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Roehr Motorcycle has unveiled the eSuperSport - the first production electric motorcycle offering the performance that motorcyclists have come to expect and demand. The bike is on sale at a starting price of $17,995.

The Roehr eSuperSport Electric Superbike is powered by a 67 HP single AC induction engine that takes its power from an on-board 15 amp charger. With a curb weight of 470 lbs, the new eSuperSport is capable of hitting a top speed of 100 mph.

Next to this impressive performance, the bike delivers thrilling acceleration and a level of chassis component unmatched by current electric motorcycle offerings. The bike is the perfect choice for those looking for an electric motorcycle that does more than just keep up with traffic.

"Whether it’s daily commuting or spirited back road riding, the eSuperSport delivers true motorcycle performance along with the unique and thrilling experience of electric drive. The electric motorcycle you’ve been waiting for has arrived."

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Roehr starts the year with the right foot as the American motorcycle manufacturer made famous by their 180 horsepower 1250sc model priced at $49,999 (see picture above) has just announced a completely new electric model range. The eSuperbike will supposedly be a new US TTXGP competitor relying on a 10 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack and AC induction to develop 96 hp and 210 pound-feet of torque. But Roehr has also thought at making a lower spec’d version called eSupersport, which will be powered by a similar motor fed by a 6kWh battery pack, but develop only 48 hp and 105 lb-ft. This translates into a top speed of 100mph.

The full press release, which we attached after the break, does not mention the starting prices, but stay tuned for when we have more information about Roehr’s surprising move.

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Roehr have put their 1250sc Factory Demo up for sale on eBay and we’re surprised to find out that the 180 horsepower American sport bike housing a supercharged Harley-Davidson Revolution motor is available at just $19,995. Ok, we admit that this is not cheap for the average sport bike buyer, but for a Roehr admirer who’s only retention from buying the thing new was the $45,000 price tag, the Demo bike qualifies as a bargain. It only has 2600 miles on the clock and it’s as exclusive as they get, although we have a hunch that this isn’t the way it will pay itself up to a very lucky and enthusiastic motorcyclists who will get his hands on it. If you plan on being that guy, then work your magic on eBay and have it sent to you.

You can find more about the Roehr 1250sc by reading our article about it here .

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Ever since Erik Buell started getting his hands dirty and borrowing Harley-Davidson engines to power his sports and later on superbike two-wheeled creations, we’ve been eagerly expecting the next big clue that there’s some competition around. The answer came with the 2010 Roehr 1250sc, an American-built superbike powered by a Harley-Davidson V-Rod engine and we really must say that the bike is no disappointment whatsoever. We support this affirmation with statements made by top motorcycle journalists writing for Motorcycle-USA and Motorcycle. These guys got the chance to ride the only prototype available and we tend to believe that what they’re saying about the bike is true.

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Roehr Motorcycles has just allowed reservations for the new 1250sc model which will be available this summer. Claimed being the most powerful and implicit the fastest running production bike that America has to offer, it already starts to impress and you couldn’t expect less.

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Getting into a financial partnership means that V-Roehr is closer to becoming production reality. And what a surprise will have those who much awaited some news about this beauty: instead of the 1130cc, 120bhp Harley V-twin which the bike was supposed to be fitted with, the V-Roehr has been upgraded to a 1250cc Harley V-twin, which means a lot more brute horsepower. Yupeee. I can’t wait to ride this beast :D Here’s the press release from Roehr Motorcycles LLC: Roehr Motorcycles LLC is (...)
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Roehr Motorcycles introduces the V-roehr 1130 superbike, a new generation of American motorcycle. Powered by the Harley-Davidson Revolution engine, the V-roehr combines modern state-of-the-art engine technology with a race track inspired chassis design, resulting in a truly modern American sport bike. The design goal for the new superbike was simply to produce the fastest, most powerful, and finest handling machine, using the best American engine available. The Harley-Davidson Revolution (...)

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