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MV Agusta announced today a new "track only" Cannonball Kit for the Brutale 1090RR . With the new package, MV Agusta wants increasing the performance, making the bike even lighter and fully exploiting its technology.

The new Cannonball Kit includes a modified Engine Control Unit, cylinder head, camshafts, valves and exhaust system, which is manufactured completely from titanium and is completed by a low and spirited exhaust pipe. The result is an increase of 21 HP to a total of 165 HP. At 9.000 revs/min the power is 140 hp, at 10.000 it is 160 hp, a little later the maximum is reached, an absolute record for Brutale.

The new technical components enables the Brutale Cannonball to excel on the track: the exciting performance are restrained by the pure chassis and by high quality suspension components which enable the rider to enjoy easy handling and the typical pleasure of riding an MV Agusta bike.

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MV Agusta has finally released the second generation of the F4 superbike more than a decade after the original release and we came to find that the all-new machine remains faithful to the original Tamburini design. But probably the best part about the 2010 MV Agusta F4 is the fact that it now benefits of 186 hp (12 hp more than the 2009 model year), while weight is down with no less than 10 kg. So with an overall 192.5kg/424lbs (dry) and the aforementioned performance number, the MV Agusta F4 should remain the ultimate production superbike. Please read the full press release and check out the generous picture gallery after the break.

Updated 06/23/2010: The new MV Agusta F4 superbike is now available as US dealers at a price of $18,500. Also the company announced they have signed a partnership with MB Financial to offer a retail financing program in order to encourage riders to purchase both new and used MV Agusta motorcycles.

Press release after the jump.

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The MV Agusta Brutale was Italy’s best naked motorcycle so far, but it now has to make room for an improved version of itself, the Tamborini Corse T1. The custom bike wears the Massimo Tamburini fingerprint as his son Andrea is the man behind this project. That being mentioned, we can already start thinking at an infinite number of features making this motorcycle exquisite, but apart from the obvious carbon fiber and aluminum parts, there haven’t yet been mentioned the upgrades that make the Italian bike so great.

Bikers can either buy the custom Tamborini Corse T1 (the price hasn’t yet been mentioned) as a ready-to-ride motorcycle or transform the Brutale and F4 from MV Agusta as well as the Ducati 1198 superbike and naked Monster into what they see in the pictures using restyling kits and hop-up parts offered by Tamborini Corse. Click past the break for more pics.

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Take a look at these pictures taken at the Almeria circuit in Spain to see what appears to be the all-new MV Agusta F3, which the Italian manufacturer derived from the 2010 MV Agusta F4 . The middleweight supersport model does look kind of strange and unrefined, but this isn’t by far the bike’s final state, so we guess MV Agusta has just taken the time to test the 675cc three-cylinder engine out on the track and, quite frankly, didn’t give a damn about the bike’s appearance. At least that’s what we hope.

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MV Agusta teases us again, this time with a video of its new F4 1000 superbike before the official Milan unveiling set first thing next week. We’ve yesterday found out from the official press release that the new Italian motorcycle will develop a claimed 186bhp at 12,900rpm and the engine will be harnessed by a TC MK II traction control, so expect more info as we have it – most likely on Monday 9 November.

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We recently brought to you the first teaser shot of the 2010 MV Agusta F4 and we’ve just got our hands on a second sneak peek of the new Italian superbike. This comes together with the official press release, from which we find that the engine develops 186 horsepower at 12,900 rpm, connects to the gearbox through a slipper clutch and is harnessed by an eight-way adjustable traction control system.

This Italian exotic motorcycle heads to EICMA for sure, so we will bring to you the full specs and, hopefully, a generous photo gallery revealing the slightly redesigned bodywork in the day of the launch. Read the press release after the jump.

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We’ve already covered the 2010 MV Agusta Brutale 990R and 1090RR , but can’t pass over this barely released technical video showing the most important details of the four-cylinder, four-stroke, 16-valve engine that achieved MV’s main goal for the 2010 Brutales – to meet Euro 4 regulations even if it meant sacrificing some of the previous generation’s horsepower and torque.

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Italian manufacturer MV Agusta has today presented a teaser shot partially unveiling the 2010 version of the F4 superbike scheduled for the official launch on November 8.

Given the fact that the 1998 model was designed by Massimo Tamburini and has withstood the test of time, the front end is mainly unchanged: the diamond headlight has the same shape, but now contains LED running lights and a single large projector lamp, the windscreen now blends better in with the fairing and it is much sharper at the base. The shot also reveals restyled mirrors, which we like.

Expect to hear more about this model as information becomes available. Meanwhile, you can check out the new MV Agusta Brutale models.

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Ahead of Brutale’s 10-year anniversary, MV Agusta introduces the new 990R and 1090RR models, which are claimed to be 85 percent new. Although the bikes don’t look different at all compared to the previous generation, they actually feature the same redesigned headlight, instrument cluster and instrumentation, handlebar, rear view mirrors, key block as well as bodywork and technical fittings.

But things go “from bad to worse” when trying to spot performance gains and weight losses because there are no such achievements on the new MV Agusta Brutale motorcycles. Despite the fact that the 990R model’s engine has grown from 982.3cc to 998cc, it lost 3bhp, won 2lb/ft of torque and needs to move around with 5kg more. The 1090RR lost 9.8bhp and 1 lb/ft of torque and it is also 5kg heavier than before. Still, both models meet Euro 4 emissions regulations, which is most likely what generated the fairly ugly turn.

We hope that MV Agusta models aren’t borrowing from Harley-Davidson’s DNA now that the Italian company was bought by the American one, but considering the $3k higher price, we’re in for a dilemma. Press release and specifications follow after the jump.

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