, speed, hazard button, water temperature, chronometer function and traction control settings. More upgrades were made to the radiator protectors as well, which are no longer made of metal or integrated with the mechanical components, but are part of the bodywork. Other modifications were made to the tail, exhaust pipes and the taillights.

Fortunately the bike has also received a few technical upgrades. The most important modification is the increase engine size which is now rated at 998 cc.

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In keeping with the traditions of the brand, the volume production of the new F3 ORO will be preceded by the small “Serie Oro” versions. These exclusive models will be available in approximately 200 examples and only on special orders.

The F3 ORO Serie Limited Edition is easily recognized by the elegant design and single-sided swingarm, as well as the forged aluminum wheels painted in gold color. The unique character of the bike is also enhanced by the minimalist graphics and the gold plate mounted on the upper tripleclamp to identify each individually numbered bike.

On the technical side of things, the bike is equipped with Brembo breaks, fully adjustable Öhlins upside down forks, a TTX shock and steering damper. At the heart of the MV Agusta F3 675 Serie ORO Limited Edition lies a three cylinder, 4 stroke, 12 valve DOHC engine with a total displacement of 675 cc.

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MV Agusta tried an interesting experiment and combined the F4 CC with the F4 R 312. Both bikes have sporty genes and naturally, the result is part of the sport class as well. MV Agusta named its new offspring the F4 1078RR 312 and many considered it the most beautiful motorcycle in the world.

The bike is propelled by a fresh four cylinder, 4 stroke, 16 valve, d.o.h.c, 1078.37 cc engine which offers a maximum power of 190 hp and 91.4 ft/lb (124 Nm) of torque at 8,200. The engine is mated on a six speed constant mesh gearbox. Talking about the gearbox, the first three gears are longer to spread the power output better at high speed and also restrain the initial surge on take-off. First gear takes the bike to 87, second to about 110 and third to nearly 135 mph, while the maximum speed is rated at 186.2 MPH.

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The new MV Augusta Rivale was fully revealed to the public at the EICMA Motor Show this week. The bike features a modern design which puts accent on aggressivity and sportiness and competes directly against the Ducati Hypermotorad.

The bike is equipped with a 124 hp engine which reaches its peak power at 11600 rpm. The engine is basically the same used in the 675 model but it gained 12 ponies more and also offers a bigger torque, rated at 60 ft. lbs @ 8600. To give the bike a better balance, the engine received a counter rotating crankshaft, a technology usually found in MotoGP. The bike also comes with Ride-By-Wire throttle control and Augusta’s MVICS (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System) system which offers three engine maps.

The engine is mounted on a steel-trellis frame with single sided swingarm and aluminum alloy plates which help to keep the bike’s weight to as low as 375 lbs.

The MV Augusta Rivale 800 features Marzocchi and Sachs suspension with adjustable spring preload, hydraulic compression and rebound damping. As far as stopping power goes, the bike comes with dual 320mm discs and four-piston radial calipers up front, and a 220mm disc combined with a twin-piston Brembo caliper at the back.

The 2013 MV Augusta Rivale 800 has a starting price of $13,970 and will be available in 2013.

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