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News from Royal Enfield USA "Just released to our dealers and our StoreREadership, this kitis a very sweet deal we’ve been working on! We can now offer a stunning "Classic" model of the Electra. This is a version of the Contest bike we displayed in last month’s RE Community Newsletter. I think it will resolve whatever issues some customers have with the Electra’s more contemporary 1970’s styling. Successful in Europe, it effectively teams the great mechanics of the Electra (...)
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Take a Modern Classic for a ride at the Watsonian Squire Factory The second annual Royal Enfield Open Weekend will take place at the Watsonian Squire factory on the 28th & 29th July 2007. Last year’s event was incredibly successful, with approximately 1,600 people attending over the two days. People came from across the UK and plans are in place to cope with the increased numbers that are anticipated for this year. Visitors will be able to see the full current range of Royal Enfield (...)
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Who would want to buy a British motorcycle that looks like it was made 50 years ago? Greg “Scooter Bob” Stewart hopes lots of people will. Stewart just became the only dealer in the state selling retro-looking Royal Enfield motorcycles. “This is the last of the real Brits,” explained Stewart, 46, from the modest showroom of ScooterBob’s EuroBike in St. Albans. Of the dozen or so classic British motorcycle manufacturers that paved the way for modern bikes, only Royal Enfield remains, Stewart (...)
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Royal Enfield will unveil a new-look version of its popular 500cc Bullet Electra at the NEC Motorcycle Show this year. Based on the Electra, which is the latest incarnation of the Bullet and is powered by an all alloy lean burn single cylinder engine, this new model has been developed exclusively for the UK market and gets more aggressive roadster styling. The most obvious changes are to the front end, where flat handlebars and twin chrome speedometer and rev counter replace the nacelle (...)

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