2012 Piaggio MP3 500

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The Piaggio MP3 500 is a pretty unique vehicle mostly due to its three wheel configuration. Apart from its innovative configuration, Piaggio MP3 500 has also the capability to swing or tilt in bends which makes it very stable and is equipped with a pretty capable 500 cc engine.

The MP3 500 is also offered with a rider sensor mounted in the saddle which beeps if you are not wearing the safety seatbelts.

This unique street bike uses an automobile-like double-wishbone aluminum suspension system supporting two independent steering columns. In addition, the suspension travel from the front electro-hydraulic suspension is 3.35 inches. The rear swingarm is sprung with two hydraulic shock absorbers that provide 4.3 inches of wheel travel.

The front wheels measure 12 inch, while the rear one is slightly bigger measuring 14 inch. All three wheels are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport SC tires.

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Press release

Piaggio MP3 500

With their two front wheels, the Piaggio MP3 has set new standards for dynamic stability, and delivers a revolutionary new riding experience.

A front end with two independent tilting wheels gives cornering stability
beyond that of any other scooter. At speed, the Piaggio MP3 stays stuck to the road and can always deliver maximum performance in total safety.

The benefit of the three-wheel revolution really makes itself felt on wet roads and in other adverse riding conditions.

The Piaggio MP3 offers unrivalled safety in town and city centres where it negotiates cobblestones, rough roads, tram lines and manhole covers with a sure-footed stability previously unachievable. The dimensions of a maxi scooter combined with amazing agility make the Piaggio MP3 completely at home in the city centre where it is also safe and easy to park thanks to a tilt lock system that locks the suspension and allows the MP3 to stand upright even without the aid of its stand.

Piaggio MP3 500

The revolutionary Piaggio MP3 can stop in distances so incredibly short that
no other scooter can hope to compete. Thanks to a triple disc braking system and the exceptional grip afforded by the two front wheels, stopping distances are 20 percent shorter than comparable twowheel scooters.

When the road leaves the town behind, the Piaggio MP3 really shows what it is made of. Excellent road holding, unmatched cornering safety and lean angle (up to 40 degrees) guarantee immense riding satisfaction on country roads.

The Piaggio MP3 500, with aggressive styling and performance, is the three-wheeler for people who want to stand out. Riding has never been this easy, enjoyable, secure and fast. When you take 20% less braking distance required and pair it with a lean angle of 40-degrees, you get a perfect machine for impeccable road holding in all riding conditions.

The MP3 500, delivers show-stopping looks, incredible performance and the X factor that makes it stand out from other anonymous maxi scooters. The machine is particularly in its element on twisty roads, where the razor-sharp handling is complemented by a superb threedisc braking system and the double ignition “Master” engine.


Piaggio MP3 500
  • Powerful and economical 498cc, 4 stroke, liquid cooled, 4 valve engine with advanced twin spark ignition, EFI and electric start
  • Easy to use automatic “Twist and Go” CVT transmission
  • Low emission environmentally friendly euro 3 compliant
  • Unique to Piaggio twin front wheel design for unrivalled road holding and braking in all conditions
  • Ease of parking with electro-hydraulic front suspension locking system allows parking on most surfaces without centre stand
  • Anti-theft electronic key coded immobiliser plus body mounted security loop
  • Lockable under seat storage and handy shopping bag hook
  • Advanced 3 disc braking system (one per wheel) provides exceptional braking on all surfaces and road conditions
  • Analogue speedo, tacho and fuel gauge with digital clock, trip computer and temperature indicator
  • Lockable parking brake
  • Rear grab rail and carry space
  • Wide comfortable seat with raised pillion seating position and handy key remote release
  • No wider than standard Maxi scooter
  • 2 year unlimited KLM warranty


Piaggio MP3 500
625 MILESTime for your first full service
3,000 MILESTime for your second service. Check, clean or replace your oil if necessary, check for wear and tear on your brake pads
6,000 MILESTime for your third full service. Check rollers and replace transmission belt
9,000 MILESCheck, clean or replace your oil if necessary, check for wear and tear on your brake pads and lubricate your center stand
12,000 MILESTime for your fourth full service
EVERY TWO YEARS MILESCheck, clean or replace your brake fluid


Piaggio MP3 500
ENGINE TYPESingle-cylinder, MASTER, 4-stroke, 4-valve
BORE X STROKE2.8" x 2.4"
MAX TORQUE42.23 Nm at 5,550 rpm
GAS MILEAGE55-57 mpg
IGNITIONElectronic inductive discharge
GEARS’Twist ’n go’ automatic CVT
CHASSIS Double cradle trellis made of high strength steel
FRONT SUSPENSIONParallelogram supporting two steering tubes
REAR SUSPENSIONOscillating engine fixed to frame with swingarm
FRONT BRAKEStainless steel double disc, 240 mm
REAR BRAKEStainless steel disc, 280 mm
FRONT TIRE120/70, 12"
REAR TIRE140/70, 14"
COLORSDragon Red, Black


Piaggio MP3 500

Bikez ---- "The Piaggio MP3 500, with aggressive styling and performance, is the three-wheeler for people who want to stand out. Riding has never been this easy, enjoyable, secure and fast."

Autoblog ---- "We’ll get to the riding impressions in a bit; first let’s take a walkaround. One major aspect to consider when deciding how practical a scooter will be is storage."

Latestbikeinfo ---- "This is an MP3 scooter that is not put in any hands. Indeed, its braking is very bad, as in the case of an emergency brake, it’ll just pray that miracle to happen so that the route is released"

Piaggio MP3 500
Piaggio MP3 500
Piaggio MP3 500
Piaggio MP3 500
Piaggio MP3 500


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