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It’s Daytona Bike Week in Florida and part of the festivities will be the 2012 Daytona Beach Motorcycle Show where guests will be treated to a plethora of killer bikes, as well as celebrity guests and the presentation of the Ultimate Custom Bike Builder!

One of the more well-known names of the event will be Paul Teutul, Jr., the star of Discovery Channel’s hit series Senior vs Junior American Choppers . He and his cast will be available to sign autographs, and will also be showcasing popular creations such as the “Anti-Venom”, “Jared Allen”, “Black Widow”, “Gears of War”, and “Build-Off Bike”. Their biggest crowd-pleaser, however, will be the unveiling of an all-new custom bike. And if you attend the show on Saturday, March 17, 2012, you will also get the chance to be present during a live filming of an episode of American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior , set to air the following week, on March 26, 2012 at 9 p.m. EST, on the Discovery Channel.

Other well-known builders from across the country will also be present, displaying their custom bikes and hoping to win the top prize and title of Ultimate Custom Bike Builder. Custom bikes will be everywhere and will feature amazing components such as specialty additions of Wii consoles, seats made of alligator skin, custom rims, military bikes made in fallen soldiers’ honors and more, including a builder who created a custom bike dedicated to breast cancer awareness, in cooperation with his local Susan G. Komen foundation.

The Ultimate Custom Bike Builder United States Championship will include an awards ceremony with over $14,000 in available winnings. Both local and contests from across the country will showcase their custom creations, but awards aren’t the only thing keeping the fans there. The Daytona Beach Motorcycle Show will also include gravity-defying performances from the Smage Bros Stunt Show of America’s Got Talent Fame, a vintage motorcycle showcase as part of “A Century of Motorcycling” Presented by Motorcyclist Magazine, and a huge motorcycle marketplace with the latest riding gear, apparel, and accessories.

Fans can begin the tour of custom bikes from the Daytona Beach Motorcycle Show on Wednesday, March 14, 2012 (12 p.m. – 6 p.m.), but can also attend on Thursday, March 15, 2012 (11 am – 7 pm) and Friday, March 16, 2012 (11 am – 7 pm). If you’re only looking to check out some of the amazing bikes in attendance, then these will be the days to avoid the crowds because Saturday, March 17, 2012 (10 a.m. – 5 p.m.) will more than likely be the busiest day to attend with the live taping of Senior vs Junior American Choppers taking place. The best part about the Daytona Beach Motorcycle Show is that the admission is FREE.

Of course, if you want to show up a little earlier, Daytona Bike week officially began on Friday, March 9, 2012, and ends Sunday, March 18, 2012.

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Global specialist in energy management Schneider Electric has contracted Orange County Choppers to build their first hybrid motorcycle about which Paul Teutul , Sr. says it will be "capable of traveling farther, without refueling or recharging, than any other OCC bike in history." The parallel hybrid powertrain will be supplied by Schneider Electric while the guys at OCC bring in their design ideas as well as top quality build.

Obviously, you’re gonna see the whole story and the actual bike during a future American Chopper episode scheduled for next year, unless you’re a selected Schneider Electric contractor partner, meaning that you’ll see the hybrid chopper later this year and even get the change to win one of the eight such bikes that OCC and Schneider Electric give away.

After the jump, we’ve attached the video and the press release that resulted from this partnership. We’re eagerly waiting for the actual bike.

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Orange County Choppers was commissioned by Siemens to build an entirely electric motorcycle in order to raise environmental awareness. Given the New York-based custom motorcycle builder’s tradition of building noisy and very spectacular choppers powered by a good old V-Twin engine, Siemens’s proposition might have sounded a bit unusual at first, but it was a challenge waiting to be taken.

The end result was unveiled yesterday at the Time Warner Center by Siemens and Paul Teutul Senior itself and we must say that it looks as good as any other OCC creation so far, if not even better, given the futuristic tendency.

