2008 Rucker Shelby

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Rucker motorcycles and Shelby Automobiles have more than a thing or two to say on the American muscle bikes market. As a result of their association, the Rucker Shelby enters the scene as the newest and yet the most filled-with-history two-wheeled machine. Its name remains written in history, the base idea - which had the entire project started in the first place - and the famous car’s characteristics are also there. So let’s get on rolling!



Rucker Shelby

In their attempt of creating a symbol for performance American motorcycle, Carol Shelby and Rucker Performance have set the goal of delivering a great power to weight ratio for the bike that attracted the motorcycling public’s eye right from the drawing boards.

It all started with the powerful new 128 cubic-inch engine which was provided to Rucker Performance by Carroll Shelby, but the radical racing style was already present in designers minds as they had the Shelby Cobra Shelby Cobra to inspire on. The bike stands as an upgraded version of that very same legend as it is being fitted with high performance ceramic brakes and Pingel 1-6 electric shifting system and air ride suspension.


Testimony of the fact that an innovative mind never rests, the Rucker Shelby is history brought back at you by a living legend.

In the early 1960s Carroll Shelby started producing sports cars for the masses by inspiring on the racing version built up against Ferrari Ferrari models of the time so with the introduction of this American muscle bike it is like history is rewritten as you will see it compete (or maybe drag) with some of the most notorious Japanese models characterized by fines and performance, just like those bad ass Ferraris back in the days.


Rucker Shelby

And one of those motorcycles is the Yamaha V-max. Introduced in the early 1990s, it is one the best power cruisers ever to be manufactured and it continues on being competitive even after this many years of fame. It is all due to the refinements brought to the already amazing 1198cc liquid-cooled, DOHC 16-valve 70-degree V4 engine which, together with its 145 horses that it produces, practically defined the class, giving a new meaning to the word cruising.

The clear difference between Rucker’s creation and the V-Max consists in the slight different design approach and the engine configuration, but the thing they are meant to do remains the same: accelerate like no other cruiser has ever did before. A V-Max is compact for tight corners, while the Shelby is long and svelte talking about its affinity for drag races while its 160 horsepower back up its racing features. On the V-Max you will find a technologically-filled V4 motor, almost equaling the power of the Shelby V2.


Rucker Shelby

Designed to look and perform as a drag bike, Rucker’s new creation clearly defines the line between racing and road legal by simply being both of those things and showing it off in the best way it can.

Front end starts with a round, early-days fairing with two small headlights. This is the highest point of the bike and it only speaks about air flow as behind it the rider is roughly accommodated onto the seat in order to hug the gas tank and grab the sporty bars for when the lights turn green.

Characterized by smooth, flowing lines which go on all through the motorcycle’s 7’11” length, the Rucker Shelby is hard not to be spotted. It offers a pretty difficult to get used to riding position, but the trip is surely short and filled with adrenaline so you won’t be having the time to suffer from back pain.

Underneath the stylish gas tank, the optionally supercharged V2 motor is unveiled in order to value best the air flow and cool even better. The rest of the body is faired so the exhaust finds its way on the right side of the rider and remains incorporated in the fairing. It has a rear fender suitable for the most outrageous custom bikes out there as well as the rear tire (300mm). Wheels are 17” front and 18” rear.

Coloring consists in Toxic Cherry Bomb Red with Graphite over Snow and Shredded Graphics.


A legend gives birth to another legend. This is how you can easily resume the creation of this new American muscle bike which comes with the guarantee not to miss a chance to show off on the drag course.

Carroll Shelby and Rucker Performance have tried – and successfully succeeded – to apply the same futuristic vision as in the case of the Cobra and this is the punt they bet on.



Engine and Transmission

Rucker Shelby

Engine Model: 128 cu. in. S&S X Wedge

Induction and Engine Management: 2-1/16" throttle body with S&S closed loop VFI

Horsepower: 160 Horsepower, est.

Exhaust Pipes: Stainless Steel

Primary: 3" Belt

Clutch: Hydraulic Diaphragm 6 Disc

Transmission: Jim’s, 6-speed

Shifter: Pingel electronic

Bore: 4.375"

Stroke: 4.375"

Displacement: 128 CID

Valve sizes: 2.0" Intake and 1.6" Exhaust

V angle: 56.25 degrees

Cam Drive: Gates 30 mm wide system with automatic tensioner

Crankshaft: Forged and Nitrided one piece

Oil System: Dry sump with internal gerotor pump, 60psi @ 3000 rpm

Compression Ratio: 9.75:1 

*Optional: Procharger Supercharger

Designed to meet Tier II and Euro III emissions standards

Chassis and Dimensions

Rucker Shelby

Front Wheel 17" X 3.5" Carbon Fiber

Rear Wheel: 18" X 10.5 Carbon Fiber

Front Tire: Metzeler 120-17 mm

Rear Tire: Metzeler 300-18 mm

Front Brakes: Dual Ceramic Disc, Wilwood 4 Piston

Rear Brake: Wilwood 4 Piston

Body Panels: Carbon Fiber/Superform Aluminum Quick Change

Swing Arm: Oil Tank

Gas Tank: Aluminum Frame Mounted

Front Forks: Inverted Racing Forks

Suspension: Air

Seat: Shelby Inspired Racing Design

Seat Base: 23"

Wheel Base: 68"

Bike Height: 42"

Length: 7’10"

Weight: 550 lbs. empty, est.

Ground Clearance: 3.5"


Instrumentation: Tach with Shift Light

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