2006 Revolution RV100

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"The concept behind the RV100 is to eliminate the paradigm of the welded tubular frame. Welded tube frame are labor intensive, require expensive jigs and fixturing, and the quality of the weld is very much dependant on the quality of the welder. In contrast, the RM100 frame components are cut on a numerically controlled machine (CNC). This makes the production of parts very repeatable, and makes the production of unique parts routine.

When we set out to design the RV100 we had some very strong ideas about what we wanted. We wanted to drastically reduce the labor involved in making a motorcycle. To do this we needed to eliminate all welded assemblies. Our first breakthrough in achieving this goal, was the parallel plate framing system.

Right now there is only one welded components in the RV100. Every other component is made on numerically controlled machines. We utilize 3-axis CNC milling, waterjet, and laser machines to produce our components. Although the gas tank is a welded item, the gas tank kit is laser cut. Our second major goal was functionality.

The finished design was going to look the way it did based on the performance, nothing else. We were not concerned about wasting our time hiding all hardware. We wanted to make the bike look like what it is...a machine. A machine manufactured on other machines.

The RV100 looks right at home on the factory floor as it does on the showroom floor. A funny thing happened along the way with this design philosophy. We ended up with a stunningly distinctive motorcycle.

The unique parallel plate frame gets it strength from the same principle as a monocoque racing chassis. By moving the structural elements to the outside of the vehicle, a much higher stiffness results."

Revolution RV100
Revolution RV100


I searched on google for rv100 motorcycle and found the company that makes this. Check it out, they are cool and very informative.

Does anyone have any more information about this bike or the mfg.? Looks like a winner, even in this raw state-has the right approach, IMO,and seems like a salable machine.

Mean looking, and the execution of the bodywork is seemingly unique amongst all the customs out there. I’d like to see any more examples....thanks

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