But while the looks aspect is discussable, the incontestable fact is that the 27-horsepower electric motor from Advanced DC powers the Siemens electric chopper to a 100+ mph top speed. The six batteries take five hours to charge and supply the bike with electricity for around 60 miles, which is quite decent.

OCC built the Siemens bike in a single month and it is all on tape and scheduled to air on TLC on Thursday, October 22 at 9PM.

Siemens plans to take their bike on a worldwide tour in 2010 and then auction it and donate the money to "a charitable cause that will help benefit the environment." Yes, that means you can even end up owning it if you’re a man with deep pockets and the fact that OCC says that it currently has no plans to mass produce an electric chopper until demand is here, makes this creation even more unique.

See a video from the event and read the Siemens press release after the break.

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If you’re wondering at what the Orange County Choppers crew has been working lately, this strange looking motorcycle is the most appropriate answer. The famous choppers builder was commissioned to build a B-2 bomber-themed motorcycle for the celebration of 20 years from the first flight of the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber.

On July 17, 1989, the famous war machine had lifted from the ground for the very first time so Northrop Grumman, the Air Force’s B-2 prime contractor, and the U.S. Air Force will celebrate the event on July 17, 2009 in Palmdale, Calif. And guess who’s going to be the life of the party?

Named “The Spirit of Innovation”, the latest OCC creation commemorates the date of that first flight with the 0789 “tail number”. But that’s not the only detail that links it to the Stealth Bomber. The bike’s front cowling and gas tank are inspired by B-2’s cockpit and fuselage. Notice the sized look? That’s supposed to resemble the color of the Stealth too. The wheels feature the Air Force star and the “aft deck” of the bike is actually made from a scrap piece of titanium used for the original B-2 aft deck.

To me it looks like a castaway dolphin and the only way that they can prove me wrong is if the headlights, respectively B-2’s windshields, actually work. If not…

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Orange County Choppers is getting bigger and bigger. No, not the guys from Orange County (they will probably grow even bigger when their Chop House will open in September), their firm. This month OCC is planning to open an 11,500-square-foot retail store in the Palisades Center in West Nyack, N.Y. and for next winter OCC has plans to move into a 100, 000-square-foot world headquarters in Newburgh, N.Y. Anything coming from OCC means bigger, better looking and performing so I am not (...)
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Through the years, Orange County Choppers has become a brand respected and recognized around the world. Now, with the OCC Motorcycles Limited Edition Production Bike Line, a limited number of lucky people will have the oportunity to experience the thrill of riding such a creation.

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On June 24th, the Teutuls of Orange County Chopper unveiled America’s First Renewable Energy Chopper at the first car race in which all the drivers used ethanol. The race took place at the Iowa Speedway where lots of Iowans got a chance to see the first "green" chopper. The motorcycle is part of the Iowa Farm Bureau-led movement called Join the Ride Iowa. The bike shows soybeans, corn paint job and the gas cap clearly shows that the bike is powered by an E85 motor. (...)
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EDS announced it will award a motorcycle built by renowned Orange County Choppers, Inc. to the winner of the 2007 EDS Byron Nelson Championship. The first place prize chopper, a PGA TOUR first, will be awarded in addition to the $1.134 million winner’s share of the tournament’s purse at the 2007 EDS Byron Nelson Championship, April 26-29 at the TPC Four Seasons Resort in Irving,Texas. Orange County Choppers, one of the world’s premier builders of custom motorcycles, is building two additional (...)
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Music-products maker Peavey Electronics has challenged the stars of TLC’s hit reality show "American Chopper" to a custom-shop duel to celebrate the launch of its new online guitar custom shop, PeaveyCustomShop.com. The "Battle of the Builders" that pits Hartley Peavey and his designers against Team Teutul — Paul Sr., Paulie and Mikey Teutul and the Orange County Choppers crew — will unfold during two episodes of "American Chopper," April 12 and 19. The shows (...)
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