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Gas leaking was a common problem with early Norton and Triumph motorcycles, but who would have expected at something like this in the year 2008? As long as the bike is old, the problems are old but it is a real shame that at an apparently organized show you can’t get your hands on an extinguisher fast enough to minimize damage to the bike. And the guy that was riding…did he actually thought that by hitting the thing with his foot would actually help him solve the problem?

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The Norton M28 has come to say out with the old, in with the new as a company can’t stay alive in people’s eyes only with its creations from the past. This has long been Norton’s case until the moment Aaron Rogers decided that it must use the maker’s strong British heritage in order to power it straight into the future which is supposed to be a bright one starting now.

It all started from a pretty simple idea involving a 499cc single-cylinder engine that would be used as a stressed member of a carbon fiber chassis. And this time the “easier said then done” saying is not valid as the Norton M28 ended up being the light, compact and awesome performing machinery that its designer had previously visualized.

From where it stands now, Norton has very much chance to be back in the cards and the M28 is THE machine able to do that. We reckon it will see production in a relatively close future and, if so, it will surely come with a demanding price tag.

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The F1 Sports was the swansong of Norton Rotary motorcycle production, representing the peak of the development at the time. It came about through the frustrating experiences of German importer Norton Motors GmbH in emissions testing, and the main ideas were outlined in a fax from Joe Seifert to Richard Negus in 1991. Starting with an idea derived from David Garsides SAE paper on the development of the rotary engine in combination with the fact the Commander had no emission problems, the (...)
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Simple and direct engineering solutions are employed to create a motor that is visually and mechanically elegant; efficiently assembled in production, and easily maintained or upgraded in the owner’s garage.

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